::::: c/t Tuesday. :::::

Mornin' Girls !

Lucky you Katie ! Enjoy a beach walk for me !!!

I sat up all night until 3 wide awake! Finally laid down and got about an hours sleep.
I AM going to walk with dh but that might be my only workout today, I'm feeling yucky this morning.
Good morning!

Girls are home for lunch. Annabel is sitting in the car throwing a temper fit because Ellie is staying home this afternoon with a fever and I told Anna she still needed to go. We'll see how long she stays in there. Oh, being a mom...

This morning was P90X+ intervals and core. It was pretty good actually. Haven't done a Tony wo in a while. Nice for a change.

Becky, hope you got some sleep.

Katie, hope you're having a fab time.

Going to eat lunch with Ellie.
Sorry I haven't been on much. I am trying to keep up with reading as best I can.

We arrived on Sunday, but had to wait a long time for our house. Yesterday was a much better day, although waaayyyyyy too hot. I think today is supposed to be better.

No workouts yet (blushes - oops!) but I am getting ready to go walk.

Have a great day!

Becky sorry girl. I know how you feel.

Angie are you going to do the whole rotation?

Off to work today until 3. I'm all prayed up and it should be a good day.

I listen to my bible study last night and it was on the 1st chapter of Daniel. I knew the pastor was going to talk about diet because Daniel refused to eat the rich foods of the king. My pastor said that's similar to a child refusing McDonalds...it's rare. He said that when it comes to food and feeding our kids we should not compromise. OUCH.:eek:

Have a great day.
Katie enjoy your walk. wish I was there.

My DS has not slept all night. He is turning into a vampire.
Good morning!

Becky, I feel your pain on no sleep again.:( Yday exercise helped me but by mid afternoon I was toast.

Katie, No pressure and enjoy your vacation!

Angie, Hope your Ellie feels better soon.

Robin, Have a great day at work. Thanks for the reminder.;)

I hope to bribe my ods to watch the kids for me while I work out this am. DH had to leave for work early. I'm eating CLEAN today. It worked to announce it yday.:D

Have a great morning!
good morning everyone!

julie, i agree, announcing it helps. that said, i am having a clean and tidy day too.

robin, lol at your vampire. interesting what your pastor said.

katie, have a fun vacation, and enjoy just being pregnant.

becky, sorry for the lack of sleep. did you take your melatonin and benadryl? i slept terribly too. just all the changes have me wired when it is time to relax. and nothing seems to help - i hover over sleep. yeah for the walk.

angie, i will order today - thanks so much!

this am was a really steamy 10miler and some abs. will do yoga later. yday i tried kenprox - it was great!! i am toying with a p90x rotation, but don't know if i can commit with the summer schedule i need to do more weights and less circuity things, though. what is the difference with p90x and the deluxe. off to the zoo shortly for the morning - hope i do not melt!

The end is in sight-recital tonight and tomorrow night and then we're done! It's beautiful out today! I'm taking the younger ones to the park today for lunch-there'll be a clown and a magician doing a show and a kids only garage sale. Cardio and abs when I get back-KCM kb.

Angie, oh, the joys of motherhood! Nice workout this morning!

Becky, sorry about the insomnia. Can you take a nap later?

Katie, enjoy your walk and relax-it's allowed!

Robin, Danica is turning into a vampire too-and she's only 10 1/2! It is difficult to not compromise on food and your kids-I struggle with it all the time.

Julie, will you pay ods or just let him have extra privileges?

Nina, stay cool at the zoo! You need one of those water misters:) The humidity is gone here-it's going to be sunny and only 73* today and tomorrow:)
I'm back ! I did more than I thought I could ! Walked 30 minutes with Dh, then it was full body day, which I subbed and did UB from BM2 (you know, short & sweet) and floorwork from B&Gs. Was a good but shorter workout. and I'm glad I'm done !

Nina, I DID take my medicine and drank cammomile tea before bed. I read a bit and THOUGHT I would fall right to sleep. Then as the light went out I was just WIDE awake ! Am not aware of anything particular on my mind either, just couldn't sleep to save my life.

Julie, I've been dealing with insomnia for years. It's been extremely severe at times and I finally found a combination of meds that works for me (after years of refusing to go the way of drugs. but found that you really cannot function on only an hour here & an hour there......) but I still have those nights every now and then.
I hadn't been sleeping great for several nights but this was the worst.
Anyway.....I still really need to mow the yard sometime today and a nap PROBABLY isn't going to happen, because the boys will be over this afternoon.

Gotta get a smoothie ! :)
Morning, all! Sorry I've been MIA. I spent Sunday with a roommate from my college days and her family; very, very fun. It's been good to reconnect with her. Yesterday was just busy, busy. Things are patched up with TCB and we're both looking forward to my visit. My parents, however :(. Sunday was their wedding anniversary and neither of them knew it. It just breaks my heart. But, it is what it is.

Becky, sorry for the lack of sleep; I know how rough that is. Great work out, tho!

Klaudia, please tell the girls good luck at the recital from me! Or break a leg, or whatever's comfortable for them! I'll be thinking of them and you. I know you're looking forward to the end. I don't know about this weekend yet, but will keep you in the loop.

Nina, your work outs astound me, you go, girl!

Julie, what a great success story you have! And so nice to have it featured on the site. You and your baby are beautiful. :D

Robin, have fun at work. Ha ha about your vampire. I have a girlfriend whose kids don't sleep and they're only 8 and 11! They come by it honestly, tho, my friend and her husband are both night owls and rarely go to bed before midnight.

Katie, have fun and enjoy yourself! Don't worry about work outs right now.

Angie, I hope Ellie is not feeling too bad. Great work out today!

Where's Kate today? Having fun, I hope.

Wendy, way to go on your BL challenge! That is fantastic!

Colleen, what are you up to today? Is your tummy feeling better?

Last night was Zumba and it was fun, but I was 15 minutes late due to the highway being closed. But I did get there for the last 30 mins and I figured something is better than nothing. Tonight is rowing and it should be perfect weather for it--sunny and 70 with no wind or humidity. Yay! I'm looking forward to it. bbl

Good Morning Everyone!

I have had a somewhat crazy morning. I got early to take my car in for service only to find out it didn't need anything despite the mechanics setting it for service. Oh well. Then DH called and told me I needed to work from home because Verizon is coming to look at our fios and he can't be here. I am happy that I have an excuse to work from home. My stomach is finally better after a really rough morning yesterday. I did Imax 2 this morning and it felt great.

Julie, loved your success story. Congratulations on being selected. I am doing Cathe's Jan09 rotation this month. And yes, we did get the storms yesterday. I was praying for rain because our lawn is just parched.
Katie, no worries on the workout - just enjoy your vacation.
Wendy, ^5 on your BL challenge. Keep up the great work.
Nina, did you buy P90X? I have been on the fence about getting it.
Angie, sorry to hear Ellie is sick. I hope Annabel stayed at school for you. Did you ever do the full P90X rotation? If so, did you get good results from it?
Robin, sorry DS is becoming a vampire so young. Do you have the same issue with DD?
Becky, I am sorry you did not sleep well last night. I usually don't have sleep problems but when I don't sleep well I am a zombie all day.
Klaudia, tell the girls good luck tonight! Enjoy the picnic today - it sounds like fun.
Anne, I sorry about your parents. I don't like watching people close to me get older. It is depressing. I am glad you and TCB patched things up. Did you vote for the Friday evening schedule for the RT?
Well, grass is mowed ! I am trying to get everything done before I drop !!!!!!!!!!!
The grass takes 45 min. to an hour so that was a workout too !

Anne, so , so sorry about your parents. Very hard to watch our parents age and suffer, isn't it ? Mine are still active and healthy, but my dad hurt his back and goes to see a neurosurgeon on Thursday. Am really worried about him. My mom has had back issues for years and had a really terrible outcome to back surgery years ago, now the thought of anyone I know having it terrifies me. I know he is anxious.

I need to get up and start some laundry and then start thinking about a healthy lunch ......DH will be home to eat soon!
morning ladies! yet another day that got away from me, sorry. they announced the BL winner and a woman im very friendly with at the gym surprised everyone at the last minute and took 1st place! total lost by all participants = over 1200 lbs! what an amazing, inspiring thing!

have my first training session this am, im nervous!

and EATS WILL BE CLEAN, thank you very much.

julie, yep, my day will be clean, too =) announcing it is always good!

angie, has annabel calmed down yet?

katie, relax and enjoy!!!!!!!

becky, sorry you didnt sleep so well =( seems like you've been doing well for a while, hopefully its just a blip!

colleen, nice to work from home! even if it is waiting for verizon, which could be all day...

anne, yay for zumba and YES, better late than never!

klaudia, you must be over the moon that the recital is so close =) enjoy your park outing with the kiddos.

nina, you could do an online chat with mary at totalfitnessDVDs.com and ask her about the diff with the deluxe version.

robin, very interesting what your pastor said. and you and i both know its evern WORSE when they get older...my teenager eats horrible whenever he has the chance -- candy, red bull, etc. he didnt grow up eating that stuff either, it breaks my heart.
Hey gals! I started the day with a bang and have been goin' ever since. Overlept. Oops. Was snugglin w/ my Ju & conked back out. Then we had to race around to get ready for the funeral and befroe that I had to take food to my mom - she's super busy (grandma's in the hsopital), depressed, and not feeling well herself. I have so much to do this afternoon - better keep at it. Will be in later to read, just no time for personals. xoxoxoxoxo
back from the zoo. it was so hot, but really fun. boys are so big now, neither wanted a stroller until our walk to the car - then i made aidan ride. it was so fun to meet our old neighbor there. i have missed talking in person to another mom, so that was great. i am drained right now and really feeling like i need some quiet time for me, and i have 2 little guys talking my ears off and tattling and being loud. where is my patience?? i cannot wait for my yoga. first i need to clean the kitchen and vacumn.

anne, hugs to you. it is so sad, i agree. my parents divorce is final today. i am sad too. and angry. wish i could row with you tonight - think of it as a good stress reliever. glad things are better with tcb.

colleen, my sil copied p90x for me:eek: if the rest is anything like kenprox, it should be great. sorry for the car fiasco - i hate wasting my time.

becky, take it easy, girl! you are amazing. i know that feeling of fatigue and not wanting to stop until you are gonna drop.

klaudia, good luck to the girls tonight. that is so exciting.

wendy, 1200lbs? how amazing! tell us all oyu learn in the personal training.

hi kate - hope all goes smoothly today.

okay, off to clean, then to be rewarded with yoga. dh will be out studying all night, so it will be a long evening. bbl
Workout is done! I did KCM 30 minutes to fitness kickbox and core-it was 44 minutes long. I need to get some weighted gloves to up the intesity but otherwise I liked it:) The park was fun too:) Now I need to start getting the girls ready-hair, makeup, costumes. And I'm working in the lobby tonight too!

Anne, sorry about your mom and dad:( I'm glad to hear things are ok with TCB-but I knew they would be. I hope we can meet up this weekend-maybe lunch or breakfast in Lexington even-I'm sure I'll need a break from the fam;)

Colleen, working from home and an awesome workout? Sounds like a good day!

Wendy, that's a lot of weight lost! How'd the pt session go?

Nina, glad the zoo went well! Get that yoga in?

Klaudia, how was your picnic? Have a great time at your dance recital. I'm rewarding ds with $5.:)

Nina, you seem like you sure have a lot of energy. I need to take after you and try yoga.

Kate, hope your day gets better. I'm sorry about your grandma.

Wendy, those are amazing results!

Becky, hope you got some rest. I'm sorry about the insomnia. I dealt with that during my pregnancies and it is the worst.

Colleen, thanks for your sweet comments. Hope you had success working at home. Glad you are feeling better.

Anne, thanks for your sweet comments also. Glad things are OK with TCB. I'm so sorry about your parents. Enjoy rowing in the beautiful weather.

Heading out with the kids. Hope you all had a wonderful day! Eating is still clean and did Muscle Max this am. It wiped me out!
Becky, forgot to mention I tried your breakfast blast smoothie after my workout today and LOVED it! I can see it becoming a daily treat for me.:D

Colleen, I didn't vote for the Friday schedule for the road trip because I don't care either way. I'm sure it will be fun whatever the plan is. I may not get there until Friday, tho. I'll have to see what the whole schedule is.

Becky, did you get a nap, woman? You are a machine.

Wendy, 1200 pounds is fantastic--you must all be very proud.

Kate, busy time for you, {{{HUGS}}}

Klaudia, I hope everything is going well tonight!

Nina, your patience is with mine and they went to Belize together. They're enjoying margaritas on the beach as I type this. Dirty buggers!

Julie, I love Muscle Max, I need to pull that one out soon.

Thanks for the kind words, everybody. I'm off to row soon! Just talked to TCB and oh my word is that man dreamy. Big sigh. We're starting to make plans for my time there, which will be oh so fun. I'm really looking forward to it, as you can imagine!

Have a great evening, everyone.


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