Congrats!! Who's in for NJ RT 2011???

Hi All! I'm so late getting caught up here since sign ups.....long day today.

(((((((GROUP HUG))))))))

I'm so excited to see our return road tippers as well as meet our first timers. This will be so fun!!!!!! July can't get here soon enough :D:D:D:D

Nighty night, sleepy tight! :D
I think I'm in. Didn't get my email confirmation; sent a ticket to the help desk, didn't hear back yet. Hopefully, I'm in.

This will be the fourth consecutive road trip for me and I can't wait. I'm hooked. My daughter is getting married in September so I'm looking forward to getting my butt kicked so I can fit in that MOB dress! lol Congrats to all the newbies. You are going to have a blast and meeting and working out with Cathe is the highlight of it all. She is a sweetheart. :)
I'm in! I'm #39! SO excited!

I went to the Houston RT and had such a great time! I will be arriving by myself from Arlington, Texas.

Can't wait to see everybody!

I'm also a RT newb. I have been a huge Cathe fan since '94, so this is a big deal for me. I'm so excited, yet so nervous at the same time!! Can't wait.
Way to go first timer! I thought I'd sit this trip out this year to let you first timers have a shot at it. Dang! Now I feel I'm not in the club anymore....:( I hope you all have a great time!
Can't wait to meet you where's our Veteran Jenn? ;) Haven't seen her post yet. :eek:


Seriously- this has been killing me!! I could see all these posts on my iphone, but couldn't respond! ahhh! haha!

My confirm # was 2!!! makes me vvveerrryyyy cusious about who got in ahead of me??? hm..... :)

Hugs to all my cathlete friends! I am SO ready to hit (hiit?) New Jersey! WOOHOO!!
I think I am in! No confirmation and I think my deposit is included in a larger balance of pending credit card charges :)o) but I DID get the notice that my payment was processed successfully, so supposedly that means I made it! Will feel much better though once that confirmation e-mail (hopefully) arrives on Monday!

If I truly made it, I will be a newbie too and am so excited/nervous! Looking forward to meeting everyone! :)
Confirmation Email

As long as your credit card was charged you know you're in. Customer service will get back to everyone on Monday, but we've already checked every reported email problem sent to [email protected] after close of business on Friday and every single case was fine. People who reported an issue before close of business on Friday have already received a response and they were fine too. There are many reasons for not receiving an email confirmation from typos to the most common reason of the server receiving more request in a short period of time than it can handle. This only affects the confirmation email, not your registration.
Glassboro RT Wait List

Is there a wait list to add my name too? I know it's a long shot. I was in a meeting that I couldn't get out of during the sign up. :( But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.

Glassboro Waiting List

Is there a wait list to add my name too? I know it's a long shot. I was in a meeting that I couldn't get out of during the sign up. :( But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.


You certainly can still sign up for our Glassboro Road Trip Waiting List, but the list is rather long now. You night want to consider signing up for the Disney Trip instead.
You all are going to have an awesome time! Newbies, no worries at all! You will have the time of your life! It's fun to see so many brand new trippers! And, of course, the oldies! :p

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