Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


Strong Back & Triceps Workout // Day 23 HR12WEEK 2.0 = 35 min

Debbie - it's been raining all day long today. The snow is gone. My order came yesterday. Love everything I bought. We have a lot of birds here too. I was wondering why they hang around in that cold.

Cookie - I hear you on having everything. Once I saw on the RT what Cathe is selling, I knew I was in trouble. Sorry your dog is keeping you up. Hope your workout load lightens up soon.

Good night.

Today was a walk at the gym, it rained here all day. I also did ICE chiseled lower body. We are expecting an ice storm tomorrow, I hope not.

Belinda - Nice workout! It rained here all day and most of the snow washed away. We are expecting more rain & ice tomorrow.

Cookie - I hope you were able to get a better nights sleep.


Today was a walk in the gym & I did a quick upper body workout. So far the temps haven't dropped below freezing but not sure what will happen overnight.

Have a great weekend:)

Today I did HiT (low impact) with Heather R. I was going to do a stretch but the video didn't play. I been cooking, baking and prepping for the next few day. I am beat.

Debbie - hopefully you will not get bad weather. It's kinda wet but not too cold. Great job on your workouts.

Cookie - how are you doing?

Good night.
'Evening! Sorry for not checking in yesterday, my wifi wasn't working. It actually started going in and out when I was doing a workshop. I was so worried about losing it completely. Luckily, just made it through. Today I did upper body doing 100s. feeling it now.

Deb, did you get a lot of ice? We sure did. Looks like a skating rink to get to my driveway. We usually have trash pick up on Fridays. Yesterday they told us it would be Saturday, now they're saying Monday at the earliest. I was happy to stay home.

Belinda, what are you baking and cooking? Hope your temps don't drop to freezing. Looked at the Cathe goods today, and they sure are enticing. Love the colors.

I did NO REPEATS Total Body Strength Workout // Day 25 HR12WEEK 2.0 awhile ago. Workout was 38 min.

Cookie - baked Easy Blueberry Banana Bars (all plant based) I a made Lasagna Soup and Sweet & Sticky Cauliflower wraps (these took some time to make) Everything was so good. It freezing cold again :( This weather is driving me crazy. I also love all the fun colors with Cathe's new stuff.

Debbie - hope you having a great weekend.
'Evening! I love watching the athletes competing in the Olympics. They are so amazing. My foot is still bothering me but did a Virtual Active walk, organized a closet, and wrote a report. Feeling rather productive for a change.

Deb, were you greatly impacted by the storm? Hope all is well.

Belinda, you must have inspired me! You're always so busy getting things done. Lasagne Soup sounds interesting. I love soup. My dh claims if not for him, I would make/have soup for every meal.

Today I did a zoom yoga class. The ice wasn't too bad but it is so cold:( This year has been so cold, spoiled by the last few warmer winters. It's a good excuse to stay home;)

Belinda - Nice workouts! All the food you cooked sounds delicious. It's nice to cook once and have yummy meals to eat for awhile:)

Cookie - We were lucky not too much ice, but further North it was an ice skating rink. The temps didn't drop as quickly as they thought but today it did but it was sunny. Stay safe. You and Belinda were so productive this weekend, hopefully motivates me for tomorrow.

Hi everyone,

I went for a long walk outside, it was in the 30's. I also did a nice SBF stretch.

Debbie - great job on the Zoom class. It's very cold here too. Luckily you will be in FL this week.

Cookie - you were so productive this weekend. After all that cooking I ran out of steam, lol. Sorry your foot is still bordering you.

Good night.
'Evening! Took today as a rest day. Dh drove us to visit my mom. We keep his car in the garage, but mine's outside and still iced over. Supposed to warm up in a couple of days, so hopefully we can unearth it then.

Deb, I sure do more yoga - you're inspiring me. Was today a Sauce Sunday?

Belinda, you weren't taking it easy with your long walk.

Today was a walk outside it was in the 30's but sun helped. I spent most of the day organizing but depressing when I have so much more to do.

Belinda - A walk and a stretch sound good:) I am looking forward to FL but it's cold there too. The iguana's are falling from the trees. They don't die but go in a coma until the cold snap is gone. I thought that was interesting.

Cookie - How was your Mom? I could just imagine what your car looks like. This has been one icy winter. Not a sauce making day, still have some frozen:) It's funny every time I switch on the Olympics, I remember how much you like them. I wanted to watch the opening ceremony but it was after some of the events so I thought I missed it.

Good morning,

Today was week 6 of 12, Bicep, Tricep & Shoulders Workout // Day 26 HR12WEEK 2.0. 40s work + 20s rest x2 Rounds) = 35 min

Warm Up
Circuit 1
Press Curls - 15's
Wide Curls - 12's
Bicep Rotation - 12's
Hammer Curls - 15's
Curl, Press + Twist - 10's

Circuit 2
Tricep Push - BW
Ups Tate Press - 8's, really like this :)
Skull Crushers - 12's
Tricep Press - 20#
Tricep Kickbacks - 8's

Circuit 3
L-Raise - 5's, I was fried by this point. I still having problems with my shoulder.
Kneeling Press (R) - 8's, 10's I did them standing!
Kneeling Press (L)
Squat + Front Raise - 5's
Push Press - 10's
Cool Down & Stretch

Debbie - my DD flew to FL this morning. She said it looks like Germany :( It's cold. Hopefully the weather will get nicer before she comes home on Friday. I saw that on the news about guana's falling from the trees. They said for people to leave them alone. Never heard of this before.

Cookie - hope your mom is doing ok. That's nice your Dh drove you to see your mom. I just needed to get out of the house to get some fresh air. Can't take Sadie for long walks, it's too cold for her. It felt good to go outside. Glad you took a rest day yesterday. I have a hard time sitting still.

Have great day and workout everyone.
Evening! Got in about 2 miles walking on lake. Funny, I never noticed the sounds of ice and water before moving here. The sides of the roads are still a mess, so we didn't want to go on them at all.

Deb, my DS2 went to grad school in FL and used to talk about frozen iguanas dropping out of trees! At first, we thought he was trying to fool us. When do you go to FL? Watching the ski jumping now, and boy am I glad none of my kids ever did that! We did watch trials a couple of times up in Lake Placid and that may have been enough to scare all of us.

Belinda, my mom's doing about as well as we can hope. She has dementia, but she still has a sense of humor. We're lucky in that she remembers my dh and I. She loves my husband, and is always happy when he comes with me. Is your dd vacationing in FL?


Leg Day Shred Workout // Day 27 HR12WEEK 2.0.​

Debbie - are you leaving for FL? Safe travels.

Cookie - so sorry about your mom :( Glad she still has a sense of humor and remember you and your husband. DD is on a business trip for her company.

I had a rough day today,

Good night.
'Evening! Got in another lake walk, but my foot is sore and swollen. Think I'm finally going to break down and call the dr tomorrow.

Deb, enjoy FL. Safe travels.

Belinda, sorry today was rough. Hope things change soon.

Yesterday I ran errands, packed and met with our contractor for kitchen Reno. I was able to get a walk in outside.

We left before the sun rose today, I’m not a morning person so will be crashing early. We spent the day with my Dad, it was really nice. His health is declining so that part is sad.

Thanks for the well wishes. It is cold in Florida!! DH hurt his back so hopefully it hals quickly.

Belinda - Last minute I threw some warm clothes in my suitcase, hopefully your DD stays warm. I hope you feel better soon. I like your workouts the last 2 days.

Cookie - Walks around the lake sound nice:). I don’t remember it being this cold in Florida for such a long stretch. Too funny DS2 telling you about the iguanas. It’s cool you were able to see trials at Lake Placid. We were so close this summer always wanted to visit and see if they have anything referencing the olympics.

Evening! Took a rest day today, feeling under the weather and very tired. Have one more meeting and then I'm collapsing on the couch.

Deb, hope your dh feels better soon. You sure were productive before leaving. Will the reno be done while you are in FL? Sorry to hear your dad's health is declining. That must be so hard to see.

Belinda, hope all is okay. Worried about you.

Today is a rest day on my rotations. I did managed to go for a walk today.

Cookie - oh no! I hope your DH feels better soon. Sorry about your dad. Glad you packed warm clothes.

Cookie - I had a lot errands to run. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Good job everyone.

Today was a walk on the beach with jacket & wool hat. It was cold. I thought I packed warm clothes (not enough) except forgot about warm dinner outfits. We ran errands most of the day.

Belinda - Nice walk! What part of FL is your DD? It was in the 50s here. If I was back home that would feel good but not here.

Cookie - I hope you feel better. It’s good you rest up.

'Evening! Another rest day. Still running a fever and have a headache. Was able to work but feel dizzy when I tried to workout.

Deb, wouldn't think of a wool at in FL! A beach walk sounds lovely though.

Belinda, did you get your errands done?

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