Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness


"My beloved bunny passed on yesterday. She was so affectionate, and soft, and special."


Please accept my deepest condolences :'-(

I've been working out with Cathe videos a long time, and they've always made me feel better (if sorer). I'm really over the top now, with the sudden death of my brother due to another driver, and have been trying to work out some of the anger/denial feelings with exercise. It's always helped before with bad days, when I need a break. Long walks haven' t helped this time, and alcohol's not a good choice (We all drank way too much around the memorial.)

What are the Dvds/premixes that help other people get out frustration and stress best? I have most of her videos. I did KPC, but it really wasn't enough. Maybe I should try something harder or something easier. Working out with Cathe and crew usually make me feel stronger or give me that cardio mood boost, but my brain is short on ideas just now. Suggestions?
My heart goes out to you and your family. You’re all in my thoughts. Kickboxing helps me and so does lifting heavy. Pyramid workouts are my go-to, especially when I’m angry or depressed. I select a starting weight heavier than I would normally use. I focus all of my frustration into lifting that weight and by the time I’m done I’m a hot sweaty mess and I feel better.

I also love bodyweight exercises. Bear crawls, crab rolls, breakdancers, plank shoulder taps, rolling planks, inch worms, donkey kicks. Step ups. Bulgarian split squats, gorilla walks, Spider-Man climbers, skaters, sprinter steps. BJ Gaddour is my go-to for bidyweight cardio. ❤❤


I am so sorry for your losses and know you must be hurting a lot. I did an oldie but goodie step from Cathe that kicked my butt this a.m. and put me in a good mood, Step Blast. An all time fave for me. I have felt good all day.

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