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If you have any suggestions for workouts you would like Cathe to film for Cathe Live, post them in this forum. Cathe Live will begin Broadcasting May 8th.


I am So EXCITED! HiiT, please!

I would love to see some HiiT workouts...and of course, any new weight training workouts...

So excited!


Full body workouts, metabolic, spin sculpt type, etc

I would like to see full body workouts, along with metabolic type workouts. Also, maybe a spin sculpt type type of workout -- on the bike for a few minutes, then get off to do a bit of muscle work, then back on the bike, something like that.


I like the combo multi-function workouts - metabolic workouts - using combo moves w/weights - cardio - and body weight exercises ..

I would love to see some shorter workouts too!!!


I love the spin/sculpt idea (especially if it can also be done on other cardio equipment, like treadmill or elliptical!)


Another vote for heavy weights! Also HiiT workouts and other high intensity cardio that doesn't use weights.

I'm also curious how long the workouts will be.

This is such an exciting option, I can't wait!

Thanks for listening.


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Cathe Live Workout Lengths

The Group classes will usually be around 50 to 60 mins. The one on one workouts will generally be shorter workouts, but Cathe will also do some longer ones too.
Suggestions - More hypertrophy weight lifting

My suggestion are:
  • Hiit workout hypertrophy based workout. 30 minutes or more
  • Hiit leg drill on spin bike. I would like a circuit style on "on and off the bike basis" with the use of high and dumbbell---CLB Style:):)
  • Hiit Weight based on a complex training format. with the use of barbell and or dumbbell. Kettlebell may be too:)


A lot of on demand/live workout sites offer a Free Trial, anywhere from 7,10 to 30 day's:D Is this something you plan on offering? I think, it's a great for people to get familiar with Cathe's workouts and style:D

SNM Videos

No, that's not something we plan on doing. The special we're offering for our Grand Opening is free Cathe Live when you purchase our OnDemand for $19.97.
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SNM Videos

OnDemand sale End Date

Not yet. We want to first see how things go after launching Cathe Live before setting an end date.

SNM Videos

Cathe Live Price

We're not having a pre-sale for just Cathe Live. However, our Grand Opening special for our OnDemand channel includes Cathe Live for Free. Once Cathe Live launches you may purchase it separately for $9.97 per month, but we're not taking subscriptions for Cathe Live yet.

library girl

All Out Low-Impact Hiit is one of my very favorites of yours. If you could do some more low-impact hiit workouts that would be terrific.

Total body weight training - Power Hour is my most used DVD of all so something along those lines would be great to see too.

I am so excited by this concept. I have almost all your DVDs so the On Demand is not as necessary for me, but the ability to work out with you "live" and add variety to my workout choices is wonderful.

Thanks for working on this project!

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