Blog of 7-24. How many eggs is "moderation?"


I've been going back thru and reading your blog entries. Very good information. Thank you from this new-to-Cathe 66-year-young enthusiast.

I have always believed in lean protein at every meal and have always enjoyed eggs as part of that eating plan. I realize that the "scare" from the past of eggs being bad for us has been reversed , but in your blog entry it states that eggs eaten in "moderation" are good for us.

I could eat 2 eggs every morning for breakfast... I love them.. but I'm guessing that 14 eggs per week would be too much of a good thing :)

What is the "current" thinking as to how many eggs per week = "moderation?"

Thanks in advance....

P.S. I've been eating Egglands Best eggs for years and love them. They really are better than ordinary eggs. I'm happy to see that you have a business relationship with them!!

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