Cathe Live Crew! How Do They Do It So Perfectly!

I have been doing Cathe Live! I am a beginner at it and I noticed that the people in the workout are awesome! I wondered how they got to be that way?? I did Cathe Step routine and they were so perfectly intuned to her. I thought I had it, but I was wrong! I don't mean to meddle, but just wanted to know how they got to be perfect! Thanks Jennifer Denny
Thank You! I forgot that Cathe also teaches besides Cathe Live! I noticed that Cathe owns her gym as well as produces her own DVDs. As a person who doesn't go to a gy, but uses Cathe DVDs, I forgot that Cathe does offer her own gym service where she lives! I didn't mean to be noisy! I am so happy to see different many women doing Cathe workouts! It shows me that Cathe workouts are doable!! I am happy that Cathe does have Cathe Live to give us this insight! Thanks Cathe!

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