Christmas workouts?


Hey there!

So, who plans on working out either today tomorrow or both? If so, whatcha got on your agenda?

I'm planning on LBB today... we'll see how tomorrow goes! This busy little elf may just take the day off!

Merry Christmas!

Did MMA Boxing today, because that's what the Dec rotation says. Tomorrow is supposed to be STS TB - I think. But I'm not sure if that will be squeezed in or not. Tomorrow is also Cardio Coach Press Play Saturday, which I pretty sure is being pushed to Sunday for me.

I did IMAX2 today plus some ab work. Tomorrow I have planned as a rest day but if I find I have the time, I will more then likely work out! I'll have to play that by ear though. If I DO w/o, I will probably try Push Ups and Abs by Ilaria. Recently received it for Christmas! Excited to try it! :)
I did the workout below this morning. I'm not sure if/what I'm doing tomorrow. If I do anything it will involve a kettlebell.

The Countdown
100 Jump rope
90 Squats
80 Sit ups
70 Step ups
60 Swings
50 Push ups
40 Ball Slams
30 Thrusters
20 Jumping Pull ups
10 Jump Squats
Today was 4DS-Kickbox cardio then tomorrow will be STS-Meso 1, Disc 10 (wk4) then cardio on Sunday. Trying to stick to my schedule with the Holidays and finish Meso 1 before the New Year.
Was supposed to do a 3 mile easy run today, but my ankle and arch are hurting from my 8 mile tempo yesterday. So, it was STS Disc 4 (Chest, Shoulders & Biceps) and No Equipment Abs. Tomorrow is STS Disc 5 - Legs.

Enjoy your days, regardless of your decision. Whichever you choose, you've chosen wisely. Merry Christmas!
Did intensity today step and low hiit, will do abs before bed. Maybe kickmax tomo, I can't lift right now tho I'm dying to :) making the most of it and trying to cardio everyday. Work work!!
Yesterday I did STS Total Body for the first time. I did the 60 minute premix. I have lots of DOMS and today is my rest day. :eek: Definitely going to grow with that workout.

Tomorrow I think I'll do Drill Max in its entirety early in the morning before I start my cooking.
I did a double-whammy today: MMA Kickbox & STS Plyo Legs (Disc 29...I think lol!). Tomorrow will be some form of cardio, maybe Drill Max cardio only premix or Low Max, not sure yet.

I have lots of damage control to do :eek:
Did one of my Famous Track Workouts for the Unrunner this a.m. and had a nice steam-out at my local gym. Tomorrow one of my Intensity step mish-moshes followed barbell squats / lunges, 4DS-KB core and a light upper-body dealie-do.

Everyone's workouts look great--you are all motivating me! Today was a steady 2 mile TM and 30 min STS total body (legs, back, shoulders, triceps, chest). Tomorrow will be 5 mile run and abs, maybe some boxing or kettlebells! Merry Christmas to all!
Guess I'm the only one doing Shop Max, Cook Max and Clean Max? :eek:

Nice job ladies - thinking Day After Christmas will be my next workout. Planning on hitting 4DS since STS is set for a Jan. rotation.

Enjoy the Holidays !
PHEW!! Thank you, Sunshine!! You just got me off the hook!! Here I am having asked what YOU all were doing today and I just plum ran out of time!! The lines were crazy here in tiny little Monument and had to go back to Walmart and wait in the Customer Service line to get the bag of groceries the cashier forgot to give to me!! Argh!! then cookies, cooking, endless cleaning MAX workout!! Hey!! We burned our calories today regardless!

Lots of cheery love & hugs to my Cathlete sisters!


Pam & the Fam!
Today I did MMA: Boxing first, then hit a trail for 5 miles with my running group.

High Reps is on for tomorrow as part of the Dec 2010 rotation. I was thinking of taking the day off, but I'm just gonna get up a bit earlier so I KNOW I'll be done before my kids get up. I just want to start MY day off with a good workout, ya know?

Merry Christmas to everybody!
Today I tried out my brand new Garmin 305, omg, I didn't know I ran that fast downhill and that slow uphill:eek:. Btw I did 2.5 miles. Tomorrow is up in the air, I have no idea. It should be a step workout. How about step blast? Thats a goodie.

My Intensity hasn't arrived yet cause I didn't order it till a few days ago. I keep checking the tracking number. Honestly, I don't know that I will get it before New Years. Thats ok, it will keep me on my resolution, which is to be back at working out 6 days a week, not just 5.

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