Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


Today I walked outside and did Iron Legs D28.

Debbie - thank you!! I will have nasal stents in my noise. Dr. mention a few weeks recovery depending on what he will have to do and complications that can came up after surgery. I pray, this will be an easy one.

Cookie - I hope you got a good rest day and sleep.

Good night.
'Evening! STS D15 Back and bis. Was without power, so did it from the booklet. Skipped the deadlifts since they are a definite sciatica aggravator for me. Met some friends after work for dinner and to catch up. Ended up talking for a couple of hours! Was great.

Deb, glad your leg is better. Is it still bothering you? Doesn't it feel good to have your hair done?

Belinda, I had to get nasal stents about ten years ago. They did one, and the other a few weeks, or maybe a month later. After each one was removed, things were much better. Hope yours goes smoothly.

Today was a walk outside & lower body at the gym. I tried to read the book for book club but have decided to skip this time. Every time I read it I fell asleep LOL :oops:

Belinda - Nice Iron leg workout:) My thoughts will be with you that you have a speedy recovery.

Cookie - I would have used no power as an excuse, kudos on getting it done;) My leg feels much better. I have been taking magnesium & eating bananas, could be a coincidence.


Today I did SBF UB. I did all my paperwork for my surgery.

I am going through my house for things I can donate to the homeless shelter this week. They also provide housing for low income for seniors. Getting rid of a few sets of luggages we don't use anymore. Cleaned out my linen closet. I am sure, someone gets some use out of them. I am trying to downsize. I also donating all my jeans. I am more a dress girl. I love wearing dresses. The shelter is only excepting winter clothes. Most of my clothes still have tags on. Since I am going through my closets, I am already have bags of donations with summer clothes. I will not buy anymore clothes.

Debbie - thanks for the good thoughts and speedy recovery. I hope I will be up and running in no time. Sounds like you needed that sleep. I fall asleep easily too.

Cookie - I had sinus surgery on the same left side in 2009. I had nasal stents. The surgery was in Germany, they hardly gave me meds for the pain. It was doable. Great job listen to your body and D15.

Great job everyone. BBL
'Evening! Took afternoon off to take my uncle to dr's but he didn't want to go out in bad weather - so, I had extra time!!! So proud of myself for not using it to do office work. Did a couple of Essentrics stretches and a standing abs wo, and a walk w/DH before it got wet and slippery out. Also, started replacing shelf liners in kitchen cabinets. They were an irritant as they slide around with the contents. Got all done that I can and am now waiting for larger size ones to arrive. Gave me a chance to go through some stuff at same time.

Deb, glad your leg is doing better. I also take potassium for leg cramps. Geesh, I sound like an old lady. What was your book club book?

Belinda, good idea donating extra unworn clothing. I have a collection of kitchen items ready for donation. Want to go thru clothes sometime in next few weeks. I hardly ever wear a dress any more. Bet you look great in them.

Today was a walk at the gym. It was rainy and dreary here. I went for my annual mammogram, results were good.

Belinda - Nice SBF UB. It's good you have the paper work done. I bought hangers which were on sale at Costco to give me incentive to clean out my closet:) You are good to keep on top of it.

Cookie - It's good you used your extra time for you. I almost didn't feel like going out either. The book is "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt. Have you read it & what do you think? You and Belinda are so productive gives me motivation.

A miserable weather day out here, so working from home. Got in STS D16 chest, shoulders, tris. I forgot this had drop down set to failure after the first three at heavier weights. Cathe says "this is one of my favorites" in almost every video - just wondering if there is an exercise she doesn't like!

Deb, sorry, haven't read that book. Looked it up, and it sounds like one my book group would like. I didn't really care for her Goldfinch book, but the characters in it have stayed with me. We're reading Early Morning Riser for this month. It's quite an easy read. I'm hoping to get to my closet this weekend. When I'm feeling rather stressed/overwhelmed at work, organizing helps me to feel a bit of control over something! So thankful your results were good!!!

Belinda, I definitely remember not feeling well when the stents were in and much better when they each were out! Hope they're part of the secret to your feeling better. I have a small closet, so keeping on top of it definitely helps. Great organization to donate to.

We dropped off all the donations. I also picked to bags of clothes from DD house. She had a call meeting and couldn't go with us. I am glad all this stuff is out of my house. I donated a total of 8 suitcases. Some my kids left at my house, they don't want them anymore. So sad when you see people at the shelter picking up their lunch bags. The shelter had them sitting outside for them to grab. They also cook hot meals for people. I just love this organization, they do so much for people and older citizens. The place is down town DC, in a dangerous area. I had to convince DH to drive. They are so thankful for everything you donate. I did organized/sort by categories. I attached a tag on each bag with the size, gender of the clothes. I also did this with bed sheets and household items. I also went through my pantry for dry and can foods I am not using.

Today I did Iron FB D29. One more workout and I am done with round 3 of Iron.

Debbie - I thought about paying more hangers from Costco a few weeks ago, I decided to go through my walk in closet instead. Now I have a lot of hangers, lol. I love purses, shoes, cute workout clothes. My kids buy me workout clothes from Lululemon. I got a few pieces for xmas. I rather donate than have stuff sitting in my closet unused. I workout at home, I still like looking good. I am so happy my DH is on board with donations. He is a lot faster donating than I am. My sister in Germany (the one that lost her DD) is cleaning out her house. I think she passed on the bug on me. She keeps saying if anything happened to her she doesn't want my nephew to deal with all the stuff she accumulated over the years. That really hit me. I am getting ready to donate to the animal shelter, things I bought to big and never returned for Sadie. I still have a lot to go through.

Cookie - I think I blocked the part with the stents out, lol. I do remember it wasn't too bad. In Germany they don't give you a lot of meds afterwards. I survived. I have very good doctors, I know they will take good care of me. I have a huge walk in closet and a buying addiction on cute workout clothes, purses and shoes. I donated everything I haven't worn in 6 month. I only went through winter clothes. I already have a pile with summer clothes. It feels good to clean out the house. It's miserable weather day out here too. Great job on your STS workout.

Good night.
Good morning,

Today is a rest day from the Iron series. I did ended up doing SBF UB + core.

Debbie - I hope you ok?

Cookie - enjoy your workout today.


Sorry wasn't feeling to well last night and most of the today. Yesterday I walked and went to the gym. Today was a rest day. I started to feel better late afternoon. I slept a lot so that really helped.

Belinda - Nice workouts for you the last couple of days. You are really good at donating and organizing it for them. They must love when you come by. The organization sounds like a good one. During the holidays I saw a few families holding signs for money. It was so sad. I see that in big cities but not in small towns. I just heard about an organization in our town so will bring my stuff there.

Cookie - I always forget about the drop sets too in that workout. I always wanted to read Goldfinch but never did, the size of it scares me LOL. Sorry you are stressed at work, but good to find ways to distract from it.


Today I did the last workout in the IRON Series Finale 30 Min Arms, Abs and Core Workout | Day 30. Those 6 weeks went by quickly. Not sure what I will do for next week? I need to stay off my knee. I probably will do UB only? I haven't decided? Monday in a week is my sinus surgery, I can't start a new rotations.

I am trying to drop off more donations for the homeless shelter in DC. I am glad those things are out of my house. I did returned a lot of stuff at Costco today. I bought a ninja creami to make vegan nice cream. I don't need another kitchen equipment laying around. I have a vitamix which does the same, IMO.

Debbie - I am so sorry the shingles causing you so much problems. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Yeah, it makes me sad to see people asking for $$. I never have cash on me anyway. That is fantastic you are donating to an organization in your town. We do have a few organizations in town, we used to donate to them. I don't like when you give them stuff and no-one wants it they donate it to Goodwill. Goodwill will charge poor people too much for used stuff, IMO. I rather people in need have free access to things. They don't have $$ to begin with.

Cookie - hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Have a great day and Sunday, everyone.

Today was a walk outside. I felt much better with more energy. I cleaned the house and started getting rid of things.

Belinda - Congratulations on finishing Iron rotation! It did go by quick. It's funny I started going through things I need to return. I sometimes buy things on a whim. I do like Amazon's return policy (wish it was a little longer) but easy to do.

Cookie - I hope you were able to relax this weekend.


I had 2 physical therapy appointments this morning. I had good intensions to workout today, it never happened. I will try to get a workout in tomorrow. I twisted my knee on Saturday cleaning out my pantry, a few cans were falling out while I was trying to organize the shelf. I had no shoes on, I jumped backwards and somehow hurt my knee. My PT today noticed me limping, he tried to relieve the pain. I will try to take some meds tonight. I can't take it anymore, every time I move I feel like someone is stebbing me with a sharp knife. I am trying to get so much done around the house before the surgery next Monday. I need to slow down.

Debbie - thank you! Yes, it went by quickly. I also buy things on a whim. That's my problem. I made a commitment this year, I only buy if I need it. Plus, I don't want to own so much anymore. Yeh, I also wished Amazon return policy would be a little longer. I do forget to return sometimes :( Glad you feeling better.

Cookie - how are you doing?

Good night.

Today was a walk at the gym & Gym Style Back, shoulders & bi's. It rained here but just a dusting of snow. We haven't had snow all year, can't complain.

Belinda - I'm sure your PT appointments were exercise. Take it easy. One of my Grandmother's always said the work will still be there when your up to it. I'm wondering if you fractured something? I hope your knee feels better soon.

Waves hi to Cookie

My internet were out for a while last night when I was trying to post. Not sure what happened to Sunday's post. Ugh. Went up to Lake Placid this weekend for the World University Games, and it was really good. Such a beautiful location and so friendly. Loved hearing lots of different languages and seeing countries' names on clothing. Yesterday got about 8 inches of snow, so worked from home, and still had a couple of meetings. Did sts D18 back and bis.

Deb, before yesterday we've had more rain and sleet than snow. It's the ice I really don't like. How's your knee?

Belinda, ouch, that must have hurt. I would definitely count PT as exercise. Deb's grandmother is very wise. Please take it easy.

XTRain Burn Sets: Chest, Back and shoulder is done.

Debbie - your grandmother is a very wise woman. I am wondering too if I I'm wondering if I fractured something? I know one thing, I can't do this for too long. It's very frustrating, can't go for a walk either. Yikes, on the snow. So far, no snow here. I take it. Great job on your gym workout.

Cookie - it did hurt and is still hurting. I keep icing it and resting as much as I can. I will not do any leg workouts or go for walks. Need to let my knee/leg rest. Sorry about the internet. The place you visit sounds lovely. You all keep that snow, lol.

Have a great day and workout.
'Evening! Today was an Essentrics workout. We have about 10 inches of snow and more expected tomorrow.

Deb, I'm more then happy to share the snow, or, better yet, you could have it all! How are you feeling?

Belinda, perhaps you should just rest. How's your shoulder doing?

Today was a walk outside & Gym Style Legs. Tomorrow is possible snow but more likely rain mix.

Belinda - X-train workout that series is good! Better to keep off your knee till you know what's going on. We haven't had any snow that you can shovel just light snow on grass. Is your surgery same day?

Cookie - It looks like you are getting all of the snow. We are just below the snow line, but I guess it could change tomorrow. Lake Placid sounds like fun. When we were in the area a couple of years ago, I wish we would have visited. I am feeling good.


Today I did Chair yoga. I really liked it. No twisting my knees.

Debbie - I am taking it easy with my knee. I have an appointment with my doc on Friday. We had a little snow this morning. Great job on your walk and Leg workout.

Cookie - yikes, you getting hammered with snow. I been resting all day today. Thanks for asking about my shoulder. I still have some problems, it did get better. Nice job on the Essentrics workout.

Good night.

Today was a walk at the gym & zoom yoga. We had very little snow stick just messy with slush & rain. It was also cold.

Belinda - Chair yoga sounds like a good idea, you always find a way to get your workouts in:) It's good that you will see the Dr. for your knee before your surgery.

Cookie - I hope you didn't get too much snow. I saw it tracking to the North.


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