Cheetah Check-In Thursday July 7th


Good Morning Cheetahs!

Today will be Ripped and a TM run. I was considering a spin class but I need to keep up with my running after my lull on vacation. Maybe I'll attempt spin tomorrow morning...}(

Yesterday ended up being a rest day...I didn't really have the time and when I looked back at my work out's for the week, I realized I was due for a rest day so it worked out well!:)

After the realtor left DS and I went up north, got the oil changed in my car and then went to my mom's. The three of us took a walk downtown--the weather was WONDERFUL--and ate dinner at a diner (BAAAD eating! LOL) and the walked around town for an hour. DH and I want to move in the relatively near future and my mom would LOVE to have us move closer to her so she has always got her eyes open for houses for sale around her so that's what we were looking at!:) It's a nice thought but that area is pretty much out of our league...if the price of the house doesn't kill it for us, the property taxes will!:(

TGIF Ladies!:+
Good morning cheetahs

Pamela...Good luck on your race sunday!! I'll be gone over the weekend but should be back Sunday and then I can see how you did!!

Wendy...Maybe the "Thursday" confused the cheetahs!!! Circuits are fun and a good choice for lack of time! I hate it though when I change things and don;t do what I say I will, thats why I do better following a rotation..:)...I agree that property taxes can kill you if the new house payments don't!!

Shelly...I have had those days myself...I am also wondering if maybe I am going thru some perimenopause...I hope you have fun in Phoenix!! I just did one set of Superset legs for my endurance legwork. sorry about your dog. Sending hugs and hope you got my PM..:)...Listening to your body is always a smart idea. I've been listening to mine also...that is good you got some things done before you get back to work. Enjoy the weekend...:)

Christine..I think I had that same argument with myself yesterday!! You are right about Imax is good for those times. The bellydancing does sound like fun. Something different is always a nice thing for your body!

We missed you too Gayle!! Good luck on the 11 mile run, I bet you do well...:)

Tomasina...good luck getting everything in as you day gets busier!!! I am glad you checked in...:)

Mattea....awwwwww[/img] I knew my DH in High School (went to the same school too!) But we didn't date until I was in College. I will keep my fingers and things crossed for your DH and the job!!! Enjoy the movie!!

I'll be doing shoulders, bi's & tri's, abs and a 4 mile run.

I might not have time to post tomorrow as I am leaving for Reno! A very sweet hairdresser (Vicki) that used to work in the shop that I am in and another male hairdresser that worked there for a short time are getting married! It is quite an awwwwwwwwww story too. So I leave early tomorrow and will be back Sunday afternoon. I know my body needs a restful weekend (no long run!!) so I am looking forward to this...

Have a great day and weekend cheetahs!!

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW, Carole! LOL. I love those stories. Enjoy your weekend!

Wendy-I hear ya on the taxes killin' you! The hardest thing for me to budget every month are my taxes. And to think they just keep going UP!!!!!!!

This morning's workout was low-key, in anticipation of a long run tomorrow. I did 30 minutes, 2+ mile HILLLLLLLLL climb on the treadmill and then abs. We're headed to the town pool AGAIN today, and I've committed myself to at least 20 minutes of deep water running. I hear it's good for runners.

Now, as if the race bug isn't enough! Last night I attended a fundraiser function for a friend who's doing Nike Marathon in San Fran in October and we got to chatting about my next fundraising event. Seems as if I've committed (foolishly or not, lol) to PF Chang's in Arizona in the late Winter/early Spring (can't remember the date). LOL. Just can't STOP!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


RE: Cheetah Check-In Friday July 7th

Good morning all!

Wendy - Oh yeah, those crazy property taxes. They do suck it right out of you! Have fun on the treadmill! I like spinning too. Mixing it up is great.

Carole - oh, what a sweet story! Have fun in Reno - I love that area (Tahoe). Enjoy your restful weekend! Say hi to the real mountains for me. I miss them!

Gayle - YOU GO GIRL!!! I'm SOOO impressed with you and your marathons!!! You're such an inspiration. Let me know when you get your fund raising started, and I'm happy to contribute!!!

I'm being lazy today to "celebrate" my last day of work (I should be out doing a 3 hour workout with what is planned for today!). Only 3/4 hours, and I'll be done. YIPEEEE!!! Although I am a bit depressed too. I like the people I work with and will miss them.

Y'all know my DH is from India. Well, when he was born no one really noted the actual date of birth. The county clerk (or whatever he was called) simply noted the date that dad told him of the birth. So DH's "offical" birthday is today. Later he asked his mom what his actual birthday was, and was told he was born in October. But because his kids know today as his birthday, they celebrate today. I know October, so I celebrate October. DD claims that dad just likes having two birthday....:+ So, the kids are cooking dinner tonight. It'll be fun. They're good cooks.

Happy weekend everyone!
Checking in here!! It's my rest day- ahhhh slept til 7:45!!! That's THREE hours later than my up & running time, I love Fridays!!!

Took Allison to the Dr. & poor kid had a double ear infection! Her temp wasn't too high, just 99.4 but she said her left ear was really yucky. It just hit so fast Wed night! So we just hung out here last night, I did take a quick about 1 mile bike ride w/ my 5yo, she's so loving riding her bike w/out training wheels!

Oh, and I have a running buddy for tomorrow!!!! Our good friends came over to pick up my 5yo to go to ice cream w/ their dd (they're best friends). I asked Justin if he was running Sat (he ran a 5K w/ me in May) & he said he was running in to town & back (which is about a 10 mile route) and I told him I had to do 12 so he said he was up for it!! YEAH!! He's still considering running the same marathon that I'm running, it's in his hometown so he could stay w/ his folks. I did ask my dh if it would bother him if I ran w/ Justin. He said of course not & he's rather have me running w/ Justin than running alone in the country!! And I know his wife doesn't care, we're really good friends too. (no big deal, but I didn't want to upset anyone!) So we're meeting at 6 (their house is about a mile from ours).

OK, off to do some cleaning & then just hang out w/ my girlies! I had thought about going to the pool, but not w/ a sickie girl!

Ok, I think I have time for some personals!

Wendy ~ I hear ya on the property & taxes!! We've been in our house for 5 yrs now & the taxes just keep going up up up!! We'd love to move to a bigger house, but everything around here is just way out of our price range. We love the area, but our house is just a bit smaller w/ 3 girls!

Carole ~ Awww, have a great time at the wedding! Sounds like fun! Enjoy the restful weekend, we all need a good rest!! (I'm taking advantage of my rest today!)

Gayle ~ My Dr. told me to do some water running when I had tendonitis in my foot- he said it's like running but much better for your joints! And yeah for the commitment to another marathon!! My running buddies are trying to get me to commit to another one next yr when I haven't even finished this one yet!!! They tell me I'll be addicted to it like they are (they've each done at least 4 marathons now).

Christine ~ Enjoy your last day of work! I hope it goes well for you! Hope your dh has a happy *unofficial* bday!! LOL Quite the story!!

I DID IT !!!!!! HOLY COW !!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ran 7 miles this morning. I'm so darn excited (can you tell? ;-) ) I live 8 miles from town and drove there, leaving my vehicle and ran 7 miles and walked the last one for a cool down. I feel totally awesome, not tired (yet), I'm sure the endorphins are just flowing so I haven't hit the 'tired' feeling yet. :)

Besides my right ball of my foot hurting at about mile 5 I felt great the whole time. I took it easy on the hills (more than I thought there were) and took in the 60 degree, sunshine and peace and quiet of 6am in the country.

I think I'm going to get to a running store this week and tell them about my foot, I just bought shoes about two months ago, but maybe that's my problem. I might need somebody who is experienced in the field to tell me what to buy.

But, for now - - - - - - - - I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 miles down!!!

I hope my enthusiasm is catching all of you and you have great workouts, too. :) :) :)

Luv Ya :*
WOOHOO!!! I knew you could do it!! Don't you feel so great after accomplishing that??? I remember the first time I did a 7 mile run how great it felt!! The endorphins will get ya & you'll be wanting to go further & further! :p

I'd definitely go to a running store & take your old shoes w/ you. They can see where you are wearing them out & give you suggestions on what kind will fit your feet. For me, I have to get a whole size or so bigger because I've had the dreadful black toenails. (they're finally almost grown out from my half marathon training last year!!).

Enjoy your 7 mile high all day!

I guess weights are not in the cards for me OA is still bothering me...I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I ran 2.06 miles on the treadmill in 20.30 minutes today which broke down like this:

1st mile at a steady 5.8 mph
2nd+ mile: I increased my speed by .1 every minute up to 6.8 mph.

Then I hopped on the stair climber and did my 20 min IClimb work out that I normally do on the elliptical.

Great work out!

I'll be back in a bit with personals!:)
Had to post one last message from work (my exit interview is in 10 minutes)... I'll soon be a lady of leisure, which is ironic as I will be working much harder now that my job is done, then I ever did here.
RE: Cheetah Check-In Friday July 7th

Carole: LOL! I had no idea that I messed up the day until you mentioned it! Thank you! I fixed it!;) The area we are in now has significantly lower property taxes than any of the areas we are looking to move to so the increase of that PLUS the mortgage should give me more than one heart palpitation down the road when I'm paying the bills in the new place!:eek: :7 Have fun in Reno girl! I have to ask...are you a gambler? }( }( }( Is DH going too or you flying solo? Wish the happy couple the best!:)

Gayle: What is PF Changs? What kind of event?? Glad to see you back here! I missed your posts! You are very inspirational to me.:)

Christine: That was a funny story about your DH's Birthday! I think your kids are right! He's milkin' it! Make him choose ONE date!:p I know what you mean about leaving your job but working harder!

Jess: We want to move because we want to have another baby and this house just is not big enough. It has enough bedrooms but all of the rooms are pretty small and we have very little storage space. Have you considered moving to another town in order to get a bigger home?

Marcia: CONGRATS girl! You are da bomb! WOO HOO!:+
RE: Cheetah Check-In Friday July 7th

hello everyone,

Carole have fun in reno! I love those awwww stories!!

gayle have fun swimming. I heard deep water running is very complimentary for us runners. Havent tried it yet but would like too.

I didnt run too much today. I did 1 mile at a 8:09pace and ran the another mile slowly since I could not sustain that pace for another mile. so I didnt push it.
thanks to all for your support on me losing my dog. Its hard looking around and not seeing her. getting back to my runs have helped kill a little time . I am also taking myother dog for walks to help him feel a little better. He was use to sleeping next to her and he bugged her like crazy since he is alot younger. I dont think he knows quite whats going on yet, he definately is more sedentary the last couple of days. anyway thank you all!!!
RE: Cheetah Check-In Friday July 7th

I'm sorry girls. I'm still alive. I am up to date on all the posts but can't seem to get on this computer to save my life. I'm sitting here high lightening my hair. Wish me luck!!!! Man I hope it turns out. No redness please. Anyway, after the whole event with vacation bible school, it was my anniversary ,then the fourth, and this week is soccer camp which has me out of the house and to the field by 8:30 am. Then to top it all off dh has seriously been working late and is falling behind in school so I have taken up the slack and am helping research his papers for him. I actually was at the library for three hour today researching the history of blogs. Then he needed to create his own blog . The paper work in this class is endless. He leaves here at 5 in the morning and sometimes gets home at 9. Even tomorrow he is working but I told him to be home by noon to go to a birthday party with the girls and me. I am on total overload. I have still been working out but my food has been so so. I did take off of working out last week 4 days Sat Sun Mon and Tues. We went away to Hershey Park at the spur of the moment. We really needed a break from life. Well the timer is done on my hair. I'm afraid I won't be on the computer much but I will try very hard. Until dh's work lets up I'm still managing my house and workouts as well as college now. I love you all very much and I will be back to normal by Aug.


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