Quick pop in. My little one is pukey this morning so another hookey day from theater. I have a feeling we may be giving it up all together. Being home on a Saturday feels sooooooooo goooooood!! LOL! This morning I did SB + SJP ab work (my abs were fried!!). Been downloading low impact since then :) I'm very tempted to do some additional wo today...we'll see.

Belinda - Glad your shoulder is feeling better! Enjoy your run;)

Will be back and cath up on personals from yesterday.


Hey girls,

I am done with my run, did a 40 min interval run outside.

Trish - have fun downloading! I will drive to DC to drop off Alesias dog, than I will download all my new workouts.

I will be back later today or tomorrow. I will catch up on personals too;)


Hi everyone,
Just popping in to say Hi.
Got all my downloads. :). Did low impact challenge this morning and I had to rewind quite a bit but I think I got most of it. By the end my brain was fried and when the blast came I didn't have it in me. And it looks tough!!!! Will feel it next time for sure.

Have a great day every one. I'll try and BBL but can't promise.


Hi all! Just did GS bsb. I did some ab work too. Planning on going outside now and enjoying the weather.

Helene I am so jealous you got the workouts :) What workout will you do next?



'Evening! Checked in early this morning on yesterday's thread. Was so tired I couldn't think of how to start a new one!
Belinda, is Alesia going to be up to walking her dog? Is your internet working well enough for downloads?
Trish, we went out this morning and got home a bit ago. Makes me remember those years of running all over, and I don't miss it. But I did miss hearing Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me today. Love that show. Did you get in another wo? Thought I smelt something frying this morning - must have been your abs.
Helene, so, did you like it? I'm so jealous. I can never download here. Perhaps I'll take my laptop w/me tomorrow to do downloads, but I'll probably just wait for the mail.
How's your neck?
Kristin, those gs are tough, aren't they? What are your boys up to this weekend?
Went to hear a talk about the development of the Watson computer and Jeopardy, then we celebrated dd's birthday. DH and I were supposed to go to a concert this evening, but now he's sniffly and it could be fatal, so he's on his couch. Think I'll do mma kickboxing.


Cookie: :eek: at having the sniffles and it possibly being fatal!:eek: I hope DD had a nice bday.

Belinda: SO.......... how many dogs did you have in your RV? :eek:

Trish: How did the day turn out? Did the pukeys go away? DD was that way a couple week ago and was getting sick every 15 minutes. It lasted a day.

Kristin: That's a good wo you got in. I don't know what weather you had but it was cold and windy up here for DS' soccer game. But that was the last one. ;)

BBL tomorrow. Not sure what wo I will do but it will be a new one. I'm tempted to join Trish and do Trisets. Will see......


Good morning,

Yesterday I did a 40 min interval run outside. I need to finish D21 Back/biceps, not sure if my shoulder can take.....maybe I go lighter with the weights.

Downloaded all the new workouts last night, didn't get home until midnight:p they took a long time to download:confused:

Cookie - hope your DD had a great bday! I downloaded all the new workouts at Alesia's house. Couldn't do it here on the campground, no way!

Kirstin - enjoy the beautiful weather while you can;) It's cold here!

Helene- I rewiewed that workout you did yesterday, that looks like a toughie! Good job!

Trish - my shoulder is about 90% better, thanks for asking! So, did you wor tackle another workout on yesterday?

Have a wonderful weekend and have fun with the new workouts!


Belinda, what did you do to your shoulder? Be careful, they are extremely sensitive to reinjury. Know what you mean about not being able to download; it is not a possibility where I live. What's going on on the home-buying front?
Trish, hope your little one is doing better. Colds are one thing, but upset stomachs - yuck! Are you doing one of the new downloads?
Helene, how many have you done? Do you find it challenging to get your wo in with your parents around?
Kristin, what wo do you have planned for today?
Amelia, are you following the World Series?
Yesteday did pp ub 3x, walk and mma kb. Today was JM r30. Have to go to a wake in a couple hours, and still would like to get in a walk. Now, that I said usps doesn't send a shipping notice, I see some posted they received notice the order is shipping by usps. Did any of your order shipping by usps and, if so, did you get a shipping notice?


Hi all! Today's workout was Intensity step plus lo Hiit workout. I also did fifty reverse crunches and 10 on your toes push ups. I have a feeling I need to be push up ready for the new workouts :p.

Cookie I don't remember what the shipping was. I just remember it was free. I am going to try to look at my ticket later. I am so excited to get my hands on these new workouts!!!!

Helene what workout did you do today? Until my shipment comes in I have to live vicariously through you :) ;)

Trish did you do a new workout today? how is your DD today?

Belinda is your shoulder feeling any better today? Are you doing a new workout?

Okay getting ready to go to my parents' house for dinner. Anyone watching the NJ housewives reunion tonight? My guilty pleasure!



Hi girls,

We are back from FL late last night. I needed to work today so no workout. So excited about the workouts!!!!!! I didn't download yet but hoping my package arrives tomorrow;) I was lurking on my Ipad in FL but couldn't figure out how to post:eek: will have to make up for it:p

The weather wasn't great, cold front came in & a storm but found lots of neat shells on the beach. We walked a lot on the beach with a sweatshirt not so bad. We did get sunburned:eek: or windburn. We also went to the gym one day.

Belinda - I hope Alesia is feeling better. Great idea to do your downloads by her place.

Helene - It looks like you already did ALL of the workouts:):):) I'm guessing you'll be really sore this week.

Trish - Perfect Saturday to be free when you have the new Cathe w/o's to do:)

Cookie - Too funny about DS, my DS was sick w/stomach bug for the 1st 2 days of vacation (the hot days of course). Happy Birthday to DD!

Kristin - Taping the NJ Housewives reunion, so addicted to that show even though it gets me mad at times.

Hi Amelia, Lori, Melissa & Iris


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