Brand of barbell used


Which brand of barbell did you use in the pyramid lower body workout? I don't use that workout very often because it seems to take to long to change out my barbell weight and I lose my workout flow. Any suggestions?


I have the Troy lite barbell too :D I can't say ENOUGH how good it is!! I can change plates quickly (I LOVE the rubber plates), and the size of the bar, and I feel so STRONG when I am using it.:7

Good Luck!!



This came up recently somewhere else on the forum, and someone mentioned they bought a 55-lb. barbell set (US Weight) from I just bought it and it's great -- rubber plates, smooth bar, great textured hand grips, quick spring locks, etc.

My other barbell set was awful -- I always had to stop the DVD to change weights (threaded bar, etc.). Very frustrating. So, rather than be frustrated, I would use my dumbbells.

Now with my new set I keep right up with Cathe, pace and weight load. I can definitely use heavier weights now.

It's awesome!

Marla G.


I use the one from Walmart and love it. I did buy an extra set of 2 1/2 pound plates from troy. They fit perfectly on my barbell from Walmart.

troy lite! small.. compact... and sexy!

i didn't want the fat, oversized sand filled ones even though it would have been cheaper!

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