Daily Check in, Thursday April 30


Hi ladies,

Freezing in my office at the moment...we got new furnace/ac units on the roof and they are terrible! I went back out to my car to get my coat so I can do something here!

Today was RWH Low impact Hiit 2 and core 2, then Stretchmax segment 2.

Hi Conni,

Today I did Plateau Buster - KCM (great and fun workout) + 10 minutes of Tracy Anderson' Pregnancy whatever or other workout.

Have a great day everyone. It's cold in my office too but pretty darn nice outside.

Have a good day friends.
Hi ladies, just finished Super Cuts. My heart really spiked with that one.

Overcast here but the air is refreshing.

Have a great day.

Hi gals,

Today I wanted something different so I did Leslie Sansone's Just Walk the 5 mile basically the whole workout all 5 miles.

I sweated so that was good.

I did not get the GED instructor job so I am a little bummed.

Have a great day!

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