Daily Check-in Friday, October 28th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did Cathe's Muscle Endurance (only did part of the abs as I am running out of time - client at 9am). And yes, I feel rejuvenated after a rest day!

Please tell me how you all work out for longer than an hour. Where do you find the stamina? I start to slow down in energy, focus and desire past the 50 minute mark. I want to know your secrets 'cos I want to work out longer!!!! Add on some cardio, maybe. I am 56 years old if that means anything.

Annette - I have a little bump under my eye lash too (not near a tear duct). I ignored it. Hmmm should I be seeing someone about this?

Great workouts from you all yesterday. Have a great day!

aqua girl

Good morning everyone.....

Great this morning, Siobhan, with Muscle Endurance Abs....I am sure they were tough.....
Usually my workouts aren't all done one after the other. I normally do take a lilttle break,
between them, depending on what I'm doing and how long each one is.......

Lannette, you had a great variety of workouts yesterday, of course, I had to look up
what Halo training is....:) that looks fun. What much does the Halo bar weigh? I saw
some demos on YT where they were using them for cardio-type moves.....

Nora, great job yesterday with your spinning, jump rope and abs/stretch. Good
combination too.

Annette, great workout with Taebo. I am sure using weights really brings up the
intensity. I, too. have a little cyst (looks like a whitehead) on my upper eyelid close
to lash. It's been there for years, It doesn't bother me.....

Today workouts ( beside a little cleaning):

Cathe Blender- STS Meso 2-Week 3- Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps Express - 26 min.
Cathe Blender- Weighted & Banded Abs - Core - 17 min.

Have a good day......


Good morning girls:)

Siobhan- Great job on your workout today with Cathe's Muscle Endurance (did part of the abs) running low on time. That is a challenging workout, WTG and high fives!
I do my best to get my workouts in. My MS doctor suggested I needed to get more rest and maybe cut back on the length of my workouts. So, I have to take a nap now every day to get my blood white count up,
and cutting down workout time will help with that and the fatigue factor. The scaling back my workout times has been very recent, my workouts were mch longer before. I tend to go too gung ho on workouts.
I don't work outside the home so that frees up my time for workouts, I am 57 years old and I was diganosed with MS in 2006.
I do chores in the morning, take a nap, get up eat breakfast usually 'round noon, then around 2PM I usually start my workouts my aim is to get all showered before 5:30PM or so. It goes by pretty fast.

Annette- Great job with Tae Bo, that reminds me to revisit my Tae Bo dvds. I hope everything went ok with the doctor's office.

Lannette- You always do fun workouts with great variety. I'm not familiar with Halo training but I'll have to check it out.

Linda- Another great workout today with Cathe Blender- STS Meso 2-Week 3- Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps Express - 26 min.
Cathe Blender- Weighted & Banded Abs - Core - 17 min., Sounds fun, love it!

Here's today's workout:

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- SPRINTS vs CLIMBS Circuits-31 min Indoor Cycling Class [ REVIVE Week 2: FUNctional ]= 31 Min

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- 20 min Refreshing Active Recovery Ride= 21 Min
ICE- Metabolic Total Body= 49 Min

Have an Awesome Friday:)



Hi ladies,

Doctor said that it is a cyst that is right below a hair follicle in the oil gland. Just have to watch it and hope it doesn't get bigger or start to bother me. It is NOT painful and just looks like a white head pimple. They will monitor it yearly when I go in for my eye examines.

So I made it to the gym and did triceps and biceps. Did triceps first by hitting a machine for triceps, the dumbbells for lying triceps exercises, kickbacks, standing overhead triceps, then moved to biceps with concentration curls, hammer curls, bicep curls, hammer with a twist, and wrist curls using 15 pounds dumbbells for the wrist curls other exercises had varying poundage from 12.5 to 35 pounds . Moved to the barbell for biceps curls with a 30 pound barbell. From there to the cables for a bis and tris exercise

Finished with another machine for triceps and floorwork for abs, legs and glutes. All in all 82 minutes of weight work, whew!!

Nice workouts everyone!!


Hi everyone! I use Fridays as Restorative days. Today was:
- 30m Foam Roller 101 Kimmie P. FR 4/27/22 - - - Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m

Siobhan - Great workout!

I used to dance and company classes were always at least 90 minutes long so that’s a very comfortable amount of workout time for me. I’ve been trying to act my age (67) and do 60 minutes instead but I sometimes get carried away and go longer.
I only work for 2 hours a day and a max of three days a week so I have time for workouts.
I do my workouts back to back but try to balance them so they aren’t all killer.

Linda - Nice workout! Does it take a lot of time to use the workout blender?
We have two Halo Trainers. One weighs about 8 pounds. The other weighs about 12 pounds. The workouts are cardiovascular but use body weight exercises.

Nora - Wow! Your workouts amaze me! You can see a little explanation of halo training HERE.

Annette - I’m glad your eye doesn’t hurt. That was some workout! Good work!

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