Daily Check In: Thursday, June 15, 2006


Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone who gave me some words of encouragement yesterday. It helps a lot. I'm currently following one of Cathe's rotations just because I don't have the interest in making one up for myself. Hopefully by time it's done I'll regain some of my spirit.

I just finished SH Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps & abs. Doing 4 weeks of the Gym Styles has made a noticeable difference to my strength levels, and I was able to do this entire workout at a high weight range, even though I haven't done it in an extremely long time.

Where is Carole lately?

Wendy - that kickboxing mish mosh you made the other day was very, very creative. Good work!!! I'm impressed that you could do all of that! I hope you have a wonderful cruise!!

Yesterday's workouts were all very impressive. I look forward to seeing what you all came up with today!

Good morning Sandra and all to follow. Sandra, are you tired of the gym styles? Have you done cardio also? That's great that you see a difference.

Today was SB for me. I also did some drop sets of bicep curls - trying to get these arms ready for summer!

Have a good day. Phyllis

Hi girls!

Sandra: I have a very hard time with pre-set rotations. I can't make my own, I can have a hard time following one to completion...heck, just to PICK on of Cathe's can drive me INSANE!:p So don't worry about your lack of enthusiam right now...you'll be fine girl!:+ So how's the family? And the new house? Do you just love it!?:D Have you and DH started running yet?
I think I was a bit out of my mind when I created that kick box circuit! LOL I had to shorten it up due to time...the original was a bit longer even!:eek: It wasn't too bad to do but boy did I have killer DOMS in my arms for 2 days afterwards! YIKES! I LOVED IT!}(

Phyllis: SB...aaahhh...and oldie but a goodie, right? I'm sure your arms look great already but a few extra curls can't hurt!;)

I have a TM run on tap today at the gym.

I joined a beginner's running class that meets every Monday at 6:30pm for 12 weeks and they basically train you to be able to run a 5K. The price of the class gets you into the 5k that they are associated with so I'm super stoked! I'll be running my first race on Labor Day weekend! WOO! The class started this past Monday but I just joined so I'll be going this coming week to my first one. :+
Good morning Sandra,Phyllis,and Wendy,

today I have PS legs and abs with some type of cardio. This will be done sometime this afternoon after I watch my little sister graduate from high school. We are 20 years apart, can you believe that? She is a beautiful girl and has alot ahead of her. We are so proud of her.

Hope you ladies have a wonderful exercising day!

Hey, where is Jane and Carole?

Good Morning Fit Chicks!

Today for me will be another cardio coach treadmill workout, AbRipperX and CTX Back.

Sandra: Congratulations on your strength improvements. S&H used now and again is just a great series.

Wendy: Enjoy your treadmill run and good for you for joining a running group!

Kim: Congratulations to your sister. My DS#2 graduates from HS next Friday night.

Phyllis: SB and bicep curls....can't beat that combination!

Hello to all that follow....have a great day!
Good morning everyone,

Hang in there everyone, the week is almost over.

Today was supposed to be Imax 2, but another thread by Shelley got me back into Mindy stuff, so I did Interval Express today followed by Cathe's All Step abs.

Have a great day!
Morning ladies. Today was ME for me! Legs are still sore from Legs & Glutes the other day! I'll be fried tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Daily Check-in

Good morning! I did Power Max yesterday. I just made it through the warmup before work. I did not enjoy the warmup at all. It did not inspire me to complete the rest of it. I did the actual workout last night. It has a lot of fun moves, but the choreography is very basic and athletic. Cathe breaks it down a lot more too, which is not good for choreography lovers like me. I love dancy workouts like Rhythmic Step. Power Max is nice for a change and might grow on me, but it is not destined to become a personal favorite. At least Cathe added a few mambos and spins at the very end. It is definitely a good workout. I worked up a sweat and kept my heart rate in my zone. I will reach for this one when I want to work my body and rest my brain, but I will likely do the step section of Step, Jump, & Pump first (or another good warmup). A much younger Cathe made me laugh and smile during this workout with her cheerleader whooping and comments about looking hot. :7

I had a restless night and did not get to sleep until 5:00 a.m. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. No morning workout for me today. I will do something tonight if I have enough energy to move.

Heather B.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV).
Morning all - it was Imax for me. It's only the second time I did it and I'm really enjoying it. Tonight is 8th grade graduation for my DD, so I probably won't get in a walk.

Happy Thursday to everyone!
Hello ladies,
Our group seems to be shrinking lately. Today I am going to run 4.5 miles and do GS back. I am so busy lately with all of the end of the school year stuff. I also need to prepare mentally for the kids to be home a lot of the summer. Thank goodness for all the little summer camps that the schools offer. Have a great day everyone and hopefully you have BEAUTIFUL sunny weather like us today.


Hey all. I did my 20 ITrain Elliptical work out backwards today (1.95 miles) + 2.5 miles on the TM at varying speeds between 5.5-6.8! WOO!:+


43 mins--avg hr 143--pk hr 176--cals burned 494

Have a great day!:)
I did Kick Max's warm up and leg conditioning drills, then Power Circuit abs and the 8 min. taebo for a little cardio.

I am down another 1.5 pounds so I am happy, in another half a pound I will be back to what I was before my mother died and the depression set it. Then I can continue to lose from there and really get to where I want to be.

Have a great day!!:7

Last night, I went for a very enjoyable walk. I walk about 5 miles or more with a very fast pace. Also, did 100 walking lunges, legs are feeling good. The weather is so nice today, I was thinking about another walk. I really enjoyed it I was able to focus on some important things and clear my head ;-) ;) Have a great evening all.

Hey ladies,

This afternoon I did KPC thru high intensity drills, and floorlegs of PS legs. Supposed to have done all of leg tape, but was so darn zapped after kpc. I have built my endurance up all the way yet.

Sisters graduation was wonderful and had a cookout afterwards and really had a good time! Yes I had some cake and ice cream but very small piece.

Have a good evening!

Okay, I'm back. Dh was going jogging so I decided I would put in a walk/jogg thingy. I only did a mile, which is good for me right now.

See ya tomorrow,


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