Cathe, Jenn A, and Brenda Are doing the “World’s Greatest Stretch” in the new Mobility Fusion workout!


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Pictured here are Cathe, Jenn A, and Brenda doing the “World’s Greatest Stretch” in the new Mobility Fusion workout! The World's Greatest Stretch is a dynamic series of exercises that combines a lunge, plank, and twist to target the entire body. It can improve hip mobility, thoracic spine rotation, and core strength, making it a good pre-workout exercise for people who sit for long periods.

Cathe’s new Mobility Fusion workout combines many dynamic mobility movements, along with elements of yoga, Pilates, core, strength, and power to challenge your body and your mind. All of these elements are seamlessly blended into unique combinations to keep your joints moving freely and joyfully.

Learn more or pre-order here:
What kind of socks are those!!????
So I tried a pair of the Tucketts yesterday. They're very light & very grippy. So if your feet lose traction or are sweaty ... these definitely grip! They are a little pricey, but they offer other styles and multiple colors/designs. You can order on the company website for a little less than Amazon, but have to pay shipping so it's kind of a wash. The company website does offer some discounts.
Good to know….next time I do an Amazon order, I might try a pair. Does the material
going between big toe bother you or not? I can’t wear flip flops for that reason.

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