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Thanks to some recommendations here, I recently bought several more Cathe strength workouts. I also bought a few cardio workouts...Tabaticise, All Out Low Impact HiiT, and Kick, Punch and Crunch. I am loving all of them, and I'm really interested in getting some other Cathe non-step cardio workouts. I can handle the little bit of step in Tabatacise and All Out, but I am too uncoordinated to do any footwork fancier than that. :) Does anyone have any suggestions?


I'm the same re step - wish I could, but I just can't! The HiiT series (40:20 / 30:30 and pyramid) are great for a short blast (30 mins inc warm up and stretch) and the step in 40:20 is just jumping on and off etc.
I'm not a such fan of the MMA dvds (Shock cardio series) and prefer Hard strikes. It's weird how I can cope with kickbox choreography, but not step.....


I think quite a few of her "Low impact" workouts are excellent. If they use the's to get the lower body engaged, not to do a step routine. From the low impact series are: Athletic Training, Cardio supersets, Afterburn, Slide and Glide. Also, Circuit Blast (from Shock cardio series), To the max and Crossfire are also good, Kick, punch and crunch as well as Step, jump and pump from the body blast series. You could also try Bootcamp and muscle endurance. Cathe is quite creative in getting your heart rate WAY up and the sweat going without using the step for a whole routine. I've also done Michelle Dozios "peak 10" workouts which are also killer WITHOUT the step. I'm very faithfull to Cathe of course, but Michelle Dozois also knows how to kick butt! Good luck.


I love the low impact series. Afterburn, Cardio Super Sets, and Athletic Training are some of my favorites. The main workout in Low Impact Challenge is really tricky, but the 5th premix is great (not dancey and very intense). Those would be my suggestions. Tell us what you get!
Afterburn, Cardio Supersets, and Athletic Training are my three favorite workouts. A step is not used at all for Afterburn. As tlc93 pointed out, a step is used in the other two workouts only to engage the lower body and increase the cardiovascular challenge. There are no dance steps to learn. The fifth premix on Low Impact Challenge is 41 minutes long and contains the same 20-minute bonus segment that is included on the Cardio Supersets disk plus another 10 minutes of straightforward cardio work on the step (no dance steps). The step routine in Low Impact Challenge is very complex, so I don't think you'd like it, catwoman. It's probably not worth getting the workout just for the fifth premix, although I do like it for its simplicity and the cardiovascular challenge.


I just have to give a shout out to Drill Max. The cardio portions of that are phenomenal and are a great workout on their own.



I finally just ordered CrossFire and the new X10 workout for new cardio! And, because I now seem to be obsessed with Cathe workouts, I also ordered Slow & Heavy and the Supersets/Push Pull DVDs. Can't wait to get them all and work them into a new rotation!! Thanks for all the suggestions!

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