Creatine or other supplements?


Hi everyone! Just wondering what everyone takes for supplements, recently reading up on health benefits of creatine. Does anybody use this? Any recommendations?


I do use creatine. I've done the research and its good for the body and the brain. Worth it for me.
I also take a multivitamin, extra Vit D and fish oil. Oh, and protein powder


I take just 5gm a day. And I get whatever is the cheapest quality brand. I do like the brand. Its like 80 servings for less than $10.


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In my morning smoothie I take protein powder, a multi-greens powder and another powder that contains turmeric, msm, ginger and magnesium. I also take Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, a multi mineral tablet, Vitamins B, C, D and E, and CoQ10. In the evenings I take a Joint Care tablet that contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin. If I am doing a high impact or strenuous workout I will often take a pre-workout drink and sometimes use a post workout branched chain amino acids drink. I sometimes take L-Carnitine too. I don't use creatine.


I don't recommend taking creatine. My husband was the picture of health in his mid-thirties, working out (on SWAT, did SWAT Olympics) and was a faithful user of creatine. Then he started having all sorts of health problems.
Please don't use it. Things might not happen right away, but some time the road...

Just eat healthy.

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