Cathe, you look so pretty in your "speech" pic!


Ohmigosh, you look so relaxed, fit, happy and young -- how DO you do it with the schedule you keep???

I really like your hair swept so smoothly to one side with no bangs -- that is a really cool new "look" for you! And wow, does that warm brown color in your clothes ever look pretty with your tan!

Good luck this week with the "real" filming -- and have a blast, as some famous cute person says!! :)

Hugs!!!!! Kathy S.
RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

Oh yes, I completely agree with Kathy -- you look gorgeous todays blog picture, not to mention your new head shot! Good luck with your filming. The excitement is building and I can hardly wait for these workouts!! My best to you and your crew:)
RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

Gosh, Cathe looks GREAT and so does the faux artwork :) ! Everyone looks so happy & relaxed.

RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

Oh my gosh, I was thinking the same thing.

The entire cast looks lovely!

We all know Aathe's a great lookin' lady, but she is simply stunning in the latest blog photos.

On a side note - I'm jazzed that all three of the low impact step pics show the ladies on the floor - I LOVE step workouts that incorporate the floor and the step (Low Max, Rhythmic Step, etc).

I'm getting more excited for these workouts by the minute!!!


You and the new set are beautiful! Simply beautiful! I love your hair and make-up, and the new set is the best one yet. What a beautiful view! I love the ocean, and the new window adds a light and airy feel to the room. This may be the series that causes this cardio lover to fall in love with weight work! ;-)

I am glad the filmed dress rehearsal went well. Happy “real” filming tomorrow! I am looking forward to seeing the new outfits you designed. Have fun tomorrow! :7

Heather B.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV).
RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

Everyone looks great! The blog is so much fun to read and look at. Thanks for that extra effort to keep us informed in the process!
RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

Lots of great pictures! Everyone looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see tomorrow's shots from the real filming! :7 The only thing better than that will be the REAL dvds! :7 :7 :7

RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

Cathe, you get prettier & prettier EVERY new series you film! How does one get YOUNGER??? (I know the answer to that! Ha!) You look so beautiful in the pic where they are mic-ing you. The background wall pix are wonderful. I thought I was excited BEFORE BUT now, I really can't wait! Hurry up will ya'! :7 Good Luck tomorrow! (Cedie, Lorraine, Brenda & Jai look awesome too. Tell them we said Hi!)

Your-Friend-In-Fitness, DebbieH (AKA "Den Mother Debbie")[/img] If You Get The Choice To Sit It Out Or Dance, I Hope You DANCE!
RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your


Those pictures look amazing. It really is exciting reading the blog. Thanks for everying.
RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

Cathe, I agree with everyone else here. You look absolutely beautiful. That includes the head shot of you for your blog pic. I really love how the new set turned out. The excitement of the new workouts is really building for me. Thank you SNM for keeping us posted on all that is going on. I really feel like I'm a part of the process.
RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your


You look Fabulous! Thanks so much for the blog photos and info. It really is exciting to see things developing. I also think you should model all your workout gear. You look better in them than the models in the online catalog. I can't wait to see the new outfits in the new series too.:)

RE: Cathe, you look so pretty in your

I agree--you and the crew look fantastic. I love the blog. I am sooo stoked for these workouts!

take care

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