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Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone is well. The hurricane did not reach us, but I am thinking of those that it did, and hoping for their safety.

I had a "zag" day today, and ate wheat protein pancakes with lots of butter and sugar free syrup for breakfast today. Calipers haven't come yet, probably today. I finished BFFM, and am reworking my exercise rotation to include split workouts, and have planned the weeks food, I'll buy it/cook it probably on Monday, and in the meantime am going to finish last weeks.

I am going to do cardio and weights today. I am also going to work on my talk. I wouldn't say I put it off completely - it's about the nuclear physics of thyroid and parathyroid scintigraphy / a basic science talk, and I've borrowed a radiologist resident friend's nuclear physics textbook and spent last week reading the pertinent chapters about radiopharmaceuticals, the physics of nuclear medicine, radiation detection and instrumentation, and how it pertains to neuroendocrine diagnosis and treatment. I'm thrown by this tasking because I am an endocrinologist, not a radiologist or physicist.

But since life will invariably not get easier, and I will likely not ever be less busy, than I am making time for my health, and I am proud of that. To vary it up, we are going to go to the gym YMCA today to take the kids to the rock climbing wall, which I am going to try with them, and I'm going to check out the group exercise classes, I think it would be fun to do one on the weekends and do Cathe during the week. Also, as Tom Venuto suggested, I am going to see if there is a rowing machine or cross country ski machine. I still love Cathe, but I need some variation.

Enough about me me me, what is everyone else doing this week?



scratch scratch scratch

I have a rash on my throat. I went to the doctor yesterday who put me on antibiotics and an antihistamine. I skipped the workout yesterday. I did Body Fusion this AM. And took my brother for a short walk. The antihistamine makes me drowsy. I may take a nap. Did not eat "clean" yesterday. Ate out. We stopped at Olive Garden. I had whole wheat pasta with asiago cheese sauce and the zuppa toscano. I had some of the gelato. It was good. I'll go back to being good tomorrow (had the whole wheat left overs for breakfast.)

I may stick to protein power rather than BFFM. However that said I do modify. I still have some dairy. Maybe thats the thing for me to work on eliminating.

I should start work in one week. I will check with my boss on Monday to confirm that.

Lisa- You sound so busy. Changing up what you do for workouts is a really good idea. Workout boredom doesn't just effect the mind it effects the body as well. I only do Cathe three times a week. I walk/hike three times or alternate in hi-lo from my other tapes/dvds. I used to take a yoga class once a week that really was advanced (at least to me.)


Hey there girls!

I have been off the web for a while (lots of personal stuff going on). Anyway I jst had three weeks of non clean eating including tons of junk! I am hoping that today was the last day and that I can get back into being healthy.


Hi ladies, I also haven't posted in a while. Eating has been pretty good, not perfect, but I am not discouraged! I ordered Tosca Reno's clean eating book and cookbook, so hopefully I'll find some recipes that are good. I am just starting to get bored with the basics from the BFFM book.

Did 3 of the 4-day split workouts this week, but didn't workout yesterday or today. I think I'm getting another cold, and my little one's nose started running a little while ago before I put him to bed. Oh well, I don't think I'm going to work out tonight and risk feeling worse tomorrow. Blah!

I was wondering if you guys thought it would be a good idea to have weekly threads instead of several per week? Sorry if you've already discussed that - I'm not sure how long you guys have been doing this. Hope you all have a good weekend!


excellent idea

I think once a week is a better idea. We are all smart enough to find it. And, while I'm on most days, I think it will be a good idea to keep it to once a week.

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