Daily Check-in Friday, November 4th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did a mix of Cathe's latest live (I really liked it). I added on LIHI Back and Biceps premix of 2 sets only. I added on some MPL for a stretch.

So many of us took a rest day yesterday. So nice!

Lannette - I am guessing you don't have great internet access or do you? And you must be doing things around the house to prepare for winter? Is that what you mean? When I prepare my house for winter, I give the mat at the front door a shake so you can see the Christmas trees on it. I am that house that takes down their lights in May (weather is warmer) and never removes my Christmas mat. Lazy.

Great workouts yesterday Lannette and Annette!

Have a great day everyone
Hi everyone….

Nice workout this morning Siobhan, with Cathe’s latest live and Back, Biceps & stretch.
I did watch most of the live yesterday…great workout….

Great gym day, Annette, doing Legs, Shoulders and floorwork for abs, legs and glutes for 80 minutes. A long workout. WOW….

Lannette, your workout doing PV 25 Min Arm Foundation (Maeve M. PBand) 25m Stott Pilates Group Stability Chair Workout 38m with Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m. sounds like a good, all around workout…WTG!

Nora, hope your day was a good one…

Today’s workout:
Cathe Blender- “Mini” Muscle Melt Down- Chest & Triceps
IFit - “Binibeca Treadmill Walk, Menorca, Spain“ -18 min. (This little “village” was beautiful )
YT - CrossRope 6 min. Dumbbells & Jump Rope Workout (dumbbells was Biceps focus)

Everyone have a great day…
Hi ladies,

Today I came to the gym and did 45 minutes on the elliptical and 50 minutes of weight work using cables and dumbbells for a total body weight workout and floorwork for abs, legs and glutes and a stretch. I did concentrate a little more on biceps and triceps. I was down a pound(finally) this morning!!! Yay!!

It was good and my legs are sore from yesterday.

Nice workouts everyone!!
Today was:
- Cathe Extended Chair Stretch 16m
- PV Chair Stretch (Antonietta 16.5min)
- Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m, - Sauna
Siobhan - Your workout sounds nicely balanced!

We are THAT house that doesn’t put up any outdoor Christmas lights. No one to see them. There’s no traffic on our road except the neighbor above who only goes by a couple times a week. My clients come in the morning but I close over the holidays.

Yes, indoor and outdoor chores to get ready for winter. The wood is ready & DH cleaned the wood stove today. I pulled out a few pairs of quilted curtains. Getting our boots, snowshoes and skis out and ready. It’s probably equally cold or colder and snowy where you are.

Our only internet is Verizon Wireless on our phones and two large iPad pros. We set a hotspot to print. It really works quite well. I can stream PV and Apple Fitness+. For the most part I prefer DVDs. My collection is obscenely high so it makes sense to use it.

Linda - Great workout! Between your Cathe blender workouts and searching through my Cathe DVDs to find the chair stretch I’m getting the urge to pull out more of her workouts!

Nora and Annette - Hope you both had wonderful days. It’s taken me so long to finish this that I’m sure one of you will have posted while I was taking forever to send it off.
As I thought - great workout Annette.
Hi everyone;)

Happy Friday girls. I've been trying to post this three other times, fingers crossed this will work.

I didn't sleep well last night and now I have to get ready for DH's Christmas Party. I did not workout today, sadly:(. I hate missing my workouts. Oh well, I hope everyone has a great day and great workouts. Thinking on the positive side I'll be able to acually get a workout in tomorrow.

Oh did anyone see a list of equipment for STS 2? just curious.

Enjoy your Friday;)

  • STS 2.0 Equipment List:​

  • There are many different pieces of equipment used in the STS 2.0 Muscle & Recovery Workout Program, but multiple options will be given so that you can perform the exercises in this program using the equipment that you already have available.
  • Necessary Equipment:​

    • Step with your preferred number of risers or weight bench

    • Wide range of dumbbells

    • Resistance tubes with handles

    • Fitness mat

  • Optional Equipment:​

    • Barbell with plates

    • Stability Ball

    • Barbell pad with security straps

    • STS pull-up and dip bars (available for purchase December 2022 from us)

    • Turbo Tower (or Fit Tower)

    • Fabric Boss Loop

    • Fabric Boss Band

    • Firewalker Loop

    • Sliding device

    • Chair

    • Wall or door anchors for resistance tubes

    • Mini Yoga Ball

    • Micro-Load gloves

    • Mini Step Mat

  • here you go

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