Daily Check in Monday December 9th, 2019


Hi Everyone,

Today I did more MH - a KB/hiit workout. I always have short workouts in december. It can be hard to rise in the cold and dark.

Have a great day ladies.


Hi all

Today was Metabolic Meltdown Live.

I agree on the getting up when it's cold and dark. Not the best.

Have a great day.


Hi ladies,

I taught a different routine to my Silver and Fit crowd today. It was roughly 52 minutes. I had 12 members.

Then I did 50 minutes of weight work, barbell, dumbbells and floor work for abs, legs and glutes.

Rainy cats and dogs here today and I left my umbrella in the truck since it wasn't raining when I got here. Sigh.

Have a good day and workout!!

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