Buff Badgers Thanksgiving week



Didn't workout at all this weekend or Fri. Hope to get in a workout if I get off early enough today. Have another basketball game tonight.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I know Sue did. Glad your team won.:D Susan, your race is coming up on Thursday are you ready?:) Laurie are you ready to start your last section of your rotation. You are really good at sticking to rotations. Lala, don't you have a race on Thanksgiving day too?

Enjoy your day.


Morning Ladies,

P90X Chest & Back along with Barry's Bootcamp Fat Blaster Abs. I needed a break from Ab RipperX. :D This one actually was fun to do, and I'm thinking that is the important part.

Karen, Yep I'm all ready for my last phase, this week is going to be a real test with eating. But it is Thanksgiving and I'm eating what I want to eat. :eek: I'm with you on not doing anything this weekend, unless you count moving bedroom furniture around and painting a bedroom. :D

Have a great day!


Susan - Yes, DD was at UW-Oshkosh for her competition. They won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast. She said people came up to her afterwards with her zombie makeup and hugged her. :) The lead actor won Outstanding Actor award, too. Good luck at your race this week!

Karen - Yes, I did have a good weekend. :D I'm with you and Laurie on not working out much though. I had 3 rest days in a row - ugh! Hope the basketball game goes well and you get out early enough to workout.

Laurie - I don't think I've actually found a fun ab workout but I'm glad it's fun to you! LOL Lying on the coach watching my favorite show - now that's fun. :cool: I'm eating whatever I want on Thanksgiving, too.

Lala - Good luck at your race, too! (if you are doing one)

Heartymax - I've never had a Five Guys burger but I firmly believe life is too short to deny yourself all the time. Eat, enjoy and move on! It just gives you more fuel for those Cathe workouts.

What a great weekend. . . Our team WON STATE!!! :D Badgers won. Packers won. DD had a GREAT time in Oshkosh on Friday and Saturday. Watched a terrific holiday parade with DD's marching band yesterday.

Getting back to business now that this week will be short and relatively normal. Did NMTZ yesterday and 2 Leslie miles this morning. I went to bed planning to do HIIT or BFBM but woke up thinking Leslie was more my speed this morning. Would really like to go for a walk/jog tonight but it looks like it might rain.

My shipping notification says I don't get me new Cathe workouts until Monday - probably due to the holiday. Bummer.

Have a nice rest of the day everyone!


Hi gang! Had a nice weekend! Did Core Synergistics Saturday but Sunday I just walked for 30mn and did some ab work. Today I ran 3 miles and did pilates for 30mn.

My Cathe DVDs came today! I am previewing them right now. So far Lower Body Blast looks like a real bun burner!

Yes, I do believe I am ready for my Turkey Trot. However, the weather does not look like it's going to be my friend!:( Talking snow/rain mix that morning.

Sue, congrats to your DD! Glad she had a fun time. Again, congrats to your team.

Karen, do what you can do and don't fret over missing workouts! You are diligent enough!

Hey Laurie, I am trying to be good, until Thanksgiving. So far I am doing well. Focus, focus so I can give it my all on turkey day!:eek:

Have a good night! Susan


Sue----your entire family must be totally on cloud 9 right now. What an awesome weekend. Congrats to all! I haven't received my shipment notification yet. Anyway, I will be happy anytime when they arrive. I look forward to the preview. The last new workouts stayed in the shrink wrap for about 9 months before I took them out. At least I can say----I will definitely be putting these to use right away.

Laurie---you are definitely getting in some good upper body workouts lately. Your muscles must be firming up nicely and allowing you to take on some extra calories for Thanksgiving!!!

Susan---Have fun at the Turkey Trot!

On Sunday I did S&H chest and back and planks. I hate planks:rolleyes: Today was HiIT pyramid Wave for a fun short cardio workout. I have not started my holiday grocery shopping yet because my weekend was packed with so much other stuff. We don't have plans to go anywhere and we don't have company. I ordered a ham this morning so that is one thing checked off the list. I usually bake a ham myself and hubby fry a turke but I figured one meat will be enough and I decided to just buy a ham. I will decide on one or two desserts and pull together my grocery list by end of this evening.



Today I got up early and did MM. For total body workouts I keep going back to this one when I have so many.

Susan, how did you get your dvds so quickly? Didn't they just ship out Mon.? At least you got more than I did as far as workouts go over the weekend.

Sue, I can't find my shipping notification where are they? You are doing some good workouts. The boys won their basketball game again last night. Cool that DD team won outstanding performance.

Laurie, I agree the best workout is a fun workout. Pretty soon I am going to have to count any form of movement exercise, so I guess moving furniture counts.

What are everyones plans for Thanksgiving. We are leaving after I work tomorrow if I get out early enough to head to my parent's. Can't wait. Mashed potatos and gravy.:D

Have a great day.


Morning Ladies,

Dang cold this morning! :eek: Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning was my workout today, and I surprised myself with being able to keep in plank position durning the workout without having my arms give up first. :D Must be gaining strength in my shoulders finally! :D

Sue, That really is wonderful to hear about your dd. I'm guessing that you probably didn't get in the walk/jog yesterday. Sure was crazy weather we had around here yesterday. :eek: From 60 deg and tornados to 20 deg in just a few hours!

Susan, I also received my DVD's yesterday, and I took a quick peak at the Intensity one. Will have to try out the Hiit in that one when I have a chance. I'm going to be on my best behavior until Thursday as far as eating, then like my dd17 said eat what I want. I hope the weather holds off for the run.

heartymax, I got my shopping done on Sunday, I had a hand full of coupons with me too. :D Every little $ helps when you have to make a Thanksgiving dinner. LOL Maybe a few extra workouts this week will help ward off those extra helpings of stuffing (my fav).

Karen, MM is a good workout, can understand why you like it so much. I'm making the dinner for DH's family this year, so I'm going to be cooking a lot in the next couple of days. :D Then on Friday we are going on our annual trip to the Dells for my families Thanksgiving/Christmas gathering. Will have some food to get together for that also. :rolleyes: We get suites at the resort that have full kitchens, so we usually have a full meal there. Everyone brings something. They assigned me the 7 layer salad, because apparently I'm a pro at that. :D

Have a great day!


Susan - Let us know how you like Lower Body Blast. I hope the weather for your Turkey Trot isn't too bad.

Heartymax - Cooking a nice meal for your family sounds like the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving. Do you make pumpkin pie? Yum. That's my favorite.

Karen - Did you choose USPS or UPS for shipping your Cathe DVDs? I read that USPS went out over the weekend but UPS didn't go out until Monday. Plus, UPS is not shipping Friday. :( Rats! If I had known that I would have chosen USPS.

Laurie - You're right - I didn't go outside last night for a walk/jog but I did workout. I'm trying to be good before Thanksgiving, too. Let me know how you like the HIIT in Intensity.

We are going to DH's brother's house in Illinois for Thanksgiving. I'd rather stay home and cook than make the 4 hour roundtrip but it is nice to see family. I'd host but SIL is severely allergic to cats and we have 2. She tried taking medication and wearing a mask at our house and it was still bad.

Last night I did 30-30 HIIT + another Leslie mile. I modified the air jacks and tuck jumps to do regular jumping jacks for the 1st 15 seconds and then finish up the last 15 seconds with the regular move. It cuts down on the impact and gives me a bit of a breather so I don't have take so many breaks. This morning I did 3 sets of chest press/flies and 3 sets of back rows with heavy weight. My back and chest have been feeling neglected lately so it felt good to work them hard.

One more day of work this week! :D


HI there! Today was a 2 mile run and after work I did the Lower Body Blast Timesaver. It was a really good workout. 2 thumbs up by me.:D I did not have Cathe's discs so I used a frisbee I had, worked great! On Friday I decided it would be a good day to do Intensity, after all my eating on Thanksgiving!

Sue, I did pick USPS for delivery which probably does explain why I got it so quickly.I felt I needed to keep the Post Office in business!:)

On Thanksgiving we go to my in-laws for a noon feast and then head over to my sisters for a later feast! Do you think I will be stuffed??:eek:

Have a good night ladies! Susan


Hi everyone! I was pretty much MIA all last week...PT conferences, etc. But this weekend I got in a good run. On thurs I had the athletic training watch my running gait and got some great pointers from him! Sat I did PH.

got my DVDs yesterday and today did high reps UB premix...but it was missing the back :( am going to check with SNM and see what that is all about.

Yes, I have a turkey trot Thurs am in cleveland. It´s supposed to be warmer than yours, Susan! How far is yours? Mine is 5 miles

Sue, congrats again on your football team and DD competition! And it looks like you´re getting in some great workouts...preparing for the feast!

Laurie, sounds like you have a great weekend to look forward to! Do you start your Christmas shopping in when you are in the Dells?

Karen, have to agree with Laurie, MM is a great workout! Have fun with the family!

Hi Heartymax!


Karen---Muscle Max is one of my favorites too..I love those leg presses with the band.

Everyone----I got my 2 DVD's today (Lower Blast and High Reps). Hopefully, I will find time to preview them over the long holiday. I like to watch them first.

I didn't workout today. I slept late because I knew I had a lot of grocery shopping to do after work. I got everything. Just have to figure out what I forgot and then run back out in the morning but the stores are crowded and traffic gets bad.

Susan---Sounds like you will have fun....and will be stuffed. A few years ago we had dinner one place and saved dessert for the next location. Sometimes there are just so many people we want to see and can't get around to everyone and try to just make the best of it. Have fun!

Laurie---can't wait to hear your thoughts on Intensity. I did not order it. I was afraid it would be too much like Imax 3.:eek:

Lala---Hang in there and get your workouts in when you can. Sometimes----life just gets in the way, but we manage to get back on track. This is just a busy time of the year.

Sue---I am actually making a sweet potatoe pie. Last year was my first time making it and I plan to give it another try this year.


Good Morning Ladies. I got up early on Pre-Thanksgiving to make sure I get my workout in before things get busy today. High Reps was screaming my name so to go for it without preview......I figured since it wasn't a cardio workout that I didn't have to learn any fancy and tricky moves. OMG is all I can say. My body is burning all over. Karen-----if you have this one----you will definitely give Muscle Max a break. I love the new moves with the band. I just used a styrofoam paperplate for the disc moves at the end because that is all I had. I will have to purchase some of the plastic (something similar to Solo brand) so I can use the same plate a few times. I love it when Cathe says " Is your Y a capital". You will know what I mean when you do this. I feel great having burn some calories this morning.

Anyway Ladies----I hope to check in later today to see how everyone is doing as you gear up for your holiday dinner. If not, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and enjoy time with your family.



Woke up early and did Intensity today. I couldn't really hear the music well but the workout was non stop. I should have eaten something before I did it as I was not feeling well for half of the workout. Very easy to follow and Heartymax, not much like Imax 3 at all. I'd say it is a great mixture of cathe's favorite moves from many different workouts with lower and higher blasts in it. ONe whole section to just low Hiit. Mostly leg burner than high heartrate in my opinion.

Heartymax, glad you got your workout in this am already. Now I am really looking forward to Hi Reps. When I get back Sat. that is the one I am going to do. Sounds like a winner. Have fun preparing the dinner and have a great Thanksgiving.

Lala, glad you are back. I missed you. That is odd, no back in an upper body premix. Let me know if they get back to you on that. Nice you could get some tips on your running style. Have a great race and a fun time.

Susan, two feasts in one day. All the better. You will surely need Intensity. I can hardly wait to try lower body workout. Have fun at your Thanksgiving. Stay warm during your run.

Sue, I am with you on the no traveling but I really wouldn't want to make the meal either. It sure is nice to have Hiit workouts because you can get a lot done in a little time. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Laurie, yea on the shoulder strength. Glad you made it through that plank burpee part in Insanity. All the P90X has paid off. Have fun in the dells and I am sure you are an expert at 7 layer salad. Sounds good.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Talk to you guys next week. Workout hard. I'll be relaxing and eating, at least until Sat.


Morning Ladies,

Man is it quiet around this place! Makes my day kind of boring really. LOL Anyway this morning I did P90X Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps, but didn't have a chance to get in the ab work. Probably will get that done when I do yoga tomorrow. Our church decided to have Thanksgiving Eve service instead of on Thursday morning, so I need to sing tonight. I still have to make pies tonight. :eek:

Sue, Pumpkin pie is a family favorite in our house, and that is what I need to make tonight. I actually enjoy cooking for the holiday, just don't want to deal with the clean-up. :eek:

Susan, I'm really glad that we don't have two meals to eat, that can get to be way to much sometimes. Good idea on doing the Intensity workout on that day! ;)

Lala, Enjoy your Turkey Trot! No Christmas shopping, I will be sitting on my butt in one of the three waterparks that the Wilderness Resort has. I probably will be reading a book in one of the lounge chairs. :D

heartymax, I really don't like Imax 3 either, so can understand why you hesitated. The Hiit in it is a lot like her Hiit DVD, so just with that I know I will like it. It also has a bootcamp bonus workout. I always forget something that I didn't put on the shopping list. I have not double checked to see that I got everthing yet. :eek:

Karen, Have a safe trip, and enjoy the rest of the week and weekend. Everyone is really liking the Intensity DVD so far, that really is a bonus.

Have a great day!


Today is my rest day gearing up for tomorrow´s race. It´s supposed to be rainy in cleveland :(

Susan, guess you will be dealing with snow, maybe ice. Be careful and enjoy the run! Let us know how it goes!! and it gives you leave to have those 2 meals ;)

Karen, I´ll let you all know when SNM gets back to me on that premix. But I know I will love high reps, haven´t done the legs yet. thanks for the heads up on the eating before intensity!

Laurie, I´m with you on the cooking AND the clean up. I would cook all the time if I had a little elf behind me cleaning up! Enjoy the pies

heartymax, I would like to try a sweet potato pie! Where is your recipe from?

Sue, Enjoy your last day of work. Those tuck jumps get me all the time. I think I´ve improved, but still have that dread factor!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and safe travels!


Susan - I'll keep the frisbee idea in mind. We also have those gliding disks for moving furniture (if I can find them!). Enjoy your 2 Thanksgiving meals. Maybe go for a walk in the afternoon to make room for that 2nd scrumptious meal.

Lala - Good to hear from you. Getting some good runs in I see. Drive safely if you're driving to Cleveland and if you're flying . . . good luck getting through security with the whole body scan debacle. :eek:

Laurie - Enjoy the Dells! Sounds like a fun time. It's quiet around here, too. This afternoon may drag a bit.

Heartymax - Sweet potato pie works for me, too. What time should I be over? ;) High Reps sounds like a winner. Can't wait to try it when I FINALLY get my dvds on Monday (sigh) or maybe later. Just received a UPS notification regarding a "late train" that could impact my deliverydate. UGH! I hope you're making someone else do the cleanup if you're doing all the cooking. :D

Karen - Intensity sounds good, too. Now which one will I try? Yeah, I wouldn't want to cook for a big crew either but could handle cooking for just the 4 of us.

Does everyone have their new Cathe dvds but me?! Waaaaah! {fake crying}

Drive safely everyone! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

No workout yet today but you can be sure that I'll fit in a at least 1 calorie torching workout before I sit down to that pumpkin pie! :D


Hello! No workout yet but I am determined to do BFBM before the end of the day! Yes, I am supposed to run 5 miles in snow, sleet, rain tomorrow morning. There is talk they may cancel if the weather is too bad. Sister is trying to talk me into just running the 2 mile, but I told her I haven't been doing all this training for nothin!:p DH said to do my 5 miles on my elliptical and I told him that's not the same thing! They just don't understand!!

My legs are really starting to hurt after yesterdays Lower Body Blast. DOMS are now setting in...:( Ouch!

Sue, I really hope you get your dvd's sooner rather than later!

Lala, Hope your weather in Cleveland is better than mine! I usually eat very little at my in-laws and eat what I want at my sisters!:D

Laurie, enjoy the Dells. Which park are you going to? We usually for the the Great Wolf Lodge but have been thinking about going to the Kalahari next time.

Heartymax, I am definitely doing High Reps this Saturday! That was great that you woke up early and got your workout in! Way to go!

Karen, I am really looking forward to Intensity on Friday. The music seemed to work fine for me. At least on the TV I previewed it on. Trying to think of how to layer for the run tomorrow....:confused:

All of you please, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy yourselves and whoever you spend the day with!

See you soon- Susan


Good Morning ladies. I am sure everyone is busy with some last minute Thanksgiving preparations of some kind. I just finished a 45 minute walk on the treadmill. Planning a light breakfast and hope to have Thanksgiving feast around 1:30 and watch some movies and play games with the kids.

Susan---I hope your run didn't get cancelled. You have been working hard preparing and looking forward to the big day. I will have to try the frisbee idea for the gliding disk. I forgot all about it the other suggestions that were made...I could only remember the paper plate. The frisbee should work much better.

Laurie---enjoy your waterpark resort. Not sure where you are staying, but we love the Great Wolf Lodge also. Such a perfect getaway for this time of the year.

Sue---sorry you haven't received your DVD's. Go ahead and think about which one you want to try first so your workout for the day will be weights or cardio as you want it to be.

Lala---enjoy your race!

karen-----thanks for your opinion on Intensity. It sounds like I should but it on my wish list. I do love the HiiTs.


In Cleveland waiting for the DDs to go over to my parents´ for breakfast. the race was great! There were 3397 runners! I was 39 out of 70 in my age group. Am planning for next year already :D

Susan, I hope your run wasn´t cancelled and I so hear you on other people making suggestions...my dad was trying to talk me out of it, bla bla bla:rolleyes:

Hope everyone enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Today is shopping, maybe taking DB and SILs dog to the park, maybe a run or elliptical with DD


HI gang! Great race yesterday. It was nicer than expected with about 35 degrees and no precipitation. Today I will be doing Intensity! Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Glad to see the scale did not go up this morning!

No shopping for me today. Plan to get some cleaning done. Was going to put up Christmas decorations but think I will do that tomorrow.

Lala, glad you enjoyed your race. I finished 40 out of 73 in my division so we are almost then same! I hope to better my time by next year! The female winner finished in 33mn, she was fast!:eek:

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your weekend! I'll let you know how Intensity goes for me!


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