Daily Check In Friday July 27/18


Happy Friday!
HIIT low impact- My legs felt like someone had attached cement shoes. Really heavy!! Got through it somehow.
County fair tomorrow- planning a run in town before I go to eat mini donuts. There is a beautiful provincial park trail that winds along the river.

Hope your day is wonderful!


Hi Melanie and all who follow,

Today here at the hotel I did 20 minutes of weight work including floorwork abs and then 31 minutes on the elliptical machine the last minute going backwards.

Tried to lay in the sun but the sun didn't cooperate [emoji21].

Have a great day and workout!![emoji41][emoji1]

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Hi Everyone,

I took a rest day today. And Melanie, you are in Alberta! I lived in Edmonton for about a year when I was younger - land of the midnight sun!

did Lisa say she is from NJ? I hope I remembered the correct name. our little thread here was slowing down too - until you both happened along.

see you all tomorrow.

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