Countdown! - For you Jean!


Okay, Don't want to leave the crazier Jersey-ers hanging! Come on Jean- 128 days to go and counting!!!!:p
Jenn, you are too funny. Thanks for spreading the enthusiam. It will be great to see you again. Since I'm not going to Disney, you are going to start to catch up with me as to the number of Road trips we have been to. See you in July.

This year New Jersey will make 9. Dang I should have signed up for Disney and then I would have hit 10 this year. How about you? What number will you hit this year?

I'm only at 4 so I still have some catch up to do... But I'm gonna getya! Lol! Better watch out ;) wink wink!
100 days to go..... just how many walking lunges can we fit into 100 days?? hmmm.... lets find out! :confused:
Loving the looking forward to the RTs. So 100 lunges X 100 days = tight buns for the Road Trip!!
94 days CATHLETES! Someone better give New Jersey a heads up! Gonna need some extra time to prepare for this crowd!

Cathe- we are gonna BRING IT!
92 days to go and last night I officially had my first Glassboro RT dream! What's scarier? The fact that there are still 92 days to go and it's already consuming my unconscious mind? Or the fact that I think there's nothing wrong with that :p lol!

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