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Well I do not take coffee either before or after workout because i do not think it is good for your health and body . I use to drink protein shake before workout and also drink milk after workout . As i am doing body building so i believe that protein shake is best option in this regard instead of coffee .


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I always have a large cup before my workout. It makes such a difference and I think its fine. Coffee is natural and there's a lot of new research showing its many benefits. I admit I drink a lot of the stuff and I enjoy it. The lower calorie drinks at Starbucks make a good treat when I'm trying to follow a healthy diet. :)


It is a good source of potassium .
Everybody tolerates this differently, but if you always get a headache on days you don't have coffee, you are addicted to it.


I just love coffee so much. If I had to choose between not having wine or coffee for the rest of my life, I think I would choose coffee, and this from a girl who loves her wine. Luckily, I limit my intake and have no issued with sleep problems.



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I drink up to 6 cups a day. Yeah, thats right. 6 cups. Sometimes less if Im having green tea. If anyone tries to take it away from me I will jack them up! :mad:


I'm a 1-2 small 5oz cup a day-er usually but the last six months or so my Starbucks infatuation was starting to get on my own nerve :rolleyes: so I'm taking January off.. not just coffee (my dear sweet coffee :eek:) but ALL caffeine.

I've been starting my days with a big 12oz glass of water with lemon instead and while I miss the aroma and flavor - overall I've slept better, woken up earlier and more alert (naturally), had more consistent mental and physical energy, avoiding my usual afternoon energy slump (aka caffeine crash), and have a calmer overall experience.

For whatever reason my body is enjoying this respite, so I'm honoring it...for now...though I will, undoubtedly, enjoy coffee/caffeine again :p

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