Good morning everyone,

Today I will do legs and abs (still haven't done those).

Happy Hump Day, everyone! BBL!


Morning ladies,

No wo for me today, just a nice walk to work. I am in week 3 of M1 and I'm getting so itchy to take a break to do the new wos. So far I've only done one:confused:, but am hoping to squeeze in two over the weekend. I can't wait to see what Cathe comes up with for the rotation.

Belinda - How exciting that you are getting more wo equipment:D Over the weekend I got new dumbbells and resistance tubes. How scary for Alesia. Good thing you insisted she get to the ER!

Deb - How was your vacay? I don't think we've chatted since you've been back:) I'm looking forward to turbo barre, too. I remember how much my glutes/hips were burning at RT:eek:

Kristin - I predict you will have a package waiting for you today;) Good job on AS & NE yesterday.

Cookie - DD is all better, thanks for asking. Which wo did you decide on today? The only one I've done so far is Total Body. Still have LB DOMS two days later:cool:

Amelia - I'm with you...not enough hours in the day. Sometimes I feel like I need to figure out a way to work smarter, instead of harder:eek: What wo do you have planned for today?

Helene - Hope you were able to fit in a visit to your basement;)

I think that catches me up. Have a great day everyone!


Hello ladies. . . taking a break from work to tell you all that DH called to tell me my package arrived!!!! :eek::eek: I cannot wait to blow this joint and get home and preview the workouts, lol.

this morning I had staff development with the two other teachers in my department for 7th grade. This one teacher, I will call her, B (think about it, ;)) dominates any meeting and this was all about her for three freakin periods. "Well, I do this and I feel, and in my classes, and maybe you should do this. . . blah blah blah." she has got to be the most narcissistic person I have ever met. to make matters worse, I think she is a sucky teacher, so I do not want to hear how wonderful she and what wonderful things she is doing because she is so wonderful. SHE IS NOT!!!!! I was squeezing and wrenching my hands. I just cannot stand people like this. The trainer tried to shut her down a number of times, but B doesn't take the hint. . . or maybe she doesn't care that the hint is being given and keeps going because it is all about HER!!!!

Rant over. . .

Amelia- I cannot wait to preview the workouts when I get home. I think I will do Afterburn or Athletic Training tonight. I loved AT on the RT. Let us know what you chose to do tomorrow!

Belinda- poor Alesia!!!! I hope she is feeling better soon! Allergic reactions to meds can be awful!

Cookie- Good job on the barre workout. do you have the turbo barre? I don't, but I guess I will use a chair. I am afraid of that one after the RT, lol.

Deb- What wokrout did you decide to do?

Trish- your prediction was right on :) I cannot wait for the rotation either!

Helene- have you done any of the other workouts yet? I know you did LI Challenge. What else have you tried?

Okay, I will bbl to report on my workout :eek:



Belinda: Yikes on the itches for Alesia.

Kristin: Woohoo! Finally! I think I wanted to wait for you to do more workout :p At least that will be my excuse. Sorry about this morning's meeting.

Cookie: How are you doing? Thinking often how now it would be to touch base again. Maybe at the next RT? ;)

Deb: I can see you doing the barre workout too. :)

Trish: Are you still tired or are you managing to get your beauty sleep?

Still no workout. Just checking in to say I am completely tired and busy. I think this weekend I catch up with you all and start trying new workouts again. I still have only done the low impact challenge once. :(

Parents leaving tomorrow for four days then they come back for 10. They help a bunch but I also end up doing a lot of stuff for them which means my time doesn't get any better used. Oh well, I wouldn't change having them though, so it is what it is.

BBL Saturday for sure. I will also be lurking. That's also for sure. :) On my own with the kids tomorrow night. I kind of enjoy those nights once in a while though. It's kind of fun to be just us as long as it is not too long.

Have a good night every one.


Belinda, you are much more disciplined than I am; I would have been doing one of the new workouts. Sometimes I think I have workout ADD.
Kristin, bet that trainer is looking for strategies to contain your colleague. Honestly, the trainer should have done a better job of handling that. Did you do AT? I did turbo barre and really liked it. A chair will work well.
Deb, did you do the barre wo? I felt it yesterday, particularly in abs and a bit in hams and glutes.
Helene, hope you're enjoying the evening. We can't wait until August! Have you heard from Iris at all?
Trish, I admire your willpower; with the new workouts I would have stopped sts. To tell the truth, that's why I didn't start an sts rotation in September. Did you get some walking in today? It was windy up here. I don't want to have to put away sandals and lighter weight clothing.
Amelia, please, please tell me the secret of more time in a day. I need about 8 more hours. Are you following the World Series?
The cold left me with a wicked sinus infection. Seems like there is a bass drum player residing in my head.


Afterburn ROCKED!!!! You don't do a single crunch and yet you work your core the entire time. My core is sore already. It went fast too. I cannot wait to do another one tomorrow, just not sure what it will be. So glad I preordered this time! The discs are awesome too!

Helene- I enjoy nights alone with the kids once in a while too. When DH has to go away for work, we have some cool moments alone together. . . then again they drive me nuts when those moments pass, lol. :rolleyes:

Cookie- The trainer did try to shut her down, but honestly if God Himself came down and told her to shut her trap, she would still go on. She is just so into herself. I would shoot myself if I were in her class!!!

Okay, I am beat. BB tomorrow!




I spent too much time looking for my cardio barre which I bought several years ago, thought it was in the basement but ended up finding it in the garage in a cardboard box:confused: Did come to one conclusion must declutter for the New Year:)

I ended up doing Slide & Glide after work, it was a lot of fun. I think this series is going to have a major fun factor.

Belinda - Are you waiting for the rotation? How are your ears?

Trish - Vacation was fun, except now I have some lbs. to get rid of . . . TG the new series is here. Looks like your getting in more w/o's on the weekend now:)

Kristin - Happy your workouts arrived, so helpful on a stressful day. Afterburn scares me may save that for last.

Helene - Enjoy the time with your parents. How far away are they from you? I was thinking about Iris today too, have you heard from her.

Cookie - I only had a sinus infection once (knock on wood), can't imagine what you girls go through.

Hi Amelia, Iris, Melissa & Lori


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