I'm hearing a lot recently about creatine and started wondering if I should be taking it. I just did a Google search and see it's mostly being used by men and the articles I'm finding about its use in women really aren't giving me a clear idea about its benefits for the fairer sex.

I see that it's used for enhancing performance, which is something I'm interested in as a runner who is in a running club that's a bit competitive and I do race, so I obviously want to have a good showing in those races. But it's not so important to me that I'd add a supplement that costs money and won't really benefit me.

Since one of the only females I trust as having a clue about this stuff is Cathe, I'd appreciate being steered towards credible information.

What do you think?
Hi :)

I remembered someone asking Cathe this a while back so I just did a search and dug up her last response for you. It's been almost a year since this thread so maybe she has new or updated info that she will pop in and share when time allows :p

but for now...

Cathe Friedrich

"I don't take creatine and from what I read about it is has many pro's and cons. I personally don't recommend it because honestly, ingesting anything associated with stimulating growth hormone other than what my body naturally has/makes, just makes me uncomfortable and nervous. I'm sorry that I don't have a more informed answer for you....just going with my gut on this one"
Oxygen magazine has an article on it from a couple of months ago. You might want to check out their web site to find it.

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