Cathe's Total Body Blast chk in 5


Hi Everyone that is doing Cathe's Total Body Blast Rotation.
I'm not sure if this is the place to do the check in's or not.
If so, this is the starting of the 5th week for some of us. If you are just starting, welcome on board.

Total Body Blast Workout
Mon: Boot Camp
Tue: off
Wed: Muscle Endurance
Thurs: Imax 2
Fri: Cardio & Weights
Sat: Pyramid Lower Body with the first 5 intervals of Imax 2
Sun: Pyramid Upper Body

Get ready for a new week of fun and challenge.

On a sad note: Thinking of the 7 that lost their lives this morning.
Hi Wanda,

I could be wrong, but I think this forum is for posting rotation ideas? I should have read the "blurb" under the heading before starting this post. "DUH!"

But just in case, C&W was yesterday and ME today. See ya tomorrow, which is cardio + PLB :)


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