Buff Badgers April 19-23


Hi all,

Sat. I ran 3 miles with DH and did No More Trouble Zones. Sun. I ran 3 miles with DH. Today I did a Kettlebell workout from paper that a VFer made up using Zuzana's workouts with Kettlebell exercised between.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Such nice weather for April. Oh, went for a canoe up the river and across to an island practicing for our sprint tri in May. It is a canoe/kayak 8 miles, 18 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. DH and I are going in a canoe together, ride our tandem and run together. Kind of neat there is a race like this.

Enjoy your day.


Morning BB's,

Today was my final day of Insanity! I did the Fit Test and Cardio Abs, really didn't have enough time yesterday to include the ab workout.

Here are my final results:

Day1/Day15/Day36/Day50/Day 64
Switch Kicks: 120/128/130/128/125
Power Jacks: 54/55/58/55/58
Power Knees: 92/102/109/108/120
Power Jumps: 43/54/61/66/70
Globe Jumps: 9/10/11/11/11
Suicide Jumps: 20/23/23/23/25
Push-Up Jacks: 20/25/29/32/39
Low Plank Oblique: 44/70/87/95/102

Don't really know if I had any huge results, besides the fact that I can plow through a really tough workout. Endurance really has increased quite a bit.

Karen, My next rotation will be something like this:

Day 1: Hiit/Ab morning / STS weights evening
Day 2: Insanity workout
Day 3: Treadmill run (no longer than 30 min.)/Ab morning / STS leg workout evening
Day 4: Kickboxing
Day 5: 30 min cardio/abs morning / STS weights evening
Day 6: 30 min outdoor run / Tonique workout
Day 7: Rest or Stretch

Hopefully this will not be to much, but I'm going to be doing this for 3 weeks, and then will give myself a recovery week. The recovery week will be:

Day 1: Yoga
Day 2: Some type of cardio/core workout (exp Core Syn)
Day 3: Kickboxing
Day 4: Stretch
Day 5: Some type of cardio/core or total body workout
Day 6: Yoga
Day 7: Rest

This week will be a busy one for me, since we have appointments for everything Prom. :rolleyes: I actually have to take Friday off, because I need to help her get ready for the evenings events. :eek:

Oldest DD did really well in their 4x4, she anchored. When she got the batton they where in 5th place, and she got them to 3rd. Overall the team received a 4th, and there where 25 teams participating in the meet.

Have a great day!


Hi fellow BBs!
This is my rest week after finishing STS, and I´ll probably rest ;) Actually I have such a sore back that today there were times it made me almost nauseous. I don´t remember any specific thing that i did to it, it seems to have "just" come on. Hoping that this week rest will take care of it, otherwise I´ll probably have to nix the 10K in June :(

Karen, you are having some fun workouts. That tri sounds fun and doing it with DH is great! I don´t think my DH would do something like that, but maybe I´m wrong ;)

Laurie, congrats on DDs accomplishments. Enjoy the whole prom thing! Are you doing a complete STS in the evening with your new rotation or are you editing? If so, how will you do that?

Hi Sue and Susan


HI there! I had a nice weekend! KenpoX Saturday and the elliptical and ab work on Sunday. Today I did Core Synergistics. I completely forgot that today is the start of my "rest" week for P90X! That kind of made me happy!:D

Karen, that is great that you and DH found a tri you can do together! Bet you'll do great!

Laurie, great results! Hope you enjoy your new rotation! Congrats to DD!

Lala, my lower back has been killing me for the past 4 days. Don't know what I did exactly either. Hoping my rest week will also help but I do not like to "rest" much! ;)

See you later! Susan


Good Morning,

Today is our group bike ride. Tried out a kayak for the race last night, can't decide which one, the canoe or the kayak I like better.

Lala, didn't know you were planning on a 6K. How cool. Hopefully you are better when the time comes. Great job on finishing STS...again.

Susan, have a nice rest week. How much longer in the P90X rotation do you have?

Laurie, congrats to DD on her track. Your rotation looks nice. I don't know if I could squeeze out that much time.

Have a great day.


Morning BB's,

Today is the start of my recovery week, so I did Kristin McGee's Power Yoga. Really enjoyed this one, was 47 min. total.

Lala, Hope your back starts feeling better, good idea to give it a rest for a bit. Hope it doesn't get in the way of you trying that 10K. My plan so far is to try the whole weight workout. Since this rotation will bring me into summer, I should be ok with the time. I already have a conflict with the first day, because DD13 has her first track meet that evening.

Susan, Yipee for recovery weeks. :D One thing I have to add to my evenings this week is adjusting my 1RM's for STS. The last time I did an STS rotation was at the end of Dec. :eek: So does this really count as recovery then? LOL

Karen, Your race sounds like fun, tough decision on the two modes of water transport. I have never tried a kayak out. Are they more stable than a canoe? We will see how the time works for me too. ;) Most evenings I don't have enough time to do anything but the dishes after dinner.

Have a great day!


Hi gang!

Today is the elliptical followed by Pilates. Thinking about doing the "random" program on the elliptical but I'll be honest - it scares me! LOL!:eek:

Laurie, don't know if I'd call that a recovery then! You're supposed to give your muscles a break!;)

Karen, enjoy your ride today!

Hi Sue!
Hi Lala!
Hi Cheryl!


Morning BB's,

Cathe's Advanced Treadmill workout is finished, and sweat was just flying! :D Tomorrow I will tone it down, and just do some stretching. :eek:

Got DD17's dress adjusted last night, flower ordered, and garter purchased. Tonight is hair color for myself and oldest. Youngest is getting a trim. I will be so happy when this prom thing is over with. :eek:

Susan, So did you do that random program? I was a little scared of this tm workout, had to skep the running at 8.0 or 5 min., just could do it. ;)

Have a great day,


Laurie - DD hasn't mentioned anything about going to Prom yet with her boyfriend. Part of me is glad about that. ;) Cathe's Advanced Treadmill workout sounds hard. I don't think I could go any longer than 30 seconds at 8.0. :eek:

Hi Susan, Karen, Cheryl and Lala! :)

Covering for a co-worker this week so my week is even crazier than normal. Went through a bit of a slump with my workouts - not even feeling like working out and doing very little - but hopefully I'm past that. Here's what I've been up to:

Friday - Nothing (still feeling sick)
Saturday - NYC
Sunday - Nothing - Went to my Mom's house to start dividing up the assets so it was an emotional day
Monday - Tonique 30 min. from Exercise TV
Tuesday - HIIT 40/20 + 1 Leslie mile
Wednesday - MuscleMax Upper Body Push Pull premix approx. 30 min.

I meant to do the HIIT pyramid one instead of 40/20 but I picked the wrong one again! (2nd time that's happened) Realized my mistake after the warmup but decided to go for it anyway (gulp). It was hard and I had to recover more than 20 seconds a few times but I finished it! :D

Tonight DS has his first Track Meet. He's doing discus and shot put. DD is doing Sound Crew on a school play and enjoying that. Time consuming though (3-5 p.m. Mon-Thurs). Tomorrow night my sister and BIL are coming over for dinner so I have to clean and go grocery shopping tonight. Friday night is a fundraiser dinner for Band and Saturday I'm supposed to help with the garage sale and do cleaning at my Mom's. And on Sunday I have to shop for a group gift for my boss who is leaving at the end of this month. So much for a relaxing weekend. :rolleyes:



Today I did Ripped & Chiseled, don't like the workout. Rode 40 miles at 20.2 miles per hour average. Very hilly route. Felt really good.

Sue, you sound very busy. You are getting in good workouts though. Glad your kids are enjoying their extra curricular activities.

Laurie, nice job on that treadmill workout. I did that once. It is a long one. Enjoy your recovery week(only you would call this recovery):D

Hi to the rest of you BB's.

Have a great day.


Hi there! Today is KenpoX. :D

Laurie, yes I did do random and I had every right to be scared! It was one tough routine! :eek: But I just kept telling myself " I can do anything...: and I did!:) Enjoy getting your hair done!

Sue, boy are you busy! And you still find time to get something in - good for you!

Karen, sounds like a great bike ride!

Well, gotta go to my DS's book fair and check things out! See ya later!




Today I did Tonique 2a.

Susan, doesn't that always seem to work when you just keep telling yourself you can do it. All in the mind.

Laurie, did you buy tonique?

Sue, don't you just love 40/20.

Lala, are you feeling better, good enough for a 6K race?;)

Have a great day.


Morning BB's,

XStretch is done for today, will see if I try anything else today. Was thinking of doing Core Cardio & Balance, but if that doesn't get done I'm ok.

Sue, You are going to be one busy woman this weekend. Glad you could stop by for a little chat when you are so busy. ;) Don't you worry about those workouts, you are getting something in. You will get the time and energy, probably not until the school year is over with though. LOL :D I was surprised at how much this prom stuff is. DD has been very good, and we are not having to pay for a car, hair up-do, tanning! Apparently all of this is what happens before! I still need to adjust her dress, because the slit in it has to be close to her fingertips. I'm going to disquise the slit with beads, just like the ones on the bodice.

Karen, Sorry to hear that the workout wasn't enjoyable. I'm not a big fan of hers. I think I tried one of her workouts, and now it is collecting dust. WTG on the bike ride. Yep I purchased all of the Tonique's. :D

Susan, That is what I did with the tm workout yesterday, just kept telling myself only one more min. WTG on getting that tough workout finished.

Have a great day!


Can´t believe it´s Thursday already. My back is really not much better :( am taking aleve and trying to stretch and ice it, but it looks like I may not even be exercising next week. :(:(

Susan, what are you doing for your back? I´m thinking that mine is related to my piriformis.

Karen, this would have been my 2nd 10K, but it is really looking like I may not be able to do it :(

Laurie, where did you get Cathe´s advanced treadmill??? Don´t recall ever hearing about it, but I think I want it!

Sue, It seems to me that drama stuff just sucks the time! Kids in my classes are barely keeping their eyes open!

(Lots of frownies in this post!)


HI there! Today is supposed to be my "off" day but I think I will do StretchX . My back is still bothering me.:( Need to give Ruby a bath too! That's a workout in itself!

Lala, I am taking Advil and trying to stretch both my low back and hamstrings, but it doesn't really seem to be helping. I hate being in pain!

Hope you all have a nice evening!



Morning BB's,

Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy Full Body is finished for today. This workout used to kill me, but now it wasn't all that bad. Really enjoyed the workout.

Only a half day for me today, have to get DD17 ready for prom. Got the dress adjusted, and I must say the beading looks good. She has track practice after school, and I should be done in time to pick her up. Really came in half the day because I was suppose to have a meeting at 8am. The meeting was changed! :mad: I even came in a hour early. :p

Lala, Dang on the back pain. Have heard that people have had some great relief from the foam roller exercises. Frown away, I would be to if I couldn't do things that I wanted to do. Here is the link for the treadmill workout. http://www.thecathenation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=236154&highlight=advanced+treadmill It really is very intense.

Susan, Hope you where able to get XStretch done, that one makes the body feel so good. Really helped me get loose. ;) So sorry to hear that you are having back pain too. Both of you take care of yourselves this weekend.

Have a great day!


Hello everyone,

Sorry I've been AWOL lately. Very busy with spring farming stuff plus DD's 4-K class is coming for a field trip on Monday. I'm hoping cleaning up the farm counts as a workout:eek: I have been working out when I get a spare 30-45 minutes and can squeeze something in - very sporatic. Don't know when I will check in again but I hope it's soon.




Today I did BM2 double upper body, stretchmax, 3.1 mile run and a 10 mile bike.

Cheryl, nice job fitting in your workouts in any extra time you have.

Laurie, glad you are feeling good and enjoying your workouts. Hope DD has fun at prom. It is nice you can sew and make the dress the right way. My two DD's are going to prom tomorrow night.

Susan and Lala, sorry your backs are hurting. It really makes it hard to just do daily activities.

The boys have soccer tournaments tomorrow. DH has his sprint triathalon. The two girls have prom. Can't imagine I'll get any workout done tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


Hello! Today was CardioX. Back is still bothering me, especially when I sit or stand too long. For some reason when I exercise it doesn't really bother me. It's right in my low back area...

My weekend looks kind of quiet. Think it's supposed to rain so might just stay in and relax!:D DH did mention there was a Birthday party for a co-worker we are to pop in for tomorrow night....

Laurie and Karen, hope you DD's enjoy their prom!! :D

Hi Cheryl!

Lala, how is your back today?

Sue, bet you're glad the work week is done?!;)

Enjoy your weekends, get some rest and see you next week!

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