Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


It's nice to be home but cold. I walked when the sun was out so not too bad. Lots of catching up to do.

Belinda - Nice full body workout:)

Cookie - I hope you are feeling better.


Today was a walk outside & metabolic blast. It is so sad to hear what is going on in Ukraine, I feel so fortunate to live in America.

Belinda & Cookie - I hope you are both feeling better and having a nice weekend.

Good morning,

DD came to visit yesterday, we went for a nice long walk.

Debbie - glad you home. It's very sad what is going on in Ukraine. Ukraine is very close to my home town. My family and friends are very worried.

Today is Rare Disease Day at NIH and NORD to bring awareness. I signed up for the virtual event today. You can talk/meet with Doctors for RP.

I will try to get my workout in early today. BBL

Checking in with BW FULL BODY HIIT Workout + Abs // Day 41 HR12WEEK 2.0.

I been on a virtual seminar for rare diseases all day. I am tired. Good night.
'Evening! So, my body's reaction to this crazy infection went into overdrive, increasing my creatine levels and lots of swelling. No exercise for a while. Luckily, I'm finally feeling better this evening.

Deb, glad you made it back okay. What a difference from Florida! It is so upsetting about Ukraine.

Belinda, hope you learned a lot at your event. Were you able to speak with a dr about your case?

Today was a walk on the treadmill to cold outside. I also went to the gym to do lower body workout. I picked up my sink & faucet today. Everything is coming in slowly.

Belinda - Nice workout! It’s great you were able to be a part of the virtual seminar. Were there a lot of participants?

Cookie - Sorry your body is acting crazy, but hopefully uphill from here. It’s nice to hear you are feeling better.

Good morning,

Upper Body Supersets Workout // Day 42 HR12WEEK 2.0 is done. My left knee is so swollen, I am trying to get an appointment with my doctor this morning. I can't hardly walk.

I will be back later.

Today was a walk outside & abs. Looking forward to tomorrow warmer out.

Belinda - I hope you were able to get an appointment. Nice upper body.

Cookie - Will you be able to walk with the swelling from the infection?


Deb, wish I could walk for some exercise. My creatine levels got so high, muscles start breaking down, so no workouts for at least a week. So just daily movements for now. Did you get a walk in today? It was sunny here. Was it hard to select your sink and faucet? Have you selected your appliances already?

Belinda, how are you doing? How's your knee?

Today was a walk outside it was nice & zoom yoga. The yoga instructor needed to put her dog down due to cancer so she sent everyone a previously recorded class. She sent me a very sad text which was heart breaking. Her dog is her best friend and has been her companion especially when she moved to Hawaii and through Covid. When she lived next door, we would occasionally dogsit, she will be missed.

Belinda - I hope your knee is ok.

Cookie - I heard athlete's take creatine supplements but I really don't know much about them. I know DH knows about them and remember him saying it can make you swell. Rest up better to be safe, time goes by quickly.

Good morning,

Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I saw the Rheumatologist. My Rheumatologist is on leave until next week. She took out of my left knee 4. 5 syringes of fluids. She sending the fluids to the lab to find out what is causing it? I couldn't walk anymore, my knee was so swollen. The right knee is swollen, but not as bad as my left. I also have a lot of swelling down my legs and face from all the cortisone I been taking. I also got shots in both my knees to bring the swelling down. I just couldn't take the pain in my left knee anymore. Last night I was resting, icing my knees. Yesterday I talked to my aunt in Canada. She told me my cousin passed away suddenly of a stroke. She was never sick in her live. I was very shocked to hear the sad news.

Debbie - sorry about your friends dog.

Cookie - sorry for what you are going through too. I hope there is something your doctors can do. Please, rest up my friend.

I will be back later. Need more coffee.
'Evening! Just checking in with nothing to report!

Deb, your poor friend. Our pets give so much and ask for so little. How are the kitchen decisions coming along?

Belinda, glad you got in to have the fluid taken out. Sorry to hear about your cousin. It must be hard to be away from family during such a time.

Today was a walk on the treadmill. I needed to go to the mall & return something. I couldn't believe how many stores are closed and the stores were empty. I ran into one of the sales associates I saw all the time (she thought I was there to work) and we chatted it was nice to talk to her.

Belinda - I'm happy you had the fluid removed and gave you some relief. Sorry about your cousin, must be so sad to hear. Rest up and feel better.

Cookie - It's good to see you are resting. At the mall I went to Pottery Barn. I thought the prices were high and looked similar to less expensive ones I saw in Lowe's. I will check out lighting at Lowe's & Home Depot online and in stores next week.


Today was a walk treadmill & lower body on the machines. It is so cold here but supposed to warm up, I can't wait. My dafadilles are starting to show but I think it's too early.

Have a great weekend:)
Good evening,

Today I walked over 2 miles outside and did POWER CARDIO Workout // Day 44 HR12WEEK 2.0. I did her modify version.

Debbie - thanks about my cousin. It's very sad. I feel a lot better, I can move and do all the things I did before. It still hurts a little, but nothing like it did. It's said what covid did to the stores. I hope they all come back eventually.

Cookie - glad you resting. I am sorry you are dealing with so much health problems yourself. Thanks about my cousin.

Good night.


day 45 TB no repeats HIIT is done. Week 9 is done. I also went for a short walk with Sadie. My knees feel so much better.

Debbie and Cookie, I hope you doing well. Good night.

Today was a walk outside. It is starting to get warmer out.

Belinda - I'm happy to hear you are improving and feeling better. Nice workouts!

Cookie - I hope you get a lot of rest this weekend.

'Evening! Nothing really to report over here. Taking it easy and hoping to get the okay on mild exercise after Wed's dr appt.

Deb, it looks like spring here. Today's temps were in the 60s!!! We still have some spots of snow and that darn ice on the driveway may not melt til July 31st. We got some lighting at Lowes also.

Belinda, glad your knees are doing better. When might you get the test results back? Its amazing that you were able to go for a walk - glad you could.

I took an easy walk today. That's it.

Debbie - it was in the 70's here. Hopefully it will stay that way. Thanks about my knees. I am thankful the swelling went down.

Cookie - thank you! UI hope you get the green light on Wednesday. Fingers crossed. I got a call from the Rheumatologist on Thursday about the results. It's probably from all the arthritis in my knees. She doesn't know why my knees swoll up like that. I will talk to my Rheumatologist about it next week.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside it was in the 70's here. So nice!!

Belinda - Hopefully these temps stick around. Happy to hear your swelling is not bothering you.

Cookie - Wednesday will be here quickly, hopefully you get good news. How is your DS doing that is in Europe? I just wondering if the situation in Ukraine gets the same news coverage as we do.


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