Commit to get fit & lean for Feb 8, 2012

I'm back, could discuss the wonders of coffee but I'll stick to other things.

Belinda: Ugh, not another sinus infection! It seems like you never not have one! Do you have a good Dr. already with all your sinus problems? He's going to have to learn your case! Saw your gym is setup. Woohoo!!!! I can't believe the story about your move. What a nightmare! I will order the new DVDs I just can't figure out if I get just the downloads or both. Problem with just the downloads is you don't get the premixes. So for LIS I got both. When I'm done making premixes I sell my DVDs. But it takes soooooooo long.

Kristin: Losing posts already? LOL Used to get so mad. I would preview a post to see for typos and such and forget to submit after. Those two buttons got me a few times. You're getting in some nice workouts.

Deb: An empty spin class?! Oh my that was quick. Ugh, neon is coming back? What about bright blue eyeliner? I guess you are keeping us up with the trends. LOL.

Cookie: Sorry about the migraine. I hope just because you are tired and not because you are having other stressors. Glad the new DVDs are motivating you!

Lori: I can believe you worked out already. I just can't wrap my mind around it. :p Wow on the birth going so quick. You'll be fitting in your lulu in no time at all. How is the little guy doing?

Not much is new on my side. DS is a giants fan and was super happy on Sunday. The kid also keep playing the M&M commercial over and over again. They find it hysterical.

I'm in week two of live fit trainer and doing much better this week. Last week it made me super sore and super tired so I wasn't able to do all four lifting workouts in a row and inserted my rest days instead of all at the end. This week I'm cruising through and am not as sore or too wiped out so that's good. I think it was hard on my body since I had been off for a month. So far so good though. There's no cardio this month and I only broke down once to do a 30 minute KCM workout.

OK, it's a work day so I'm off. Cheers to everyone!
Good Morning:)

Another normal night last night but with some java I am ready to face the day ( I think:rolleyes:)

We dont have much on the go today, the only thing I have to do is take the baby to see the Dr for his one week check up....Im just a few days late on that one:confused: Im topping him up and then I am heading to the basement for a workout. I thought about doing LM but I may just do another walk and the rest of HR. As of now I dont appear to be sore from yesterdays 1/2 of HR.

Helene** We are all doing pretty well. Adjusting to a new born isnt as hard as I thought it was going to be, I remember with DS I use to sleep half of the morning away and I wasnt up nearly as long as I am with this guy! But I just suck it up in the morning and start my day. Yesterday I started getting a little heavy eyed around 4 though:) I will probably have a sleep in this weekend when DH is home:D

I will bbl to report my workout:)

Belinda, are you off painting and unpacking? Where are the photos Helene is speaking of? Bet you have everything set up nicely.
Helene, how is your back? Bet your son was happy on Sunday! So were mine. I used to watch it only for the commercials. No cardio in your plan for a month? Wow, that seems different. Lately I much prefer weights to cardio.
Lori, you've always been a great juggler. Has your dd offered to babysit yet?
Deb, I saw in one of my dd's magazines that blue eyeliner is back in style! I completely forgot to put mascara on today; wonder how many folks I scared.
Kristin, do you have plans for the February break? I'm hoping for a couple of days off. I'd love to just stay home, even tho I'll probably still have to work.

I took a yoga class today. I decided to start Feb. rotation tomorrow but may switch days around within the week to fit my schedule.

Helene - Thanks for starting the thread . . . hope Belinda is feeling better. I find it amazing that you make your own premixes, can just imagine how time consuming it must be.

Lori - Kudos on getting your workouts in & checking in:) Someone once told me once you have more than 2 children the others just go along with the routine.

Cookie - I'm sure you felt naked without mascara:D

Kristin - Can you believe the bs that is happening in LA . . . how could that even happen in this day & age:confused:

Melissa - How is school this semester?


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