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Cathe knows what we're like!!!! :D:D LOL!!

When can we expect a couple of clips?
Hi Elsie, you can already see a "video only" clip on our main ordering page at This clip doesn't have audio, but it will at least give you a good idea of what the new videos are about. Like always, the video clips with audio will be released after we finish all of our editing and authoring work on both DVDs.
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For european customers, why do we only have UPS as an option?
Hi mpina, it doesn't make sense to even offer USPS rates as the UPS rates are about 30 to 40% cheaper than the postal rates. UPS will also deliver more quickly and you don't have to worry about paying duties and taxes as you prepay these fees when you order. We also find that duties and taxes are much cheaper when you prepay and use UPS than when using UPSPS and have to pay duties and taxes upon delivery. So, in summary, UPS is faster, cheaper, better tracking, and you know and pay duties and taxes in advance that are also cheaper.
And also, we usually had Free Shipping when the order was above $50, so now I have to pay duties over the items+shipping and the UPS shipping itself, which is a lot more expensive than USPS
Hi mpina, I just answered your other post that is closely related to this, so make sure to read it too.

Our UPS rates are actually about 30 to 40 percent cheaper than USPS for a 3lb international shipment, not more expensive. The postal service is more competitive on packages a little under 1lb, but are still more expensive than our new UPS rates.

We've spent several months negotiating some very attractive rates with UPS to help our international customers out as much as is possible. The shipping rates you see are the rates we have to pay. We have not marked up our shipping costs even one penny. Shipping rates have been going up almost every month since the pandemic hit and it is a cost that we can not afford to absorb on a presale price as low as we are offering. We hope you and our other international customers will continue to support us and purchase our products so that we can continue to make our DVDs and fitness products available outside of the USA.

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