Cathe- Weights Advice PLEASE!! :)


Hi Cathe,

I really hope you will see this post and answer it. It seems to me there is some confusion about using weights on consecutive days (at least in my mind). For the past 8 weeks, I have been doing a ton of circuit workouts and endurance workouts with weights. When I did STS, I abstained from using weights at all on cardio days, and only used them 3 days a week on STS days. I am thinking of starting Meso 2 soon (which would be how I would start STS for a second round, because I have been doing so many endurance workouts for the past 8 weeks). Can I still do your circuit workouts on cardio days IF I use very light weights? I will still go heavy on STS, of course! I would like to keep doing the circuit workouts while doing STS but want to make sure it is a good idea.

Thanks so much!!! I love your workouts!!!
for me I do 3 days of cardio alternating w/ 3 days of weights. I do not use weights on cardio days. That seems to work for me:)
Thanks. This is what I would normally do when doing STS, but I am asking Cathe if when using only light weights for the circuit workouts on non-STS days, if that'd be okay. I know that the "rule" is to give the body 48 hours of rest (at least a minimum of 24) before working the same body parts with weights, but I also have read/heard that using a pattern of heavy/light on consecutive days is okay (and there is so much other stuff in circuit workouts, not only weight lifting). :)
Hi Saturn: This is what Cathe said to me:
I would not do each body part more than two times per week. Recovery is so very important. That is when your results occur so don't rob your muscles of their "shaping time".
I hope this give's you an idea about lifting, a lot depend in how you body respond to such stress, you know, lifting even when is light weight but high rep. you feel the burn, so Cathe is right you need the rest in between day's specially with STS...

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