~*~CHEETAH's Magically Delicious MONDAY~*~


Howdy doo…..

Still no delivery of CLX. Beachbody was supposed to UPS 2nd Day air a copy, but as of Friday and online customer service chat, it won’t be shipping until today, Monday 1/12. Um, said they need 1-2 days to prep new order… whatevuh! Just keeping busy with kickboxing and Kettlebells while I wait but sure hope I get my goods soon!

Today is first day of Spring semester and it will be a madhouse for the next two weeks at least. "Serenity Now" will be the mantra for a while! LOL

Laura – Wow, that is some detailed explanation. Holy Cow – I was only curious as to why you moved to Africa from the US – had no idea. Well, good luck on your endeavors and stay safe as it sounds like it is dangerous over there. Hope DS feels better soon… I remember the Augmentin days!

Wendy – Oh cool! Less than two weeks to go for the first meeting! Yeah, training will start by then. At least out here we started at first meeting. You should be getting some contact and info soon from a “Mentor”. How exciting for you to finally get to officially start your training. Woo Hoo! GO TEAM…lol

Carole – WTH is going on wit da NFL? lol. Oh well, looks like Super Bowl could possibly be a PA showdown, eh? I am soo sorry for your niece. That is a very hard situation to deal with – I’ve been there myself. I do hope her new puppy brings her joy and helps heal her heart. Very cool of you, Auntie, to miss FB and be there for your niece. Weather has been weird in No. Cal, huh? Good job on your long run there girl! OH, and BTW, did ya notice Cathy’s “happy Sunday” smiley guy? LOL – looks like he’s waving a CUP! bbbbwwwwwaaaahhhaaaahhhaaa

Karen – Glad to see you doing better. Yeah, the right dog will come around for ya’ll soon. Hey, I just recently started with the Kettlebells and I agree with Christine’s recommendation of “The Kettlebell Way” as a starter DVD. I really appreciated the tutorial section before starting the workouts. Good luck and have fun KB’in’!

Cathy – Woo hoo! It is CLX kick-off time! Hey, I totally understand re: juggling posting and workouts, work, etc. I have to get my workouts done in the AM or they ain’t happenin’, so more power to ya there, girl! Heck, I probably won’t be able to post much during the week either with the plate load I have comin’ at me! LOL…

Linda – You take it easy there, girl. A wise choice, IMO, to skip the rainy run if you’re sick and also dealing with a stressful situation. I hope you can feel better soon cuz it sounds like you’re about to have a very eventful week. It seems scary and exciting at the same time! Prayers and good wishes coming at ya’ll!

Hey Judy
– LOL re: thinking of me and all that cooking! Sounds yummy! And ironically, I made chocolate chip cookies over the weekend for da boys (and huge dinners as well). Trick is now for me to stay far, far away from the dang things! Oh, by the way, in response to your inquiry of my Giada collection; I have Everyday Italian (which I love!) and my new one, Giada’s Kitchen. Love that lil’ gal

Hello and happy MONDAY to Christine, Gloria, Dallas, Jackie, Wendi, Brighton, and Shelly.

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Good morning Cheetah babes!

So, it looks like I'll have a little bit o' free time this week to get back into a semi-normal posting schedule. With some rather frigid weather heading our way I'll have some short(er) work days. When it gets as cold as they're predicting all we can do is layer up the blankets on the horses, give lotsa warm water and bran mashes (kinda like horsey oatmeal:D) and leave em cozied up in their stalls. There will be NO riding, TG!

I tried to get here last night but, after yesterday's multiple rounds of ShovelMax, I was too pooped to party:confused:. So, here's a little something that I know you gals will appreciate.... The new girl was off yesterday so I had barn chores to do at both farms AND the digging out at both places. I wore my HRM for the duration of the day just cuz I was curious what my calorie burn was going to be. Well, ready for this one....3120 cals for about 8:30 hours of work:eek::D (I stopped it whenever I sat down to drive, eat, etc.). I wouldn't have burned that if I had run a marathon which, probably, would take me about 8 hours to "run" so I'll call that on even;) lol.

Anyway, today's workout will be a circuit of some sort. I'm waffling between BM2 Bootcamp, DM or HSC. Gonna see what I feel like after I get done with morning chores and dropping my car off for service.

Eeeek, lost track of time:eek:. Gotta scoot for now. TTFN!


Good Morning Cheetah-Land!:)

DH goes back to his normal starting time at work this morning which enables me to hit the gym in the wee hours of the morn if I choose to. I *thought* about getting up and doing that this morning but um...that thought never even got far enough for me to set my alarm for 4:30am! Needless to say, it didn't happen today! LOL I will keep trying though! I did it once, I can do it again, right? ;)

That being said, I will pack my stuff and hope for a run after work today. If it doesn't happen it's not the end of the world. I can always try again this afternoon. :)

I wonder how Cathy liked her first stab at CLX this morning? Can't wait to hear her review(s) even though I know it's only gonna make it even HARDER for me to resist buying it right now! :D Gonna miss her 'round here during the week too but totally understand her situation.

Posh: I am surprised the training starts so late for an early May marathon. It makes me a bit nervous to see what the training schedule is going to be like! :eek: Sorry about the BB screw up.*sigh* I hope you get your stuff soon.

Wendi: So what work out did ya end up doing? WOW on that calorie burn. That's insane! Why do you even work out? It seems to me that you don't even need to with a job like that! :eek:

Guess that's all for now since I caught up with personals last night.

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Good Morning early birds and all who follow,

Wendi- Holy Horse Feathers! 3,000 calories for and 8 hour work day? I hope you had dessert or an adult beverage:eek: after that burn. I was thinking about you last night after I left my computer. I forgot to give you a Hello on my Cheetah post yesterday. Geesh I am sorry.

Posh- The 'Giada' I have is the 'Kitchen' one too. I have been reading through it, and this week, I will probably make a vegetarian version of her stuffed peppers. I am also going to try the Calamari stew soon. We eat Calamari at least once or twice per month when I can get it fresh. Good luck keeping you patience with the craziness of the new semester:confused:

Wendy- I missed that yor TNT training will start soon. You must be getting excited to start especially with new running partners. :)

This catches me up for now.

Well, Mu bum is really sore from going heavy on PS right after sprints with hills from the iTread yesterday. I may even roll it out for relief. Today is Back and Chest work with PS and BM2. I will do ab work also from PS.


Good morning cheetahs

Posh...Sorry for the CLX delay...Yeah these playoffs didn't go quite the way the experts thought!! I find that amusing...:)..Pittsburgh looked pretty strong yesterday but to me it is another guess as to who will go to the SB! Thanks re: your thought on my niece. Most of us have been there and know how tough it can be. Yes it was 70 here yesterday and probably warmer today. LOL about Cathy's Happy Sunday and the cup...

Wendi...WOW...that is a big calorie burn for you yesterday!!

Wendy...thanks re: my niece. I can only imagine how hard that was putting down your dog by yourself. I have cried for days after many of my animals had gone..Hope you get that run in later...

Linda...My thoughts and prayers for your DD and her baby. This has to be very tough on you too. Sorry about you getting sick..sending {{{HUGS}}}.

Cathy...thanks for sharing that story about your cat. I cannot imagine ever doing something like that alone. I saw my niece last night and she was a bit better. I know the next few days will be tough. Good workout yesterday, see ya next weekend. Enjoy CLX!!

Judy...thanks re: my niece. The Eagles played very well yesterday and deserve to be going on. Good job with iTread and PS legs. Hope the roller helps the bum DOMS. Good workout planned for today.

Last night we went to my sister Cathi's and watched these old slides from our childhood....OMG, but there were some hilarious pics!! I really liked the one of me (about 8) dancing with my Dad...:)

Today is GS sho', bi's, tri's, abs and a 6 mile run.

Have a great day...:)


Howdy ladies!

Pleased to report that I settled on HSC...hadn't done that one in a little bit and had a great workout. Actually, I'm glad I went for the easier choice as, I will admit, I'm a little drained today. Gee, I wonder why:eek::rolleyes:....

Posh - Ooooh, I love Giada. I'm soooooo jealous of you right now:p. Looks like I'll have to check those out. I hope the next two weeks aren't *too* insane for you. Keepin' my fingers crossed that CLX makes it's way to ya soon.

Wendy - Awwwww, come on....I was up at 4:30 this morning;). You can do it!!!! LOL! I hope you're able to squeeze your run today. Uh, yeah, that was ridiculous yesterday:eek:. I *am* feeling a leetle bit drained today...gonna sleep well again tonight:).

Judy - Aww, thanks, but you really didn't need to apologize. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've forgotten to include someone:(. There are a *lot* of us, after all. Yowzas, that was quite the workout you banged out yesterday:eek:...enjoy those good ol' boo-tay DOMS:p. LOL about the CAB...I was just happy to see my bed last night lol. My eating was really good yesterday (surprisingly), however....I'm feeling the "need" to make up for it today. I am STARVING right now!!! BTW, I am officially signed up for RH now so there's nooooo going back:p. And my foot has been fabulous, thanks for asking. I wish I were getting my mileage up there faster but I can only do so much with work right now. Don't worry though I'll be ready!

Carole - Glad you had a good time at your sis's last night. Awww, I'm sure that pic of you dancing with your dad was very sweet. Oh, major {{{HUGS}}} for your niece:(. Enjoy GS and your run...and your rather lovely weather (not fair:p!).

Gotta scram (again) but I'll be back tonight. Have a great day ladies!


Carole—I am sorry for your neice’s loss. Dogs have such personality and become such a part of our family/lives. When we lost our first Dane a few years ago, I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. So, do you have a favorite pro team? I’ve seen you post about the Cowboys. Or do you just enjoy watching them all? Good job on your run. Feeling strong uphill is quite an accomplishment.

Linda—Thanks re: our work here in Africa. Sorry for the stress with DD and the pregnancy. How frustrating to be off and on with the shower plans! I had quite an adventure with my first baby (DS now 8), so I can empathize with the stressful late pregnancy situation. Praying that everything works out well!

Cathy—I chuckled when you said “Big 5” because that has a distinctive meaning in Africa. It’s a safari term and refers to the Big 5 game animals to be seen in E. Africa: lion, rhino, water buffalo, elephant and I think (gonna hafta check this one out), I think the last is actually a CHEETAH. What are the runners big 5? I’m guessing shin splints, ITB, the femur-patella knee issue, plantar fascitis, and one other . . . maybe an ankle issue? (OK, anyone can answer this for me since Cathy's now a weekend poster.) When I ran before I was young enough that I never considered any of those things, so I don’t know what the “regular” runners injuries are.

Judy—thanks for all your kind words re: our work in Uganda, our puppies, and DS8! I think the puppies have actually been great therapy for him. He can get out of the house and sit there and hold puppies. :) Great job on your iTread run. Sprints on the hills—impressive. And then PH afterwards. You can join Carole’s Iron Cheetah club!

Wendy—Yes, definitely I will post pictures of the puppies. Like a proud grandma, I won’t need any coaxing. :) I do have to say, they’re not so very cute right now, but they sure will be soon. I can’t wait till they have their eyes open and start romping.

Posh—Yes, I knew that was way more of an answer than anyone bargained for. But, as I said, it’s hard to be brief about a vision we’ve dedicated our whole lives to. Thanks for bearing with me. Thanks for the well wishes for DS. We’ve certainly had our share of Augmentin, even before this round! Sending {{{patience vibes}}} to you as you continue to wait for CLX. So sorry! And best wishes on your “serenity now” plan. Finding calmness in the middle of “the swirl” is quite a challenge.

Wendi—Wow to your 3000 calorie burn. And LOL that you were “pooped” after ShovelMax. :D

My hip was still a little tight/sore today, so I opted for a low impact workout and will do my Speed Drills tomorrow. I have massaged the upper end of my ITB so much that I think I’ve actually created a little DOMS. It was hard to tell between good pain and bad pain today, so I played it safe. So I took a swim, freestyle and then some kickboarding, (thought of you, Brighton) and then did the ball segment of Stretch Max. By this afternoon it’s feeling even better, so I think I ought to be good to go tomorrow.


Good morning Cheetahs!

Posh - Sure hope you get CLX soon so you can experience all the joy and pain with the rest of us. :p Here's wishing you nothing but serene thoughts for the next 2 weeks. Ohm!!

Wendi - Shorter work days will be nice. Hope the horses stay warm. What a calorie burn for you yesterday! That should count for 2 days of workouts. Good job on your workout!

Wendy - At least you have some incentive to get you out of the bed in the morning with DH getting up early too. Yes, you can do it! Now, you have me curious. I'll have to go back and read up on the posts about Cathy.

Judy - Calamari stew sounds yummy! Yay for the sore bum!!

Carole - Sorry to hear about your niece having to put her dog down. Hope she's feeling better. My Titans didn't make it! :( Oh, well, they'll have to work harder next year and get over that hump. Sounds like you had a fun night! Have a good run and UB workout!

Laura - Hope that hip feels better. Still a good workout you got in.

I had a busy weekend. Friday night we went to visit a friend in the hospital but he was having dialysis and we didn't get to see him. We went out for Japanese. Had some more sushi. Enjoyed it. Saturday, I did Burn It Off, Extreme Abs, a 60 minute walk with DBF and Recharge. That afternoon we went to see an IMAX movie - Everest, had dinner and went to see a one person play. The play was called Driving the Saudis. It was quite interesting. Yesterday was a rest day but did get back to the hospital to visit my friend. I was tired when I got home. Today's workout was BC#1 and 15 minutes on the EXT.

Enjoy your day!


:D Good morning, Cheetahs!!! :D

Hope everyone is doing well this lovely Monday morning. I'm hoping to try and get a little run in today and see how the ITB is faring. DH is gone for a couple of days while he travels to a potential job site in the Navajo Nation that he is bid estimating for the company. So it's just me and the kiddos for now.

Gloria: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! :D Yay! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! I'm hanging in there with the ITB. The roller is supposed to arrive today, so I'm all a-twitter! :) Sorry to hear yours has been tightening up on you.

Cathy: I'm like you with the ibuprofen. DH pops it like candy when he's hurting, but I really try to avoid it at all cost. But I'm to the point where I think it's becoming a necessity while I'm recovering. Oh well! :rolleyes: ITA with micromanaging parents. Coaching HS, they were always more difficult than the uninvolved parents. It's hard to see the stress in the kids' eyes when they're constantly dealing with it.

Dallas: (((HUGS))) so sorry to hear about DH and the employment chaos. That is so tough. Prayers that everything will come together for you. I hope that hip starts feeling better, too!!!! :( The personal training school sounds awesome, though!!! :)

Wendy: *chuckles* at distances over 6 miles on the TM getting lame. :) Too true. I don't mind the TM either, but after doing 8 a couple weeks ago I was more than ready to try and brave the great outdoors. :) I've seen that roller vid at Collage and thought the same thing! Oh well-- I've found some good ideas just putzing around online, so I think I've got the gist of things. :) I'm thinking of you and Gloria with the mary training! I hope I can jump back in there with you guys!

Carole: Love, LOVE that KPC/L&G premix. Fun stuff. :) Oh, I am so terribly sorry to hear about Jasmine. :( :( :( I too hope the puppy helps your niece's heartache.

Christine: Oh, enjoy those warm riding temps! :) DH went for a run on Sat and his knees acted up on him, so he came home really mad & decided to go for a ride instead, despite the 40 degree temps. (He's a machine on the bike.) He came home absolutely frozen!!! :eek: LOL... Oh no, poor Jimmy! I'm sorry the house craziness is upsetting him. That can be hard on animals of all shapes and sizes. My aunt had an African Grey parrot that started pulling out all her feathers when they remodeled their kitchen! I love how tuned into our moods dogs are. When I was having complications with my last pregnancy, my "baby" Domino would constantly just lay next to me with her head on my belly. They're so sweet.

Karen: Ooh-- good luck with the kettlebells!!! You'll have to let me know how you like it-- I'm a KB newbie too. Hope all goes well with the shelter.

Shelly: I'm so glad to hear you & DH got the portable heater-- I'm sure it's a nice feeling knowing it's there just in case. I was worrying about you with those power outages!!!

Laura: I absolutely LOVED hearing your story about moving to Uganda. I was also terribly curious, so thank you for sharing. ITA, education is key to helping our brothers & sisters in third-world nations. I think that is incredibly noble what you and DH are doing. DH & I have talked about doing something similar when the kids are grown. He's a civil engineer, so we see ourselves doing humanitarian work more closely related to that in the future. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about DS8. I really hope he starts feeling better soon. 10 Great Danes!!! :eek: No one will want to mess with you guys! :D Yay for swimmers!!! :D :D :D Oh, and BTW-- you were more than ready for a Cheetah sig ages ago!!! :)

Linda: (((HUGS))) I am so sorry to hear about DD and all the stress & worry you must be going through. I know all too well how difficult & emotionally draining pregnancy complications can be. My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

Judy: I hear ya with the weekend posting! :) It's hard for me to get here most weekends as well. I'm always thinking of my Cheetah pals during those weekend workouts though! :D Hooo weee-- enjoy the legs & glutes DOMS-- that Sunday workout sounds like a doozy!!! :D

Posh: Here's hoping for lots of serenity & serenading from ol' Blue Eyes this week for ya. :D Good luck with the madhouse & I hope CLX makes its way to you ASAP!!! :)

Wendi: Good to see you!!! :) Holy calorie burn, Batman! :eek: Hope you and the horses stay WARM this week!!!! :D

Well, DD has just come in with a poopy bum, so I guess that's my cue! :D Happy Monday, ladies!!!


Posting at the same time! :) Sounds like you had a great weekend. Yum with the sushi. :D I'm happy you were able to connect with your friend in the hospital. Some awesome workouts!!!!!!


Hiya cheetahs! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week. It was a pretty mellow weekend of work for a change:D but I had a very unusual bout of insomnia and am seriously short of sleep now. Only 2 nites off and tomorrow I have to go in for a 4 hr training session:(. I got some workout vids that were on sale at Advancedworkouts.com (love that site) and today did Mindy's All Systems Go. OMG! This workout is somewhat similar I guess to 4DS BC with weight/cardio segments using a body bar. I was a quivering sweaty mess at the end:) After recovering more in a bit I'll try my other one out.. an older CIA vid with Kimberly Spreen.

Linda- I guess you'll be a granny pretty soon but it sounds quite intense what your DD is going thru! Must be quite exhausting physically and emotionally for you as well! Prayers for you both and keep us posted!

Posh- Here's to Serenity! Could use that as well at my workplace!!!;)
Sorry there is MORE delay with CLX! Very frustrating.

Wendi- That is indeed an impressive workout you get in just doing your job!
Makes me wonder where you get the energy for "workouts" on top of that!

Wendy- Getting close to the start of the official marathon training eh? What's the weekly mileage up to now?

Judy- Sprints/Hills and then PS? My bum would be sore too! But it's a darn good sore right!?

Carole- I love going over old pics/slides, etc with family. I bet you were one rambunctious tomboy! Great job on that 18 miler yest!!!

Laura- Thanks for sharing your story of your work in Africa with us!! As you know my sis and her DH were missionaries in Africa for many many years before getting on with the State Dept. I think the frustration over dealing with the corruption which is so ingrained into the culture there finally really got to them and they were quite happy to leave it behind. Kudos to you and your DH in your persistance!!!!! Sadly, I believe the depth of the corruption there will keep Africa in the 3rd world indefinitely.
What a sad waste of a beautiful land so rich in natural resources! Nice mix of crosstraining today!

Jackie- Quite a busy weekend for you!!! Hope your friend in the hospital is recuperating well. I've GOT to take my DH to see that IMAX movie--- he is a NUT over stories about Everest.

Brighton- LOL over the "poopy bum":p Ah the joys of motherhood yes?
How is the ITB faring after the run?

Cathy- So are you going to only post on weekends now or just limiting the posts during the week to just the pm? Anyway- we are happy to be blessed with your wit whenever you can pop in! How was the inaugural CLX workout day?

Christine- Hiya! All recovered yet? Hope so!

Karen- Getting the hang of the KBs yet?

I think that about catches me up y'all. I'll be getting up early to get in a good run and hopefully have time to post before I head on into town for my training session.


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Quick check in to say I did the KB today and my legs feel a tad sore. I did the Iron Core workout and only rested of about 10 sec each exercise. I felt like the 30 sec were to long so I just repeated most of the exercises I had done. I hope I can walk in the morning. I know when I get Providence I will welcome any rests for sure. Dh actually came home tonight and did I-Climb 20 min with Keith. I was so proud of him. I hope he decides to do the KB with me.

Anyway I didn't get the lab either. I swear we keep missing out. I knew we were second for this dog but I still had hope. I will keep going though.


Hi Girls.

I ran 7 miles today. Tomorrow I will do either Slo Mo upper body or one of my new lower body work outs (Bodystrikes or Squeeze LB Challenge).

Karen: Glad to hear your DH is working out. Hopefully it continues. My DH claims he wants to start the X again soon. I'm not holding my breath. :rolleyes: Sorry you lost out on the lab. You'll get lucky sooner or later. Guess ya gotta be patient.

Brighton: So do you enjoy your time alone with your kiddos while DH is away? I find it to be a double-edged sword. Not having DH around makes things easier in some regards but tougher in others.

Shelly: My mileage probably isn't where it should be to be honest. Here are my mileage totals since the week ending 12/20:

w/e 12/20: 15.31 miles (ran 3x)
w/e 12/27: 11.33 miles (only ran 2x)
w/e 01/03: 16.30 miles (ran 4x)
w/e 01/10: 15.23 miles (ran 3x)
w/e 01/17: Goal is 18 miles.
w/e 01/24: Goal is 20 miles and my TNT meeting is on 1/22.

Jackie: Wow you sure did have a busy weekend but it sounded like fun! :)
I will try to get up early tmrw to do my work out before work. Wish me luck. :p

Laura: Better to be safe then sorry is a good motto. Hope you are ready for the speed drills tmrw. Can't wait to see the pics of the pups! I just LOVE puppies. I used to work in a pet store so I got to play with them a lot. We had a 3 month old great dane there once and man was he huge for just a pup! They certainly are LARGE dogs but I have heard that they have great demeanors. :)

Wendi: Enjoy your sleep tonight girl. I think you earned it! :)

Carole: How sweet that there was one of you and your dad dancing. :) Looking at old pics, etc. is always fun. Brings back great memories and warms the heart like nothing else can IMO. Yeah, I never thought I'd have to put my dog down on my own but I was the only one around. At the time I was living home and my mom lived in NY state during the week because of her job. I practically had to pick him up to get him in the car to take him to the vet. I held it together ok until it was time to go into the examination room and my dog wouldn't move from his spot. One of the assistants came over and picked him up to carry him in and he threw up blood. He was hemmoraging. I lost it at that point. :(

Judy: Good job getting that sore bum! Hope you enjoyed your work out today. Perhaps you'll have additional sore parts to report in the morning. :D I am getting excited but very nervous for my marathon training. The meeting is on the 22nd and then it begins....:eek:

Looks like that catches me up, ladies.

Have a great night!


hi ladies

Karen- good going on the Kb workout. The right dog will come along. It is hard to wait though.

Brighton- ooh pushy parents of kids are soooo annoying. We have seen too much of it over the years.

Jackie- I hope your your friend is doing better in the hospital.

Wendy- good run today. I think you will be OK with your current running before your training begins officially. Is there a recommended minimum weekly mileage before you begin?

I have to make a :(confession:(, and I sincerely hope WENDI will understand. I have to change the half marathon I am doing. My niece will be baptizing her baby on January 25th in New Jersey. So if I travel to the tri state area that weekend, it makes sense to do the half marathon that is available that weekend. I will be staying with my DD and traveling with her to NJ after the race. I am accomplishing 3 things with this change: running the race, visiting with DD and attending the family baptism. Again I hope it doesn't appear selfish.

The race is the NYRR Manhaten HM.

OOps I have to change my signature line!


Judy: I read the info a while ago. I'll have to read it again but I think the minimum suggested weekly mileage is 15 if you plan to run the marathon-which I do-so I guess I am okay though I would have liked to be a bit farther along. Shame on me for waiting so long to start kickin' it into a higher gear I guess. Not Wendi here and definitely not trying to put words in her mouth but I am certain that she will not be upset with you for changing your HM plan. You are doing what you have to do and it makes perfect sense. Heck, she's as busy a girl as they come so if it's about time management and accomplishing as much as you can in one trip then she will understand for sure! :) So what part of NJ are you visiting??

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