Cathe - How's the Paleo coming along?


Cathe - I've been reading The Paleo Solution, The Primal Blueprint and Wheat Belly.... all of which are variations on the general paleo style of eating plan.

You had said in a previous thread that you were going to give Paleo a try, but that you had tweaked it a bit.

I'd love to know what your tweaks are.....

The various books agree on protein and veggies and healthy fats as the foundation... with fruit and nuts in moderation. No processed food and no/almost no grains.

Where they differ is in dairy or no dairy, how much saturated fat is okay, whether grains like rice, oats and quinoa are okay occasionally, etc.

I've been doing some dairy (1/2 n 1/2 in my coffee and Greek yogurt), no grains and trying to stay in the middle on fats... some saturated but heavy on the "good" oils like extra virgin olive oil and avocados.

How is your Paleo experiment going???


Why is there debate about quinoa? It's not a grain. It's a plant seed like the kind in okra. I would think it would be a great replacement for grains.

Anyway, I'm curious to know how Cathe is doing. Maybe she could write an article about her experiences. I do love those weekly articles.


Wheat Belly book is awesome...I did notice when I put wheat back in my diet, felt horrible. I did find Brown rice/flax crackers at Walmart which replaces my wheat crackers I snack on.

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