Daily Check in Friday April 30th, 2021


And that's the end of April!

Hi Annette,

Today I did more Caroline G - her latest total body trisets. I loved it! I added on about 10 minutes of Lesmill tabata (low impact). Now, to stretch.

Thanks for updating me about your brother. This is a good news story. No doubt, his kids have experienced some serious worries and fears about their father's health. I hope they are doing ok. This pandemic has been so stressful on youth.

Have a great day. BTW - great workout yesterday!


Nice workout for you today.

Oh my, am I ever sore from yesterday's workout, ugh!!! Inner thighs are screaming at me!!

Today I had 3 ladies and we did my Aerobic and Kickbox Circuit which is an hour.

After I did an hour of heavy weights, I benches 85 pounds for 7 reps, 95 for 6, 105 for 4, 110 for 3, 115 for 2 and 120 held for 8 seconds off the rack and down some for a very partial rep,WHOOHOO!!

Then I did the back machine, and the shoulder machine and chest flyes with dumbbells along with triceps and hammer curls with 20 pounds.

Then floorwork for abs, legs and glutes.

I will be extra sore tomorrow.

Have a great day and weekend !!

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