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Hi Siobhan,

Today I had 4 ladies and we did my Aerobic and Kickbox Circuit which is 55 minutes long.

Then I did 55 minutes of weight work mostly for chest and back. I am trying a new piece of equipment for back, it has 3 different hand positions and can be done either over or under hand. I did 10 reps with 10 pounds on each side doing both under and overhand for each position. So 60 reps total. Works shoulder and biceps along with back. Then I did barbell chest press up to 110 pounds for 1 slightly more than halfway down rep. I started at 65 and did 12, 75 was 10, 85 was 8, 95 was 3, 105 was 2, 110 was 1.

Then I did dumbbell flyes, lying double arm triceps and hammer curls, ended with floorwork for abs, legs and glutes and a stretch.

Have a great day and workout.

Happy Easter!!


Hi Annette,

Rest day for me. I will not be working out until tuesday morning :(.

Happy Easter to you and all Cathletes - well - Happy Good Friday.

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