Circuit Mix Rotation

This is a circuit/endurance rotation. Still have time to lose body fat and hopefully this will do the trick:

Day 1: Low Max
Day 2: The Viper
Day 3: Step Blast & ME Abs
Day 4: Circuit Max
Day 5: GS Legs
Day 6: CTX Upper Body & All Step Abs
Day 7: OFF

Day 1: Hardcore Interval Circuit
Day 2: Step Fit
Day 3: Power Hour
Day 4: Imax 2
Day 5: Step, Jump & Pump
Day 6: OFF
Day 7: Muscle Max

Day 1: Cardio Kicks & blast section from Kick Max
Day 2: High Step Training Advanced & abs from KP&C
Day 3: Power Max
Day 4: The Guantlet
Day 5: Pyramid Lower Body
Day 6: Pyramid Upper Body
Day 7: OFF

Day 1: Bootcamp
Day 2: Step Works
Day 3: Muscle Intensity Strength
Day 4: Rhythmic Step
Day 5: Imax Xtreme
Day 6: OFF
Day 7: Muscle Endurance


Debbie-THANKS for doing this again this month! I followed your Get Ready for Summer rotation this month (as closely as I could with the lower body and cardio since I was training for my half marathon tomorrow). I kept all the upper body and ab workouts to the T, but just had to tweak the lower body and cardio to fit in my training runs. I've seen great results in my upper body and core and just wanted to say THANKS!

I have about a month between tomorrow's half and the start of my next marathon training, and I just might do your circuit rotation. THANK YOU!!!!!



my may rotation was similar so i think i will give it a try. thanks for posting, you make some great rotations.


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Wow, Debbie! Thank you so much. Just last night I was looking at all of my workouts and wondering how to incorporate more circuits into my workout week. This is great. I really appreciate all the work you put into these rotations.



Okay- just finished your get ready for summer rotation -which I LOVED.-was going to do butts and guts, but you did it again- came up with a great rotation!! I have been looking for a circuit rotation using Cathe's workouts! I think I will try this this month. (I was doing LoMax tomorrow anyway- but A-Jocks way with a 5# weight)
Very excited to start!!
Thanks so much for all your rotations!

PS- Use lighter weights for this rotation?or regular?
With the circuit workouts (i.e. Circuit Max, The Viper, etc.) use lighter weights. On the total body workout days and split lower/upper body, try to go a little heavier than usual.

Glad you all like this rotation! I started it this morning. I can't wait to get to the Viper and Guanlet workouts! :)


I love your rotations thank you. I dont have any of the CTX series or any of the videos that were filmed before then. What would you recommend in place of those.


Thanks for another great rotation!! I am now doing your Get ready for Summer rotation and can't wait to try this one! Great job!! Thanks again!!:D :D Sandy
***I am changing WEEK 1 a bit, I find the constant cardio for four days straight is a bit hard on the joints. I am going to switch day 4 & 5. So do Gym Style Legs before Circuit Max. I think this is better for recovery.



Thank you so much for this rotation. This looks like just what I needed. I just got the Terminator DVD. Didn't see your rotation until this morning so I did IMAX Xtreme this morning. This is definitely one of my favorite workouts. I've been looking forward to doing your endurance workouts and now I finally have practically all of Cathe's DVDs to do them.



>Its a combination of IMAX 3 and High Step Challenge.

Thanks! Obviously I haven't done that one yet, but it sounds like fun.


Debbie - I'm doing your Get ready for summer rotation. I just started it. I love circuits too but I was wondering would doing the circuits after the Get Ready for Summer rotation, add definition to the upper body or just maintain what was gained?

Depends on how heavy you go with weights. If you keep it light, you will probably maintain. If you up it a bit, you will add definition - or should. Every "body" is different.


Debbie, you done did it again. Love it!

Thanks. I love your rotations. Especially the simple, straigh-forward ones like this on. I love the Terminator and HCX compilation dvds and my Low Max. They are great workouts to be added for endurance-based rotations.



Hey Debbie,
I am on week 3 of this rotation and am really enjoying it!!:) I just realized this month has 5 weeks and instead of starting a new rotation on the last week of the month do you think this would be a good week 5 to continue your rotation?
day1 Imax 3
day2 PH
day3 MIC
day4 Body Max
day5 KPC
day6 MM
day7 off
or should I do HSChallenge from the hardcore series instead of Body Max?
I don't want to start a new rotation on week 5 because in June I want to do a 6 week strength rotation. This will take me right to vacation in July.

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