Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

Hi Debbie and Cookie,

Sorry for worrying you! Yesterday I had doc appointments. Today we had a major power and internet outage. I sent you both a pm.

Today I finished week 7 of 12 with Heather rotation.

Debbie - I had a root canal in 2014. I have to get it redone. I have a small infection. Hopefully they can safe that tooth. Sorry you getting one too. I have an appointment Tuesday. Don't know whey they actually do the root canal?

Cookie - sorry for what are you going through. Glad you don't have covid. I also cleaned and organized today. Couldn't do anything else with no power/internet. I had pizza today.

Good night.

Today was a walk on the beach. It was cool out we walked on the pier and had lunch. We also started organizing and throwing some stuff away in the condo.

Belinda - Its tough having a power outage. Did your house get real cold? I’m assuming it effected your heat. Just so you know I didn’t get your PM.

Cookie - It’s good that you can do upper body workouts, you will be buff. The wind makes me nervous with all the trees around our house.

Debbie - I never hit enter. Sorry! The power also set off all our smoke alarms. That was tough on Sadie. We had to leave the house. Every time DH turned off the alarms they kept going off again. Noting was working without the power. The power come back on after a few hours. The internet on the other hand was out until the evening. How long are you staying in FL? Enjoy your time. Wished I could go somewhere too. BBL

Today was a wAlk on the beach. It was the last of the cool days, tomorrow much warmer. We come home on Friday.

Belinda - I received your PM, thanks for sharing. I have seen lots of support dogs this vacation. I was thinking Sadie is a true support dog and came at the perfect time for you. The power outage with the smoke alarms going off must have been stressful.

Cookie - Hopefully you have off tomorrow for Presidents Day.

'Evening! More Essentrics today.

Deb, I'll never be buff, but thanks. If I ever got my eating under control, that would definitely help. Enjoy that warmer temps - just heard snowstorm here on Friday. Would you be able to stay another week?

Belinda, Deb is right - Sadie sure did come at the right time. Glad you got power back. It is so hard without it, and then to compound it all with those sirens. Yikes.

Today we visit DD in DC, we went for a nice long walk at Theodore Roosevelt Island in DC. Sadie walked almost the entire time. I haven't seen so many people before covid. It was nice to see everyone enjoyed the nice weather. It was 66 F. We just came home, too late to get my weight workout in. I will catch up tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Endodontics. Hopefully I get some good news.

Debbie - didn't rescue Sadie, she rescued me :) She sure is my support dog. Sadie was very stressed when the fire alarm didn't stop. Glad you had a lot of fun in FL.

Cookie - my ENT doctor always ask about Sadie. She said the same thing you both saying. I am so happy she is in my life. The power didn't border me so much as we couldn't search for food to order, lol. We called DD in DC to pull up a phone number here in town, lol. How are you feeling?

Good night.

Today was a walk on the beach & we spent the day there too. This week because of Presidents Day & warmer temps the town is crowded. We heard Disney World is sold out.

Belinda - Wishing you luck at the endodontics tomorrow. It sounds like you had a nice day & nice temps! Sadie must love your trips to DC.

Cookie - Nice getting Essentrics in. Same here if only I would get my eating under control;). I saw snow in the forecast for Friday. Our flight is late, hopefully they cancel before we leave for the airport. It would be difficult for us to get a flight Saturday or Sunday because when I booked the flights were crowded because of people returning from Presidents Week.

Good morning,

Today I started week 8 of 12. Upper Body Supersets: Bi's, Tri's & Shoulders // Day 36 HR12WEEK 2.0. Had a great workout.

Debbie - glad it finally warming up for you. Wow, Disney is sold out? Thank you about my appointment.

Hi Cookie!

I need to get ready for my appointment. I will be back later.

Today was a walk on the beach. It was a nice day.

Belinda - Nice workout! I hope your appointment went well.

Hi Cookie:)


My appointment went well yesterday. I got a second opinion from a different Endodontist my new Orthodontist recommended. Glad I went with her. I wasn't too happy to get more radiations from all the images I had done for the last 3 weeks. Turns out I don't need another root canal :) She did see a black spot between the root canal. Since I am in no pain, she doesn't want to do surgery. She does want get

This morning we had to take Sadie back to the vet. He took a lot of x rays. There is something wrong with her tracheo. He doesn't want her on meds at the moment unless it gets worse. Luckily I took a video of her breathing this morning. Glad I did. She needs also a follow appointment in June for more X-rays. At first he was like her heart was enlarged. Glad it wasn't her heart.

Debbie - sorry about your flight. I hope all works out.

I will get my workout in shortly. I did take Sadie for a nice long walk today. BBL
'Evening! Sorry for not checking in last night. I finished a meeting at 9 and went right to bed. Today was a stretching day.

Deb, ugh on the travel and possible delays. Hope it works out well for you. Sounds like you're making the most of your time there.

Belinda, glad you got that second opinion. Poor Sadie. Does she seem in pain?

Today was a walk on the beach. As of right now not changing my flight since it is 8:20PM and the storm will end at 1pm. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Belinda - Its great you got a 2nd opinion. That was a great idea to video Sadie for the vet. I hope she feels better. Any chance it could be allergies? Allergies are high here in FL.

Cookie - Late night meeting, it must have been good to catch up on sleep.

'Evening! Did my own version of Essentrics today. Got on antibiotics, so hopefully will be feeling better soon.

Deb, safe travels tomorrow. If you don't get out, will it cause a lot of challenges to things at home? Another beach walk today?

Belinda, how are you and Sadie doing today? That was a good idea to videotape her.

Today I did Chiseled Chest & Back: STRENGTH Workout // Day 38. Had a great workout. I went a little lighter in weights, got my 2nd vaccine today. I am getting the 3rd vaccine next month.

Debbie - It is common in small breed dogs for their trachea to close off. Especially in toy dogs, My vet is monitoring her. Sometimes they need meds to control the windpipe from closing off. He tested her for allergies. Safe travels!

Cookie - Sadie had one short episode today. I wanted to show the vet about her breathing. Hope you feel better soon.

Good night.

Today was a walk on the beach. It was a nice day. Tomorrow will be clean up & pack, our flight is still on right now.

Belinda - Nice weight workout! It’s good vet monitoring Sadie. Good luck with the vaccination today.

Cookie - Nice workout! Hopefully the meds will help you feel better. Good luck with the weather tonight & tomorrow.


I did Serious Ab BURNER: Core Workout // Day 39 HR12WEEK 2.0 this morning. I wanted to go for a walk, its very windy outside.

Debbie - safe travels. I wouldn't mind going to the beach right now. So far so good with the vaccination. Hope it stay's that way.

Cookie - how are you feeling today?

I will try to be back later.
'Evening! I have an infection that they can't locate, and so far the meds don't seem to be impacting it. So, I'm supposed to be resting, and that's okay since I don't have a lot of energy anyway!

Deb, hope you have safe travels tonight. One of my sister and her husband were to fly to FL today, but they were postponed til Monday. Hope things are good for you.

Belinda, the beach does sound especially good right now! Did you get a lot of snow. We only have about 8 inches, but this afternoon it turned to sleet. My little guy makes all guys of snorting and funny noises. Not my dh, the shiz ztu!

Today was a walk on the beach before we cleaned the condo. We were very lucky so many flights cancelled or delayed. We were very on time. I sat next to a man and his new puppy a Chihuahua. So cute! My ears are so bad on landing lately, need to find out if I can take something.

Belinda - It will be great if you don’t have a reaction to the vaccination. Nice workout.

Cookie - It sounds like you had a lot of snow. We came home to a little snow but icy driveway:(. Rest is good, I hope the meds start working.


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