Daily Check in Thursday September 10th, 2020


Hi Everyone,.

Today, I managed about 40 minutes total of McFit method (jump rope + weight training/bodyweight). I added in 10 minutes of Lite lower body pump as I had some extra time.

now - to stretch.

Welcome Lilacsinspring! If you are the first to workout, please feel free to start the daily thread!

Have a great day everyone.


Hi ladies,

Well, not teaching my class yesterday messes with my workouts , since normally I would go to the gym and do the elliptical. But I did that yesterday when no one showed for my class.

So today I did my own Aerobic and Kickbox Circuit adding some different moves to some of it. It was 56 minutes long and I was sweating big time.

Then I took a short break and then did another Kristin Thomson workout a cardio kickboxing combos but no drills just 3 combo moves. It was 46 minutes and again I sweated once again. The house is at 77°F which normally isn't bad but it is really humid outside so I think that factored in to how it feels.

Anyway, have a great day and workout!!


Hi all,

Today was Yoga Flow for Balance & Flexibility w/Yoga Upload. I really like her practices.


Hi Ladies,

Usually, this would be a rest day. However, to burn off some of the extra fat and calories from the week, I went back in time to 1985 and did the aerobics section (With 2lb Weights) from Jane Fonda's New Workout. Some of you ladies might remember this...LOL!!!



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