Daily Check-in Thursday, November 10th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did a Cathe Live for lower body and cardio - I did not do her abs or stretch. I added on Cathe Lite Shoulders for another 6 minutes

Great workouts yesterday Everyone.

Lannette - lots of cardio! nice variety
Linda - More KCM and cardio cleaning. I once read that ironing, cleaning, cooking and general chores around the house burn at least 400 calories a day
Nora - 4DS cardio and kickboxing - 71 minutes! and more wowza. 4DS kickboxing has such a slow build up and then the last 15 minutes are a nice sweat fest
Annette - I hope you are healing

Enjoy your day friends!
Good morning…..

Sounds like you had a great workout, Siobhan, with CatheLive lower body/cardio & Lite
shoulders. Yes, (LOL) cleaning, etc. is a workout in itself!!! But, I finished yesterday, so
good to go for a week, hopefully:)

Great workout yesterday, Lynnette, with PV 20 Min Mat Pelvic Stability & Core Strength,
Cardio with Spinning, Treadmill Walk, & Reformer Rebounding & finishing up with Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions. Nice long session. What brand or kind of spin bike
do you have? I just have a lower end Sunny Health one, I am always looking at different

Nora, good job with your spinning & Cathe 4D Split Cardio & Weights. Great choices!
Annette, hope your hand is healing, & great workout with PopSugar!

Today I did KCM Power Split Lower Body Split & an IFit treadmill walk in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Have a good day!
Hi ladies,

Traveling to NC for brother's wedding. I went back go Urgent care for a recheck because it was having pus coming out of it and it is really red and angry looking. They are going to culture the ooze .

Got backed up an hour on the interstate due to an accident but are now back on the interstate at full speed.

Might do a workout much later at the hotel.

Workouts will be intermittent for the next 9 days .

See you soon.
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Good morning ladies;)

Siobhan- Great workout today, WTG with:
a Cathe Live for lower body and cardio - skipped the abs & stretch, but add on with a segment from Cathe Lite Shoulders for another 6 minutes. Way to get it done!:)

Linda- I love your exotic locales aka passport workouts they are so fun to read about.
What a super fun workout combo with: KCM Power Split Lower Body Split & an IFit treadmill walk in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Love that! WTG and high fives!:)

Annette- I've been praying for you to heal up and feel better A.S.A.P! On a happier note glad you wento doctor for follow up and on your way to your brother's weddig in NC.
I would just see how both you, and your hand are feeling and go from there. Mainly take careof your injuries and listen to your body. Most importantly have fun & enjoy the wedding;)

Lannette- have fun with another great workout today and enjoy your day:)

Here's today's workout:

LITE- Metabolic Blast- Basic #4 Main W/O + Calorie Crush = 52 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness-HIIT HILLS -| 45 min Indoor Cycling - RWK 7 LIVE= 49 Min

Enjoy your pre-Friday;)

Hi everyone! Today was:
- PV Standing LB Mobility & Sculpt, (Maeve M. Heavy Ankle Band 7/4/22) 26m
- Stott Pilates Off the Wall 39m
- Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m

Siobhan - Nice workout!

Linda - I also love your exotic workouts! We have THIS sunny Health Spin Bike. We really like it but paid $100.00 less. I guess everything has gone up!

Annette - Safe travels! I’m sorry that your hand is infected. A culture is definitely the way to go! Have a wonderful time!

Nora - Your workouts are so interesting!

Question for everyone or anyone: How do you choose your workouts? I used to construct really complicated rotations but these days I keep things pretty simple.

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