Daily Check in Friday June 11th, 2021


Hi Annette,

Today I did a very short 15 minute BJ Gaddour 10 minute torcher workout (well, 1.5 workouts). I was out late, in the backyard, again, chatting with all of the neighbours, having some wine, not checking the time so.......... i went too bed late and I couldn't fall asleep til after midnight. Needless to say, I was too tired to do a real workout this morning. ugh. Oh well. such is life.

Have a great day Annette!


Hi Siobhan,

Today I had 4 and since I had one gentleman we did my newest Kickboxing circuit the fast pace one with disco music. It is really fun and 60 minutes.

Then I did 30 minutes of lighter weight, 15 pound dumbbells, for chest, triceps and biceps but I did 20 reps.

Then the back machine and shoulder machine and finished with floorwork for abs and legs.

I am now in stage 4 kidney disease, not sure what I can do. I literally ate a plate of broccoli with cheese for dinner last night since protein is bad for you kidney. Of course it was tasteless broccoli and I couldn't finish all of it. I go see the renal doctor on the 30th, sigh, can't win.

Have a great day!!

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