Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

'Evening! Got in a walk today, since I doubt I'll want to be outside much the next couple of days!

Deb, hope you had a nice time in Florida. Just curious, how did you meet your Canadian friends? Hope you had safe travels home.

Belinda, relieved to hear the surgery went well, and that you have a good team of medical professionals and your family taking care of you. I remember having the stents in as the worse part - my sinuses felt so much worse. I was very happy to get them out. Rest, rest, rest.

Today was clean and travel day. On the plane their was a medical emergency. It was scary, I felt so bad for the woman (she wasn't too old either). Not sure what was wrong but they took out the defibrillator and asked for medical help. In the end they had her resting in the aisle and somehow we landed 40 minutes early and an ambulance was waiting.

Belinda - I hope each day you feel more comfortable. Hopefully having the stents removed will help. I'm sure it is driving you crazy to rest, but I'm sure your body will thank you. Maybe you can find TV series or movies you would like to watch to keep you distracted. Feel better.

Cookie - Good to get a walk in today, weatherman said not to be out for more than 10 minutes the next 2 days. We met our friends from Canada when our children were younger at the condo we stay in. They have rented for 20+ years for 1-3 months. We share lots of stories from when they would play together in the pool and on the beach.


It was so cold & windy here today:( Our heat is on non-stop. TG it is only for one more day. I walked at the gym today.

Belinda - I hope you are feeling comfortable today.

Cookie - I'm sure it is even colder by you. The wind chill was -5 here.

Have a great weekend:)

Yesterday was too cold for a walk outside and my nose. It's even colder today. I am not feeling well today. I am very light headed and have a lot of pressure in my sinus/nose and head. I am taking it easy. I went to bed last night around 8 pm.

Not going anywhere until my nose completely stops bleeding. Every morning my nose is completely covered with blood. I am so glad to get the stence out on Monday.

Debbie - it's very hard not to overdue it. I think I over did it a little today, not feeling well today. I will rest for the rest of the day. It's always scary if someone gets sick on the plane, I hope she is ok.

Cookie - I am glad when those stance come out on Monday. I am so stuffed up, I hope it's not a bad sign. You are brave going for a walk in this cold weather. I want to go for a short walk so bad, not in this cold.

Great job everyone on your workouts. Keep up the good work.
'Evening! Internet was out last night. Yesterday finished sts mesocycle 2 and took today as a rest day. Saw Book of Mormon this afternoon.

Deb, that is so nice that you've stayed friends with them for so many years. It was -13 this morning at 9, with a windchill of -25!

Belinda, hope you do rest. Your body probably wants it. Once those stents come out, I'm sure you will feel better! I definitely remember feeling so much better, and thinking how the heck did they fit that stent in there?

Today was a walk at the gym. It was packed, I don't think anyone could do outside activities. Tonight we went to see the place where DS will get married. They had a event so you can meet vendors and see the place. They also had food & dessert so you can get ideas on what to pick.

Belinda - It's better to stay in too cold outside. I'm sure Monday can't come quick enough. Hopefully it will give you relief. You can also ask any questions you may have. Rest up.

Cookie - Boy, I thought waking up to 4 degrees was bad! Tomorrow it's supposed to be 50 here:cool: Wow, you are flying through STS. I saw the Book of Morman awhile back it was really good.


Today I had a sinus headache. I hope once the stance come out, I will be feeling much better. Today was the first day I was allowed to use special nasal rinses they sent me home with. I was afraid the stance would come out. I still can't blow my nose. Tomorrow my stent come out.

Debbie - I will ask a lot of questions tomorrow. I don't think I ever rested so much, lol. Did you like the place your DS will get married? That's a good idea to get an idea on what food/desset to pick.

Cookie - I do think my body needs to rest. This one took a lot out of me for some reason. I am so glad when they take out the stent out tomorrow.

Good night.
'Evening! Got in a walk and sts 25. Temps were low 40s today. That's a swing of over 55 degrees in less than 24 hours - crazy!

Deb, what did you think of the venue? It amazes me how big a business weddings have become. A place I usually go to for a conference is no longer booking conferences since they can earn more doing weddings. Glad you walked at the gym yesterday and not outside.

Belinda, bet tomorrow can't come soon enough. Those stents are such a relief to get out. Hope it goes smoothly tomorrow.

Today was a walk outside & even saw other neighbors walking. I am enjoying the warmer temps this winter but worried Spring will be late.

Belinda - I'm keeping my fingers crossed you will feel better tomorrow when the stents come out. The venue is pretty, the outside is really nice too. Good luck tomorrow:)

Cookie - Good job with STS today. It is nice to have warmer weather this week. The venue was really nice. DH & GF were telling us when you book music, photographer etc. . . so many things are extra. When I was married it seemed like it was just a couple of different packages. One example the DJ charges extra if you want smoke or special lighting on the dance floor. It just seems like they nickel & dime you.


Had my post op appointment with the Rhinologists. He took out the the nasal packing and cleaned my up my sinus. He numbed me up pretty good. I didn't feel a thing. I can breath though my nose again. I been having a lot of pain in my ear lately, when the doc looked at my ear he was concerned how red my left ear was. I had sinus surgery on my left. The doc wants stop taking with the antibiotics. I had to stop taking Humira. You can't take antibiotics while being on Humira (TNF blockers). If you take Humira, the antibiotics will not work when you have an infection. The doc wants me to get back on Humira to get my RPC under control. I left a message with my Rheum, waiting for him to get back with me. I am suppose to take high doses of antibiotics for 2 weeks. I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks with the Rhinologists. Still he can't do any for the next 2 weeks. Still can't blow my nose. Taking it easy and getting a lot of paper work done. I did went for a slow, short walk today. Felt good to be outside.

Debbie - The problem why I have so many nasty sinus infections/problems was my sinus surgery in Germany. I had a lot of scaring in my sinus which lead to infections after infections until I had a blockage not too long ago. Rhinologists had to do a lot of cleaning and reconstructing to do. What I am experiencing probably has something to do with my RP and not with my sinus. It's normal to have some pressure/bleeding and a little discomfort. The Rhinologists said, they are hammering around in there, lol. I haven't used or needed any pain meds. My throat is sore/horse from the breathing tube other than that I am fine. I can breathe through my left nostril again. I do enjoy the warmer weather. It felt good to be outside. Glad you like the venue. Weddings are expensive here in the US. Great job on your walk yesterday. I only saw one person walking outside today. Too be fair, it was a little chilly not to bad.

Cookie - the stents/nasal packing went smoothly. He numbed me up good. I didn't feel a thing. Everything went so smoothly I didn't know he was pulling all that stuff out of my nose, lol. It was gross. I really like the doctor, he is very cool. The weather has been crazy here too. I just went for a short walk today, just to be outside in the fresh air. Great job on STS and your walk.

Good night.
'Evening! Went for a longish walk today, since it was warmer out. About 7-1/2 miles, now trying to catch up on work missed while doing that!

Deb, weddings have become such a production, and yes they do nickel and dime you. Then I get overwhelmed and confused and lose interest! I'm wondering how the lack of snow will affect farmers. Did you get in a walk today?

Belinda, glad the unpacking went well. Hope they figure out the meds. Rest, my friend!

Today was a walk outside, a little windy but still can't complain. I also went to the gym for an upper body workout. I thought the clips look good for the new STS workouts.

Belinda - Wow, you are going through so much but you are a really good patient! Your Dr.'s sound great, I would be so confused by what to do and they explain it all to you. I didn't see anyone out either except for a family of deer resting on the grass:)

Cookie - That's a nice long walk, sort of rare for a winter month. I would need a nap LOL:)


I went for a short, slow walk again. It was chilly outside. I did get a call last night from my Rheum, I am off the antibiotics. He wanted me to start my injections for RP last night to help with the flair ups. He also wants me to make an appointment with him to check out my ear.

Debbie - thank you! Yeah, my doctors are very good explaining things to me. I do ask a lot of questions. They all great. Today I didn't see anyone walking except one woman with her 2 dogs she can't control. Great job on your walk and upper body. I wished the clips were a little longer.

Cookie - wow, on your long walk. How long did you walk? I haven't walked to long in a long time. Like Debbie, I probably would take a nap too.

Good night.
'Evening! Got in that walk again today and am now still trying to make up for taking the time to do it! Don't think I'll have time the next few days to get outside, so wanted to take advantage while I could.

Deb, we didn't see folks out walking much either - just a couple trying to exercise their dogs. Looked like their dogs were exercising them. How long will the new workouts be? I haven't looked at the clips yet.

Belinda, glad you have such good medical care. Hope you get your ear checked out. The walk took about 1.5 hours. My dh took a nap when we got home!

Today was a walk outside & early dinner with my Mom. It was nice to catch up.

Belinda - It's good you are able to get out, most people would like the excuse not to;) I hope switching things up will help your ear. It makes me nervous when people can't control their dogs.

Cookie - Nice to get your walks in when you can. We saw an older Asian couple we see often when we walk and they were bundled up. I'm not sure what the times of the workouts will be but they are supposed to be shorter.


I went for another walk with Sadie. It was beautiful outside.

Debbie - yes, most people would use it as an excuse. I go steer crazy if I would sit on my butt all day long. I am glad I didn't see the lady with her uncontrolled dog. Glad you had a dinner with your mom and catching up. I miss my mom :(

Cookie - my Rheum called he wants to see me on Friday to check out my ear. That was good timing on your long walk. LOL, good for your husband for taking a nap.

Good night.
Evening! Took today as rest day.

Deb, glad you had the chance to catch up with your mom. Savor those moments. Have you already started thinking of your dress for the wedding?

Belinda, glad you'll be seen on Friday. My dh is a champion sleeper! I wish I could sleep half as well as he does.

Today was a walk outside. I spent time figuring out my Internet problems, solved but took so long to get it.

Belinda - It was beautiful out, I'm sure Sadie enjoyed the weather too! I wonder if she realizes you aren't feeling well. How long has it been since your Mom passed?

Cookie - I'm sure your legs were thankful for the rest;) I have seen some dresses online, wish I could try on in person. The online store is only online.


No walk today, it's so windy outside.

Debbie - glad your got your internet solved. Great job on your walk. Sadie senses I am not feeling well, she isn't leaving my site. My mom passed in 2007. There isn't a day I don't think about her. I miss her dearly. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday :(

Cookie - your DH sounds like mine. My DH can sleep anywhere. Hope you enjoyed your rest day.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & lower body at the gym.

Belinda - I can't imagine how it must feel to lose a parent. I miss my in-laws. Happy Birthday to your Mom in Heaven. It is so sweet Sadie stays by your side:)

Waves hi to Cookie


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