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Well I do not take coffee either before or after workout because i do not think it is good for your health and body . I use to drink protein shake before workout and also drink milk after workout . As i am doing body building so i believe that protein shake is best option in this regard instead of coffee .


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I always have a large cup before my workout. It makes such a difference and I think its fine. Coffee is natural and there's a lot of new research showing its many benefits. I admit I drink a lot of the stuff and I enjoy it. The lower calorie drinks at Starbucks make a good treat when I'm trying to follow a healthy diet. :)


It is a good source of potassium .
Everybody tolerates this differently, but if you always get a headache on days you don't have coffee, you are addicted to it.


I just love coffee so much. If I had to choose between not having wine or coffee for the rest of my life, I think I would choose coffee, and this from a girl who loves her wine. Luckily, I limit my intake and have no issued with sleep problems.



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I drink up to 6 cups a day. Yeah, thats right. 6 cups. Sometimes less if Im having green tea. If anyone tries to take it away from me I will jack them up! :mad:


I'm a 1-2 small 5oz cup a day-er usually but the last six months or so my Starbucks infatuation was starting to get on my own nerve :rolleyes: so I'm taking January off.. not just coffee (my dear sweet coffee :eek:) but ALL caffeine.

I've been starting my days with a big 12oz glass of water with lemon instead and while I miss the aroma and flavor - overall I've slept better, woken up earlier and more alert (naturally), had more consistent mental and physical energy, avoiding my usual afternoon energy slump (aka caffeine crash), and have a calmer overall experience.

For whatever reason my body is enjoying this respite, so I'm honoring it...for now...though I will, undoubtedly, enjoy coffee/caffeine again :p
there is no problem drinking 1-3 servings of coffee a day, it is also good for women. do not demonize coffee, unless a lot of sugar is added there


I've never limit my consumption. But I heard that it's better not to drink coffee at all. However, it helps me to struggle with headache


I just drink decaf most of the time. A cup or two of regular in the morning. Caffeine irritates the bladder. That's why I'm drinking decaf and decaf black iced tea.
I usually drink 2 cups a day. It can also be 1 or very rarely 3 cups. As for me, I like coffee and green tea can't replace it. Especially taking into account I feel not good about it. I'm suffering from migraines and frequently have headaches. Canada Drugs website states that green tea can be consumed the same as coffee, as it also contains caffeine and it's recommended for me to cope with headaches in certain occasions. However, it, on the contrary, makes me feel sick. While coffee works great.
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1-2 cups a day is normal and okay I believe!! I have one cup of coffee when I wake up and another in the evening after workout.

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