<---Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...


<---thought we needed a little holiday cheer
<---admits that this song is my personal fave :)
<---wishes each of you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year
<---wanted to do so before the hustle and bustle starts
<---hopes each of you are doing okay and send hugs
<---also sends huge doggie kisses from Zeus and Athena...MWAH!


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<---waves hi to Melissa!
<---loves the picture of the doggies!
<---doesn't have a whole lot going on at the moment
<---is at work - Yuck, has a head cold - Yuck, thinks it's too cold out - Yuck :eek:, turns 31 next week - double Yuck
<---hopes everyone who got dumped on recently is getting shoveled out
<---escaped with just a little snow and some slush, but knows others got it a lot worse!


<---waves to Liann
<---is sorry to hear she is not feeling well..sends some Vick's! :)
<---tells her that <---have been religiously taking Emergen-C since January and (big knock on wood) hasn't been sick AT ALL!!!
<---has only had three snowstorms here since October...they have all been fairly big though! :) LET IT SNOW


<--waves to Melissa and Liann
<--is busy at work before heading to NYC this evening
<--hates the post Christmas blaaaaaahs
<--is thinking perhaps it is time to look for work in Florida :)


<---waves to the lovely Beavs
<---thinks her "lick" post is HILARIOUS but ridiculously true
<---wonders what some people are thinking?!!!!
<---hopes dear Beavs has a blast in NYC! :)


<--- waves to Melissa, Liann and Beavs!
<--- is off this week and doggy sitting for her sisters who are in Florida.
<--- also discovered Emergen-C a few weeks ago! <--- likes it as a little mid-afternoon energy pick-me-up. :)
<--- wishes everyone a nice evening!

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