Hi and good morning,

Today I have D21 (BB) on tap.

I will be back to report my workout, see you all later!


Today is a rest day for me. Yesterday I did 4 miles then 4 pickups. Tomorrow my training plan calls for an easy 2-mile run then the big day is Sunday (eek).

Happy Friday!
Woke up with another really bad headache. I know its because of work. The smell there was horrendous yesterday from the flooding we had on Monday. I was going to skip my workout again but just couldn't. I already missed one day. So I took some Sudafed and within 45 minutes I felt better and worked out.

Today was cardio so I chose Step, Jump & Pump Step Segments and then I did the Step Challenge from Step Blast. Actually had a blast and had a great workout.

40 minutes total
:51 seconds below zone
7 minutes in zone
34 minutes above zone
378 calories burned

Then I did the stretch from Yoga Focus. Felt great!

Have a great day everyone! :)


Happy Friday ladies! I got a nice ass-kicking last night from Kick, love that class! Sweat buckets. Today I got up and did Core Fusion Boot Camp which is growing on me. It is a HARD workout, but it's awesome once you get used to the style (lots of "jump back" moves and planks and flow-style work too, and of course, lots of core work!). It was a great workout! I'm already feeling sore, ha!

Belinda - you are chugging right along with STS this round, huh? How are you feeling with the workouts? Also - saw your q about Tracey Staehle. I tried one of her workouts awhile back and was honestly underwhelmed. I expected a lot since she's a Cathlete like us but it just didn't compare to Cathe. I guess when you have that "Cathe bar" to live up to, not much else ever gets there right?? But that was just me, anyone else try her workouts?

Nora - LOVE that you tried Core Fusion Yoga Energy flow! I can't wait for you to do the entire thing, it is an AWESOME yoga workout. And for me to call yoga an awesome workout is saying something!!

Chris - I hope you feel better! Sounds awful :(

Heather - you KNOW I'll be rooting for you on Sunday! Enjoy every last bit of that rest day today!!!

Debbie - glad you had a good cardio session today. Boo on the headache though, I had a wicked one when I first woke up this morning. Odd, right?

TGIF to Melissa and Roxie!

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

DH and I are going to oldest DDs for supper tonite so I will do EBs Firm and Burn Pilates before I go. I can really feel these workouts in my core area.

Belinda-way to go with your workout.

Debbie-I woke with dizzy spells hope its not another ear infection can't go through that again. I feel ok right now.

Heather-I will be rooting for you to you have trained hard for this.

Jess-good job with your workouts glad you got to do Kick again.


Hallo ladies,

Workout is done!

Warm up:

Lat Pulldowns with band - 12 reps
T-Pull with band - 12 reps
Y's with band - 12 reps
Pull Ups Overhand - 12 reps
Chinups Medium Grip - 12 reps
Chinups - 12 reps

BB Rows - 60#/12 reps
BB Rows - 60#/10 reps
BB Rows - 60#/ 8 reps

One Arm Row DD - 34#/12 reps
One Arm Row DD - 35#/10 reps
One Arm Row DD - 37#/ 8 reps

One Arm Row DD - 31#/12 reps
One Arm Row DD - 35#/10 reps
One Arm Row DD - 37#/ 8 reps

Deadlifts BB - 60#/12 reps
Deadlifts BB - 60#/10 reps
Deadlifts BB - 60#/ 8 reps

BB Curl - 48#/12 reps
BB Curl - 51#/10 reps
BB Curl - 53#/ 8 reps

BB Curl - 48#/12 reps
BB Curl - 51#/10 reps
BB Curl - 53#/ 8 reps

Incline Curls Both Arms Rotate at the Top on Stab. Ball - 18#/12 reps
Incline Curls Both Arms Rotate at the Top on Stab. Ball - 18#/10 reps
Incline Curls Both Arms Rotate at the Top on Stab. Ball - 18#/ 8 reps

Reverse BB Curl - 18#/12 reps
Reverse BB Curl - 18#/10 reps
Reverse BB Curl - 18#/ 8 reps

I also did SM #3 with the band!

Debbie - hope you feel better soon. Gad you got your workout in, wtg!

Jess - thanks for the review on Tracey. WTG, on your ass-kicking workout last night. I need to give those workouts a try one day, lol.

Chris - hope you feel better!

Heather - enjoy your rest day today. I will be rooting for you on Sunday too!

Roxie - lol, I haven't done my workout when you posted! Thanks anyway! Have fun with your family tonight. Hope you don't get another ear infection.

Nora - how are you feeling? Have fun with your workout today.

My best to all. BBL!


:cool:Hi girls!;)

I just finished today's workout, Phew! So, I'll just check in, sorry about being MIA on personals last night. I promise to better tonight when I come back to do them.;)

Here's today's workout:

The Kettlebell Goddess-Athena Total Body=37 Min
Met Value= 6.50
Calories burned= 328
Used #15 Kettlebell

P90X- Legs & Back= 59 Min
Met Value= 6.0
Calories burned= 483

P90X- Ab Ripper X= 16 Min
Met Value= 5.0
Calories burned= 109

Total calories burned= 920;):cool:

I promise to be back for personals, have a great Friday everyone:)




Hi girls!;)

I'm back for personals.

Belinda- You are doing awesome with STS, you go girl!;) On your Tracey Stahle question, I have two of her kickbox dvds and I like them. I don't own any of her other stuff, so I cant attest to those workouts. I can say that I've viewed clips of her other stuff on collage and I didn't see anything that wowed me. I do also have her Walking Stronger dvd and that's a good one to. That's all I know about her dvds. Cathe is a tough act to follow. I hope that helps. Great workout today,WTG!;)

Heather- I'm so excited for you for Suday's race:D Nice workout yesterday with 4 mile run. Its smart to have today as a rest day gearing up for Sunday. I know I'll be cheering for you Sunday here in Albany, Oregon you go girl!! Rest well today!;):)

Debbie- Nice job with your workout today. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, I hope your doing better now. Take it easy and rest.;)

Jessica-Congrats on the Turbo Kick butt kicking last night. I see you did Core Fusion Bootcamp today, I was going to ask what you thought about it having done it? In today's mail I got my Core Fusion collection: Thighs & Glutes, Body Sculpt, and Pilates Plus today! I'm thinking I might want to get CF Lean and Toned and Arms and Abs those sound good what do you think? I've seen that reviews are sort of 50/50 on CF Bootcamp dvd. I'm sort of questioning that one. I will have to wait to buy Lean and Toned and Arms and Abs dvds though. I figured I was off to a good start with what I purchased. I really liked CF Energy Flow and wished I had time for more the other day but I was in a bit of a time crunch, so I figured even 20 minutes would be worthwhile and it was!:eek: My back felt so much better after I did it and I could walk better afterwards so, that makes it a keeper for me.:);) Take care girlfriend!

Roxie- Have a great time tonight with your dinner plans. Excellent idea to do EB Burn and Firm Pilates before you go, WTG! Have a great workout with EB and a wonderful dinner with your family. Hugs! I hope your mom is feeling better.;):)

Shout outs of hello's and hugs to Chris, Melissa, and Jolene. I hope all is well with you all and that you are taking it easy.

Hugs to everyone!;):)



Good evening,

Nora - thanks about the review. I think I pass, on her DVDs. I just odered a lot of Amy Bento/KCM DVDs, lol. As always your workouts rock, girl! Good job!

Good night, sleep tight:p


New Member
I am new here...was looking at the check-ins and saw Czechfan and a few others posting the Met Value for tons of different exercises. Can you tell me where I can get these Met values? Thanks!!!


I am new here...was looking at the check-ins and saw Czechfan and a few others posting the Met Value for tons of different exercises. Can you tell me where I can get these Met values? Thanks!!!
Hi Healthyutech,

You can find the Met Values in the Workout Manager! Click on Workout Manger, click on Calendar, click on Add a Workout, Select a workout from the drop down window ....scroll down you will see the met values! Hope this helps!


New Member
Thanks so much! I found it, but do not see most of the MET values that I have seen posted by others. For example, Kettlebell...nothing shows up, but I have seen others post a MET value of 6.5 and other... Do you know why I can see MET values for some but not all?

And then some exercises that I was looking for like P90X or Insanity- can't find it at all.
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I saw your post and replied to you in a pm. If you are questioning what my met values are this how I get them. I use workout manager. The workout manager does NOT have non cathe dvds in the list. You can use the dvds cathe does list as a comparison to what is closest to what the non cathe dvd you wish to do is like in time and intensity, Cardio, Kickbox, etc... So, if you are using say P90X Chest and Back, you need to look at what the met values are for weight workouts for example for chest and back of cathe's workouts, which F.Y.I is a 6.0 for the met value. Now, for P90X Chest and back in workout manager click add workout, then From the select drop down menu pick the appropriate one for your workout. I picked dvd, then other, at this point I type in the name of the workout, the length of the workout and so forth. The calorie burn will be different depending on your personal info you've put in there. So the length of time, the met value, and then the calorie burn is automatically calculated for you when you click on the box for calorie burn. As you can see I did not make up the info I got it from the workout manager. I hope this answers your questions as to how I got a met value and calorie burn for the variety of workouts I do in addition to Cathe's workouts.

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