Daily Check-in, Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Hey Nora, no workouts today….had to go to store(s), need to shower & hopefully do a load of laundry….hope you have a good day.

Hey to Siobhan, Lannette, & Annette, hope you are feeling better each day, Annette, &
recovery is in progress & soon you’ll be up & at it :)
Good morning ladies;)

I guess I'll get us started, and here we go...

Waves and hello's to Annette, Lannette, and Siobhan. I hope all is well with you all.

Linda- Enjoy your rest day;)

Annette- Yay, got to wash your hair! I don't shampoo every day either. It sounds like you won't need to do those long, until doctor says its ok, fingers crossed.

Here's today's workout:

YT- MPL- MINDFUL MOBILITY to Stay Moving Well & Feeling Young- 18-min Guided Flow= 18 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Pyramid Style HIIT Cardio Workout = 42 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling- 20 minute HAPPY Rhythm Ride= 20 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Do This After Every Cycling Workout = 12 Min
Ab Hits- Workout # 5 Slow & Heavy C,B,& Abs= 9 Min

That's it for me today.

Enjoy your day & Happy New Year!

Hi ladies,

Well, I didn't get to workout today due to errands. I thought I could get it all done, but I guess not. Sorry about that. It's so hard to do stuff on persaonal schedule then the holidays get thrown into the mix, it's a lo to juggle. Some times I manage better than others.

Have a great evening)

Hi ladies,

Think me crazy but I got down on the floor with my legs up on the couch (so my foot was elevated) and did 30 minutes of abwork, little bit of legs, and then did some weight work for triceps, and chest using 3's, 5's and 8 pound dumbbells all while laying on my back.

And I washed my hair again this morning, Yay!!!

Nice workout for those who got one on today.

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