Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


Today was a walk outside. We also had an outdoor graduation party for a family friend. The weather held out and it was fun to see SILs and friends.

Belinda - I'm sure you are still recovering from your trip. It sounds like you had a good walk:) Did everything go well at the Dr.'s?

Cookie - I'm sure you had lots of visits this weekend. The weather has been more Summer than Spring here.

Good evening,

Rest day for me .

Debbie- great job on your walk. Hope you had fun at the graduation party yesterday. My appointment went well Friday. I will get the results next week.

Hi Cookie!

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & deck yoga at my neighbor's. Lots of people showed up even though the weather wasn't the best.

Belinda - Enjoy your rest day:)

Waves hi to Cookie


To the Max is done. I am on week 3 of Cathe's rotation.

Debbie - they must have a huge deck if so many people showed up :) That's awesome! Wished someone in my neighborhood would do that.

Cookie - how are you feeling?

Have a great Monday.

Today was a walk outside & it was humid! It was the last deck yoga class before the instructor goes back to Hawaii.

Belinda - Its funny I wanted to do To the Mat the other day but couldn’t think of the name LOL. My neighbors deck is big but also made from trek. It is nice, ours is wood.

Waves hi to Cookie

'Evening! Got a walk in yesterday so today did an upper body band workout.

Deb, yes, the visitors have been coming! Some left this morning. Your neighborhood sounds so nice. It was humid here today.

Belinda, fingers crossed for some answers with the medical. Grief can be exhausting.

I did GS back, shoulder and biceps today.

Debbie - I honestly haven't done To the Max since years, it was a lot of fun. Our deck is big and made from trek.

Cookie - thank you! That must be fun having family come and go. Also exhausting. How are you doing?

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & lower body at the gym. I went to the mall to look for Father's Day gift for DH, it was so quiet and not a lot of choices. I bought him sneakers & socks. I think my DS's take his socks.

Belinda - It sounds like June rotation has a nice mix of workouts. The trek deck works out for yoga since we are barefoot.

Cookie - I agree with Belinda visitors must be fun but exhausting too. It's good you get your workouts in.


I had an appointment with my rheumatologist this morning. My chest CT scan and pulmonary function test (for lower air way) both look good. I am very happy about it. My ear is still flaring up. He will change my meds. Hopefully that will do the trick. I need a break.

I did LB Blast today. I had to modify.

Debbie - June rotation does have a nice mix of workouts. I am loving it so far. I never done yoga on my deck. I should give it a try when DD visit. Love the gift you bought for your DH for Father's Day. So sweet.

Cookie - I hope you getting some rest.

See you all tomorrow.
'Evening! Didn't sleep well last night, but by the sound of it DH sure was sleeping good. Did Essentrics today.

Deb, it is exhausting having visitors, and while the variety of a changing cast is nice, it does seem more wearing. Thanks for the reminder, I should look for something for my DH. I'm very close to my uncle, so he's who I think of for Father's Day! My eldest ds takes my husband's socks!

Belinda, good news! Yeah!!! You do need a break. We have trex on our dock, and it is nice for going barefoot.

Today was a walk outside, later in the day so it wasn't as hot. We were having problems with our A/C and apparently a mouse built a nest and had babies (one had died from eating a wire). The repairman just let them out and him and DH removed the nest and plugged in the holes. Last year they ate our new sprinkler system wires. This year I didn't even bother having the sprinkler repaired. Geez, these little critters are costing us a lot of money.

Belinda - Nice workout! Good news from your Dr.'s. Hopefully the new meds will help. My SIL has been having trouble getting her thyroid meds right. It was fine for years but now it's been trial & error.

Cookie - Nice essentrics workout! Hopefully you sleep better tonight. I always wonder how my SIL in TN feels since she moved about all the visitors.

Good morning,

Gym Style Chest & Triceps is done.

Debbie - it's the same medicine I take now. Instead of tablets I have to inject it. With the injections you get the full dose of the medicine. With the tablets my body isn't absorbing the entire doses. I hope this makes sense. So people with RP have to try different meds that works. There are no medications approved for RP, we use meds approved for other diseases. Sorry about your SIL thyroid problems. Maybe she needs to go up in meds? Hopefully her doctor can figure it out.

Cookie - great job on essentrics workout! I sure need a break. I been flaring up since last year. I pray the meds will help to slow down the disease.

Have a great day.

Today was a walk outside, after the rain. I woke up too early due to thunderstorms:( At least they were over quickly.

Belinda - Good Gym style workout:) You explained the meds question good. How often will you have to inject the meds?

Waves hi to Cookie

Good morning,

Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio plus Bonus Abs is done.

Debbie - great job on your walk yesterday. It rained here yesterday, no thunderstorms. I will take a high does of the injections once a week.


Today I walked outside it was so hot, ran through someone's sprinker:) I also did Gym Style legs at the gym. We are going to grab a bite to eat tonight.

Belinda - Nice workout! It was only one hot day here but the rest of the weekend supposed to be really nice.

Cookie - Any plans for the weekend?

Have a great weekend:)

GS legs is done.

Debbie - LOL, you ran through someone's sprinkler. It's not to hot today, it's kinda chilly and windy here. Great job on GS legs yesterday

Cookie - hope all is well.

Have a great weekend.
'Evening! Hope you're both having a good weekend. Tried helping a neighbor with a bit of weeding, but I must have been allergic to something b/c boy did my allergies kick in. Doing much better now, but still have a sinus headache. Did an Essentrics wo. I've become a real convert to them! Had some neighbors visit earlier today. We were going to go for a walk, when it started raining. Hockey tonight.

Deb, lol at you going thru someone's sprinkler! Good for you! Mice are horrible little villians! They've done about 8K in damage to my car and my 12K to my dh two years ago. We weren't driving much b/c of Covid, and they were apparently having a blast.

Belinda, one of my sil gives herself a weekly injection. At first she really didn't want to have to do it, but now, she says it's no big deal. She has also said how she's now absorbing the whole dose. Any plans for tomorrow?

Today was a walk outside. So much cooler & windy but a nice change. My plants kept falling down finally gave up;)

Belinda - Nice leg workout! My Legs are sore from doing Gym Style yesterday.

Cookie - I sneeze at least once or twice when I walk. DH says it allergies but so many people really suffer. I just hope as the years go by it doesn’t get worse. Feel better.

'Evening! Happy Father's Day to your dhs! Saw To Kill a Mockingbird this afternoon, and it was good. Didn't tell the story in the same sequence as the book, and had some moments of laughter.

Deb, my car was so covered in pollen last week, it looked like an nyc taxi! The mold that grows in the ground really bothers me, and that's what happened from my neighbors. My dh moved some of our indoor plants out to the patio, and the wind knocked over a couple. Disappointed a really lovely planter broke .

Belinda, how was your weekend?
Happy Fathers day to your DHs.

Debbie - sorry about your plants. Its very windy and chilly here. My legs are a little sore too.

Cookie - glad you like the movie. I need to look it up. Sorry about your planter. It's very windy here.

Good night.

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