*.*.* clean & tidy weekend *.*.*

Just finished my workout - 25 minute walk, then PS back and biceps.

Off to the shower, then off to Charlotesville (about an hour away from where I live) for some shopping (maternity clothes, baby stuff, etc).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Good Morning Girls !

Katie, thanks for starting us off !! :) It sounds like you have a fun day planned.

Kate , I hope today's a BLASTIE !!! :)

Dh actually suggested a long hike but we woke up to storms. So then, he totally shocked me by asking if I wanted to go to the Outlet Malls ~!! Yay! Guess what I said ??? :)

Hope everyone has a great Saturday.
GOOD MORNING!!! I am having THE TIME OF MY LIFE! We are having so much fun! And it is beyond weird to be childless! We shopped like CRAZY yday and the Cirque show was phenomenal! Bonus: Eats are clean! Got to SLEEP IN this morning!!! Poor Mike said Ju was up a cpl times last night and he had to fall asleep in the chair holding her....my girl was MISSING ME! As fun as it si to be away I cannot wait to hold her sweet chubbiness tonight!:D And I have soooo much to do tonight & tmrw - after church we're having quite a few over for Fathers Day stuff. I know I'll need to do groc shopping, clean house, cook.... SEND me STREnGTH! We'll eat bfast soon & head over to get our packets (tshirt & awesome HELMET!!!!). Thank you gals sossosososo much for all the well wishes yday - made my morning to go thru and read them all! You girls are the best! Will report back later with race details! MWAH!!!!!
Katie, have fun shopping :) You have a nice sunny day for it :) Where are these temps coming from?

Becky, that was nice of your dh! Have fun!

Kate, so glad you are having a wonderful time! Can’t wait to hear about the race. I was telling Autumn & Jasmin about it last night and they thought you are awesome!! Autumn said you wouldn’t mind doing it sometime!

Dh & I are getting a late start to the day & not too much going on here today which is great!! Going to get to that box of papers. Will do Amy’s 10 minute solutions dvd. Need to go to the store, but I may just wait until tomorrow morning. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Getting ready to workout-4DS upper body circuit. Then I need to run out for Father's Day cards and a pair of shoes for Milla. We have a bridal shower tonight at 5-all of us are going! Getting up bright and early tomorrow to head up to the cottage for the day:)

Katie, happy shopping!

Becky, you too!

Kate, run mama!

Clintonya, enjoy your quiet day!
Hi ladies. Just popping in.

Katie enjoy your trip.

Becky did he really have to ask? I will pick shopping over almost anything;)

Kate You Go Girl!!!!

Clintonya I hope you have a great day too. I need some rest days from my vacation.

Klaudia enjoy the shower. I hope you have a good time.

Well last week was a blur. My DD, DNs and myself went to NYC to vist family and I'm tired. I hate the traffic here, even though I grew up here. I need to go back home. I will be visting my friend's church tomorrow then off to Amtrac. I am looking forward to the long, quiet, non-teens, train ride back home. They drove me crazy on the trip last Wednesday

I've been eating almost clean :eek: and lite. Even got a workout in today at the planet fitness in Yonkers.

Enjoy your weekend girls.
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Hi Everyone!

I slept in a little this morning and got a late start to my workout since I ran yesterday. It was a nice mental break to have a Saturday morning where I did not need to rush to run before it got really hot. Of course we have hot and humid in the forecast for the foreseeable future so I guess summer is really here. This morning's workout was Pure Cardio, MM Legs, and Insane Abs. Then I did errands and stuff and now it is computer time.

Anne, can I meet TCB after the RT? That's great that you are going to be able to hang out.
Clintonya, I hate it when I have to bring work home. Glad you had some time off last night.
Wendy, good luck with the BB, although it sounds like you have been doing so well that you don't need it.
Katie, have fun shopping. For some reason I thought you were closer to Charlottesville.
Kate, can't wait to hear about your race. Hope you had a blast.
Becky, I wish DH would suggest going to the outlets, but that's not him.
Klaudia, have fun at the bridal shower and enjoy the cottage tomorrow. It is so nice that you have a summer retreat place.
Robin, it's strange that the traffic doesn't bother me too much because we have the same problem here. I bet you will be glad to get back to the slower pace in NC.
Fun, fun ! :)
I got a new two piece suit at Nike .......I love it !!
We shared a butterscotch/white chocolate frozen blended coffee at Saxbys............MMMMMMMMM DEF. not clean but DEF. AWESOME!

Cooked out chicken/spinach sausage hot dogs from TJ's that were so good and ate broccoli with it .

It's gettin' hot out there....... We need a pool !!!!

Hope everyone's having a fun day:)
Good Sunday Morning, Happy Father's Day & Welcome Back Kate !!

What's everyone doing today ?

Kate, I can't wait to hear everything !!!!! Did you get pictures ???

I have no idea what's going on today.......just want my DH to be able to relax and have the day he wants. If we don't hike this morning, I'll do some cardio on my own, probably a SPIN ! :)

My dad is sick :( just a bad cold I think, but he is tired and actually now my mom has it too so they are just resting today- we'll do something for him when he is feeling better .

Hope everyone is having a great weekend !!
Hi Everyone!

This morning I did Cardio Recovery and Segment 3 of Stretch Max. I am nice and loose now. I wanted to do Shiva Rae but yesterday our DVR crashed so I will have to rerecord. No big plans today just trying to organize around the house and prep for the week.

Becky, sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he feels better soon. That is so kind that you are going to let DH relax today.
Kate, I know you are swamped but I want to hear all about your race! I hope M likes everything you have planned for Father's Day.
Colleen, What is cardio recovery ? Is that from Insanity ?

Dh suggested a hike (honest, I didn't hint at ALL !!) So we went & just got back. I don't remember sweating that much in a very long time. It was a great hike.....a great way to start the day.

DD is coming over with the little guys in a bit.......we'll probably cook out. :) :)
new to this thread

Hi Ladies,

I was searching for a clean eating challenge last week and Kate invited me to join you.:)

I am a SAHM of 5 kids and my life gets stressful, leaving me vulnerable to not so healthy food choices occasionally. But I'm hoping to join you and have a way to hold myself accountable.

Unfortunately, I spent most of last week out sick and now I am soooo itching to get back into my normal routine (after Father's Day of course! and today being my youngest son's b-day).

My older kids get out of school this week, so next week the stress will really kick in? Can anyone relate?!?

Kate - hope you enjoyed the race!

Enjoy your weekend!

Welcome Julie !! :)

How old are your kids ??

I was a SAHM too. Still am. Kinda. ;) My 2 older kids are grown and moved out......the youngest is still here with us. But she's 19, so it's not exactly like when I had three young ones at home.

I love this group of women. All very friendly and supportive of each other. We all try hard to eat clean and work out regularly but yes, life happens and you gotta roll with the punches.
With FIVE kids, you are probably rollin more than most ! ;)

Welcome again and it's nice to meet you !

sorry to be mia - work was so busy on friday and saturday. today was all about daddy, and then i work again tomorrow. can i come up for air please? eats were awful on friday, but super clean and tidy sat and sun, and i will be good tomorrow. wos have been really good though, and we are basically settled minus the garage. todays wo was a 6 mile speed interval and hill interval wo followed by bc original minus the abs!

kate, cannot wait to hear about your dash. i am jealous of your time away.

becky, great weekend for you! hike sounds fun.

katie, how did shopping go?

clintonyta, what did you guys do this weekend?

colleen, glad you had a good sleep in yday.

julie, welcome! i am a mostly sah mom to 2 little boys, 2 and 4 as of tomorrow! i am a veterinarian and work parttime, also, we just moved last week.

not sure if i will get to check in tomorrow am. hope to though, and then it is finn's party tomorrow night. g'night
Becky, sorry your dad isn’t feeling well today. Glad you were able to have a nice time w/your dh today. I hope he feels better soon!

Colleen, can you get it fixed or will you have to get a new one?

Hi Julie! I completely understand about the stress and the eating!! I live w/my dh, 2 dds (16 & 10), and my mom. I work for a non-profit organ. doing accounting and IT. I work at home in the late afternoons some I am kind of a ½ sahm :) Like Becky said, it’s a great group :)

Just finished CB and also dinner. Made it to the grocery store this morning. Kind of quiet day, went grocery shopping, did a little father’s day thing for dh, and did some yard work. Now I am working on wrapping up some work for this week, so back to work for me. Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend!


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